Thursday, April 15, 2010

Everybody Has A Greyhound

Over the past few weeks, we've had the girls out and about with us in several places.  It's funny, because it doesn't seem to matter where we go, the girls alway attract attention.  I feel like I'm traveling with rock stars wherever I go.  If I'm lucky, I get to hold the end of the leash of said celebrity.  Once in a while, I even get to carry a bag of their poop, although usually Mr. Taleteller gets that privilege.

It doesn't seem to matter what sort of situation we're in, either.  The night we went to Petco and for a walk on Constitution Trail, we were stopped by four different people in the pet store.  One told us her sister has a greyhound.  Another told us that their neighbor had one.  The last two told us how they'd love to have a greyhound and asked us where we'd adopted from.  That night on the trail someone told us they had a family member who had one.  Every single one of these people also had to spend five minutes petting Bunny, Blueberry or both.

The day we went hiking on the I&M Canal Trail, a man who was running on the trail told us they had five greyhounds at home.  A boy and his dad who were riding their bikes on the trail asked if they could take pictures of the girls.  I almost thought they'd be asked to give autographs as well.  Another man on a bicycle stopped to admire them as we were taking a few photos of our own.

At the Wellness Fair, we were mobbed, and I mean that literally.  At one point I could barely see Bunny for all the people standing around her and petting her.  Two people there told me that they had greyhounds of their own at home.  Three more asked us for places where they could get greyhounds of their own.  Blueberry laid down on a dog bed and held court with three or four young children who all sat around her gently petting her head.  I think I saw her perform the royal wave.  They couldn't have looked more like royalty if they'd been sporting jeweled collars.  Thank gosh they haven't heard about the greyhounds of ancient Egypt being carried around on litters by their servants!  The more regally they behave, the more people clamor to be near them, too.  People were begging Bunny to come to them for two hours.

I'm beginning to feel a bit like chopped liver here.  I don't think any of these people would have had anything to say to me or Mr. Taleteller if we hadn't had the greyhounds with us.  It's getting to be like a running joke.  I mean, it isn't as if we're unfriendly people.  We'd be happy to chat with people about the weather or current events if asked.  A part of me is curious, though.  If all these people have greyhounds, how come we never run into any of them out in public?  Where are these mythical creatures?  Are my greyhounds the only ones who ever get off the couch and go anywhere?  Perhaps the rest of the world has adopted invisible greyhounds and we are the only ones whose hounds can be seen.  It's a perplexing thing. 

I know that greyhounds are rather rare as pets compared to labradors or poodles.  It surprises me because they are such good pets, but I do know that they aren't for everybody.  I know other people who have adopted greyhounds, although not too many are here close to us anymore.  I've seen pictures of greyhounds who aren't mine, so I know they exist.  There are adoption agencies full of greyhounds just waiting for homes. 

So, I think I'm just going to start asking people where their greyhounds are when I am stopped by them out in public.  I'm considering the possibility of printing up cards with our blog address and the web addresses of the greyhound agencies that I know of in our area to just hand out to people.  The last few weeks have really made me curious about where all these adopted greyhounds are.  I do know that the three who live here keep us plenty busy with their social schedules, though!  I can only dream of being as popular or beloved as my dogs.

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. oh can we get your pawtograph purrty please?
    dont wowwy we wont shell it on ebay but we're sure people worldwide would be clamoring for such honor of your paw
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the pittie pack

  2. I understand what you are saying completely. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in South Carolina that lets the hounds get off the couch and go places. And yet...people always stop me and tell me about greyhounds they know/have/saw somewhere.

  3. We are smiling at your post!

    I tend to have the same impakht! When I go to the park or walk through the neighourhood all the little humans want to pet the husky dog!

    Of khourse, I tend to insist upon it as I turn on the charm when they khome into my view!

    We'll be looking furward to a post update on the answers woo get when woo ask where their greyhounds are!


  4. Our canine friends are the universal ice breaker.In this part of the world I'm sure that the two boyz are better known than we are - ' Oh, they're the two folks that Wilf and Digby look after.

  5. Chuckling - we totally understand. What of my favorite lines was a couple vacationing in our area. He came up to us and said, "Hey we remember you." His wife carefully corrected him, "Well, not you, but the dogs."


  6. Seems like the dogs always steal the show!

  7. I guess those greyhounds don't get out and about like you all do. But don't feel bad. Humans can't really compete with dogs when it comes to getting attention. Ask any actor. Most of them hate being in shows with dogs because the dogs steal the show. My wrinkles attract a lot of attention just when we walk in the neighborhood. Humans even stop their cars to ask about me. Just the other night I almost caused a fender bender. It's the price of having all this charm.

    wags, Lola

  8. You are so lucky to be surrounded by superstars!
    I hope you will find adopted greyhounds who can be your friends. :)
    My daddy printed cards with my photo and blog address! i feel special too :)

    Love, Bella.

  9. But...not everybody has a PRINCESS greyhound like you.
    Here are some words that rhyme with Bunny....
    funny, hoey, sunny, money, well, thats about it. But whenever I hear them, they make me think, of you Bunny.
    Can't wait till Saturday night, its gonna rock. You rock.
    Rock out.
    Maj x

  10. That is an interesting question - hopefully it's just coincidence that you don't see them, and it's not because their dogs don't get to go anywhere!

  11. Rugby loves chopped liver! He had liver for dinner last night actually! LOL

    I am always torn when people approach Rugby. Some days I find it to be annoying like - sighhh I really don't have time for you. And other days I don't mind and let Rugby be a good dog 'ambassador.'

    Just the past couple weeks I have noticed a couple greyhounds out walking the neighborhood. I think a lot of people DO have just couch potatoe dogs that never leave the house. (Why they don't get a cat instead...????... we will never know)

  12. Mom totally likes the business card idea! I'm always getting stopped by people (especially kids) that yell "PUGGY!" and then tell me that I remind them of the Men in Black dog. It would be nice to let them know that they can rescue one of their very own!

    GENIUS idea!

    We hope you supermodels (and your lowly hooman servants) have a great Thursday!


  13. How encouraging - especially if you had Greyhounds 15 or 20 years ago. It was hard to find others!

  14. Hmmmm...this is Most Mysterious. I have heard that greyhounds luvs their couches so maybe all those peoples are okay just leaving them there instead of encouraging them to gets out and see the wonderful world. I like the idea of asking peoples about this.

    Mom has thought about printing up cards for me, too. She was worried when they adopted me that peoples would be scared of me cuz of how I look. Now that was just crazy cuz peoples are always wanting to pet me, it seems. And I am A-okay with that! Maybe I haves some greyhound in me!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Please thank Bunny for all her Most Great advice about my mom being gone. It made me feel better and I will try to puts it to good use!

  15. Seeing as she's so feeble minded, we don't let the bag lady go anywhere alone. People are always asking her if we are greyhounds. She replies that we were once but now we're just mutts. Maybe we should make some of those cards for her.

    Love the pictures!

  16. It seems like a lot of people in our neck of the woods know "someone" who has adopted a retired greyhound too, and that is GREYT news. But like you, the only "visible" greyhounds seem to be the ones ACTIVE in our greyhound rescue group. Thanks for being such a greyt ambassadog for the breed!

  17. Now Bunnykins, what you do if you don'ts wants so much attention is puts on some sunglasses and your Easter bonnet and thens No One will notice you out in public...I promise.
    Nows that I thinks about it...Where are my cards? Mooooommma...where are my cards. Gotta go...see you tomorrow.

  18. Perhaps all the other adopted greyhounds have borrowed Harry Potter's invisibility cloak! I'm sure the girls were just loving all the attention!

  19. Actually, some similar things happen with Labs. Many more strangers approach to chat when I have a lab with me than when I'm alone. Moreover, we run into people on trails who say that they have labs. I want to ask the same question: Well, why isn't your lab out here with you? But, that would be rude so I don't. Maybe some dogs are invisible...

    Yours are so gorgeous that I'm not surprised that they attract a crowd!

  20. I totally understand. Think you know that tere are 3 hounds in my family (dad has 1, stepsister has 2), and we frequently go for walks with them. Frenchies have a similar phenomena, and we are quite the odd couple walking with each other. I have never been so popular as when I'm at the other end of Brutus' leash!


  21. We love you guys so much.
    You are so, very pretty!!

  22. Isn't it crazy how many people you meet when you have dogs? We know about half of our neighborhood because it gives people an excuse to talk to us. We live in a neighborhood with a lot of restaurants and outdoor seating; when we're walking the pooches whole tables of people will turn their heads and stare. It's kind of fun, but sometimes a bit uncomfortable. In terms of the other greyhounds, maybe they don't go on as many walks as you do?

  23. Mom says she doesn't blame the people... she would have to stop and spend at least 5 minutes petting your gorgeous greys too!


  24. Don't feel bad. Dennis's blog gets about 100 times more hits per day than mine does.

  25. they are a stunning and lovely breed. we used to meet a few at the dog park now and then. i've seen them on our town's dog walk too. (a group of people who walk together.) Loki and Juno are always very pleasant to them. The GH's we meet are so sweet, how couldn't ANYONE be pleasant to them?

  26. oh yes yes yes, i know the feeling well that everybody you meet on your walks has to have his/her say about greyhounds. thing is in germany you'll never ever come across other greyhound people, they are so rare over here! so we get the "ah, i'd like to have one myself" (so why don't you adopt one, then?), "don't they need much exercise?" (wanna try and get them off the couch?), "ohh, are they sick, they look so starved" (i'd call their stomachs abysses), "isn't it stupid to make a dog wear coats (they are not dogs but houndshaped princesses!)usual questions every time we meet people! would be a change to meet greyhound people, even if their hounds were invisible or pinned to the couch or the aunt of an aunties hound, though xxx


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