Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Battle Of The T-Bone

Friday night Mr. Taleteller was in a good mood and he decided to grill steaks out for us.  The girls were happy, since each of them got a bite and all was good in our house.  Everybody was happy. 

Saturday dawned as a cool, rainy morning that evolved into a blustery, sunny afternoon.  Bunny went with us to run some errands and when we got home, we put her in the turn out pen along with Lilac and Blueberry.  Because it was so windy, our trash cans had turned over.  Really, that's not the end of the world.  These things happen. 

Mr. Taleteller picked up the trash and returned it to the garbage cans, which he then took inside the garage.  He's no fool after all.  Ten minutes later, our trash would've been blown all over the back yard again.  In any event, it was time to get the girls, take them inside and feed them. 

Of course, Bunny, being a young sighthound with keen eyes and a fully functioning snooter, walked out of the pen and waited patiently while Mr. Taleteller clipped on her leash.  As he turned to clip Blueberry's leash on, I saw Bunny pick something up from the ground.  I did a double take because she is not one who's ever been interested in sticks or other things outside on the ground.  I've heard horror stories about dogs who get sticks in their mouths, after all.  So, as I look closer I realize that she has a steak bone in her mouth. 

Me:  Hey, Bunny's got a steak bone!

Mr. Taleteller:  Huh? 

Bunny:  Be quiet will you!

Me:  In her mouth, she's got a bone!

Mr. Taleteller:  How did she get that?

Bunny:  Look, finders keepers!

Me:  It was on the ground.  It must have blown out of the trash.

Mr. Taleteller:  (he's now grabbed hold of said bone)  Bunny, drop it!

Bunny:  Losers weepers!

Mr. Taleteller:  Bunny!  Leave it!

Bunny:  No how, no way!

I stood there laughing as a wrestling match between man and dog began.  Each of them had one end of the bone grasped securely.  To complicate things, Blueberry decided to lend her assistance to the cause by moving behind Mr. Taleteller's legs, making it difficult for him to maneuver around and get the leverage needed to wrest the bone from Bunny's jaws, which had become surprisingly strong.  She even leaped off the ground to keep her hold on the prize.  In the end, Mr. Taleteller nearly fell backwards over Blueberry and finally pulled it from her mouth.  He had to put it on top of the car, take the girls inside and then dispose of the bone.

Now that Bunny and Blueberry have decided to work together, the world may have become a dangerous place!  I apologize for not having pictures of the steak bone wrestling, but I was laughing too hard to get the camera.

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. I'm sure our imaginations are vivid enough to make up a scene in our own minds!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  2. Mr. Taleteller is lucky he still has his hands! LOL!

    Great story!

  3. Partners in crime hey....
    Noice one girls xx

  4. Also, um Bunny,
    Would you come with me to date night?
    It's at Twix's place, check it out...
    April 17
    xx Major

  5. I am pretty sure that a found steak bone would never be recovered at Chez Herd. I am also pretty sure I know what Evil Queen would have it, regardless of who found it.

  6. Oh Bunny, you is my kind of girl. Around here, we don'ts believe in teamwork...unfortunately.

    Bunny has a daaate...Bunny has a daaate!
    So you gonna go?


  7. I am certain a bone that would be discovered around here would have been gone before anyone even had a chance of recovering it!

    I can picture the scene with Mister and the tag-team hounds perfectly!

  8. It's all about teamwork! :)

    I bet that bone tasted delicious too!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. It's amazing what our pooches get up to when we aren't looking! A lovely little story...thank you!

  10. I thought I left a comment. I must be losing it. Lack of t-bones is probably causing memory loss. Anyway, what I thought I said is that I clearly need a team. As a solo operative I wouldn't stand a chance if such an opportunity ever arose.

    wags, Lola

  11. Yes, Living with the two girls are becoming to be like the scene in the Jurassic Park movie. You know, the raptures in the kitchen, tapping their nails working together. They work together very good. Just look at those pictures. Can you say synchronized…
    Mr. Taleteller

  12. Woooie, Bunny you just got asked to go on Twix's Date Night. Are you going to tell him yes??/
    Nice try with that bone thinyg.

  13. Great story!!! A T-bone is a major gift for a dog. I'm not surprised that Bunny fought so hard to keep it.

    In our lives, we replay this scenario a couple of times a week when deer and elk parts appear near our trails (probably the remains of lion kills). Our dogs find them, pick them up... and we used to have hilarious scenes like yours, except that our dogs were off leash, giving them a huge advantage. So, we had to work very hard on our "out" command, and we're grateful that the dogs now comply by dropping the "delicious" object. Then, we hang the deer/elk part high in a tree so our dogs can't reach it. So, I'm sure that visitors to our trails are mystified by the body parts hanging from trees. But, there's a reason!

  14. Bunny...the girl filled with magic. Her newest magical skill is summoning the wind so it can blow over pails filled with steak bones. Blueberry, her side-kick... doing what is needed to aid in the magical chaos that ensues with hopes of tripping up any foes that stands in the way of Bunny's magic. What a pair! ;)

    Yes, I have been on the 'other end' of greyhound is amazing how they can go from gentle to vice-gripping in a micro-second when they want them to.
    Great post.

    OH - by the way, thanks for visiting Spacial Peepol. Appeciate the comment! Thank you. I will also say that, yes the 'Elmo eating the face' was the intended idea, though not really wanting to freak out any of the younger crowd.... Not sure most of the younger set that follow Elmo would be reading my blog, but just incase. ;)

    Thanks again!

  15. Ummm....HELLLLOOOOOO? It was a STEAK bone...not some ratty chicken bone or something!

    Of COURSE you're going to put up a fight!!!!


  16. BOL...LOL...

    The mental image says it better than the camera could at this point.

    You asked about my FLIP...I just love it! It is easy to use, easy to upload, BUT...I can't find an editing program that will handle the HD format. For now I am using their software which works great, but hope to find something where I can be a bit more creative!

  17. Mmmmm, steak... gaaaahaaggg... hmmm? Oh yeah, that's too bad for Bunny! But that must have been one heck of a fight! Heh heh heh!

  18. That's too funny!!! Those would have made grrrreat pictures!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  19. You described it BEAUTIFULLY, although a picture is worth a thousand words....BOL...LOL...but the mental image had we LOL'ing for a while. Missed you while we were gone. Thank you for all your support and kind words and love. I just love you and your thoughtfulness. Catching up on you and everyone took some time, but I am almost there. Love the new set-up!!! Woof, and much love, Josie and little bro Blues

  20. Excellent teamwork! This is how the steak wars were won!

  21. What a beautiful (albeit mischievous) pair they make. Be glad they don't have thumbs!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  22. Must have been quite a tussle. After all, few things are tastier than an illegally obtained steak bone!

  23. bwuahaha! you ladies will get your steak bone yet!
    the booker man

  24. Haha! Bunny & Blueberry - you are my hero-ladies! I likes that finders keepers thing. I'm gonna see if I can use that with Brudder Ranger. Most of the time, if I find something, he says that he's s'posed to keep it. That it's the law. I bets he didn't know about this other law.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  25. Nothing like a good sneak up and trip to get what you want. Since there are 3 of us we can usually surround them! :-)


    Mr. Nubbin'

  26. Haaa!
    No pictures but I can imagine the whole episode!
    Kisses and hugs


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