Thursday, April 1, 2010

Curiouser And Curiouser...

Greetings, Hounds and Humans!  Bunny here, with a small update about our goings on since Mom has started staying home with us.  The days have included lots of sleeping in and snuggling in the bed and sharing the couch, not to mention glorious long walks.  All of these things make me a very happy puppy.

However, there is one thing that remains most perplexing and baffling.  This fellow seems to have followed me home.  Everytime I mention his presence to the others, he disappears before they can catch a glimpse of him.  That cottony white tail is gone before you can say Mr. MacGregor.  Surely there has to be some way to alert my family to this rascally fellow.  He's getting very bold, I have to say!
Would anyone out there happen to know of a good rabbit removal service?  I am afraid that soon he will start causing mischief in the house -- mischief that a cute, little innocent hound might get blamed for!

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  1. Poor little Bunny! I'm sure he's a nice fellow, though!

  2. Bunny-

    He looks very suspicious to me. I think he may be coming to my house as well since mysterious things happen and I always get blamed for them!


  3. Maybe he is a scout for the REAL Easter Bunny. Try calling him Peter. See if he comes.

  4. Do you know any dachsunds? I am sure if you chased him into his den, the dachsunds could take care of the rest!! :P

  5. Not a bad idea there Samantha...I am a doxie. Now, Bunny, I will be over shortly to take care of your problem for you. Okay? Okay!

  6. Poor Bunny!!! Since Easter is right around the corner, maybe he will go away on his own!! If not, I will have the momma send Madie up there to chase him off!! She is really good at that with the squirrels, so I'm sure it will work with bunnies too!! Until then, keep a sharp on him and let us know if you need any help!!!



  7. I would give it until Monday Bunny...and if things don't get better, maybe you should look into calling Elmer Fudd.

  8. Maybe it's NOT the Easter Bunny! Maybe it's a Ninja Bunny! Oh, Bunny (the dog Bunny, not the bunny bunny...okay, now I'm confused), those Ninjas are all the time pulling tricks at my house. You must be very, very careful to make sure you are way far away from the troubles that they cause or you WILL be blamed.

    Most Concerned Wiggles & Wags,

  9. A Greyhound asking for rabbit disposal advice??

    Happy April fool's day. ;)

  10. Dat' sneaky wabbit.... what to do...what to do...

    Wabbits are the bain of a retired racer's beauty sleep.

    Thanks much for visiting and your comments too! All wonderful and greatly appreciated. About Peaches, why didn't we keep her? We already had 8 or 9 ghs living there at the time and 5 cats. She was really into the cats....*REALLY REALLY* into them. We adopted her to a nice *catless* Candian family. Though I love Greyhounds immensly, I also love my kitties. Most Greyhounds get along famously with kitties however, some don't and those need to be placed with families who don't have kitties. (you probably know this Houndstooth, but just serving it up here for those who might not.)
    Happy April Fool's Day to you and I wish you only pranks that will make you smile!

  11. have you tried throwing a big bunch of carrots out your front door? i hear bunnies like carrots a whole lot.
    the booker man

  12. My dog R wants me to tell you that HE will remove the rabbit for you. After all, chasing rabbits is his life's passion. All he needs is plane fare, and he'll be on his way to you!

  13. hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay at leest it is not bugs bunny that dood is nuthin but trouble!!! ok bye


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