Friday, April 23, 2010

I Just Can't Believe It!

Bunny here, finally getting a chance to use the computer.  Hello to everyone out there!

I never thought I'd be writing this, but it turns out that my mom has been (gasp) petting other dogs!  Monday she got up and went back to work.  She got home and I thought to myself, finally, it's Bunny time!  Well, she fussed over me, of course, and then Dad came home and they had dinner.  I was content because I knew that they'd soon be taking me for my evening walk and sharing the couch with me and petting me and all would be right in the universe. 

Of course that's not what happened!  They got done with dinner, we snuggled for a little bit and then Dad went to change clothes.  It was his dog walking clothes and I did my little happy dance.  Blueberry did her head bobble-tail waggle routine.  Then they went to the back door -- and left without us! 

Hours later they came home, with the stink of other dogs on them!  THE HORROR!  Other dogs were touching my mom while I was stuck here at home!  I was outraged.  I sat down on the couch with her to have a little talk.

Me:  I know what you've been up to!

Mom:  I told you we had to go teach class.

Me:  Class means the little human puppies that you work with!  I've been to class!  I wasn't whelped yesterday, you know.

Mom:  This was dog obedience class.  Remember the other Saturday when you went with me to teach the kids about how dog obedience works?  We're teaching those kids how to train their dogs.

Me:  Well, that's all well and good, but you have their stink all over you!  How do you explain that?

Mom:  Do I still smell like skunk?  Darn it!  We have to touch the dogs sometimes to help the kids learn how to train them.

Me:  Skunk?!  You saw a skunk?  Where?  I always miss all the fun! 

Mom:  One of the dogs got sprayed by a skunk.  Trust me -- I did NOT want to touch him!  I'd much rather have been home with you.  One of these days, I might start taking you with me.

Me:  Really?  Maybe I can get that dog to teach me how to catch a skunk...

Mom:  Yes, really, and you will not be catching any skunks!

I have to tell you all, I am not thrilled with this arrangement.  However, the skunk does smell divine!  That is a true treat for the olfactory nerve, let me tell you.  I suppose I can overlook this, but I hope she decides to take me with her soon!  Meanwhile, I'm glad that she comes home to me every night.

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. I feel your pain!

    Almost evFURRY weekend, she khomes bakhk in MY XTERRA smelling like other pups!

    PeeEssWoo: She expekhts to be doing it again this Sunday!

  2. O Princess Bun Bun.
    I could make you happy...DVD and a glass of red perhaps, want to have a night in?
    xx Maj

  3. Oh, you should definitely go and show those other dogs how it's done. Also you could tell them not to touch your Mom.

    wags, Lola

  4. Your mom is a coulds she?
    Your mom needs to train my mum on training, never mind, I take that back. Da Puddles needs NO training. I is UNTRAINABLE!

  5. Bunny-

    I feel your pain. Imagine, petting others when they have US at home to adore!!


  6. Our peeps do that sometimes too- two timers that they are. As long as they bring us some good foodables home, we're OK with it.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. I am glad your mummy explained what the big mystery was about!
    That photo is so sweet, Bunny. Such lovely cuddles :)

    Love, Bella.

  8. Those humans! Always sneaking about and getting cuddly with other doggies. As if! Poor Bunny. Go find a skunk of your own to roll about on if that is what attracts your mom.

    But you know, that last photo kind of made even me forgive her for cheating on you.


  9. Your mom went somewhere without you?? She touched OTHERS?????? Shame on her.

  10. When our mum is at work she visits some humans who have dogs and we have the same thing here!
    We are not happy about it at all.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  11. Oh Bunny...I'm so sorry to hear that your mom is cheating on you!!! My mom totally cheats on me and I'm thinking of calling that Joey Greco guy that rides around in that white van for the show "Cheaters". Do you want in on that? Some humiliation on national TV would probably fix their little red wagons!

    Happy Friday Supermodels!


  12. Shall I send some air-freshener? Who wants a mom like that! :)

  13. And I know your Mom is glad she has you to come home to!

    Bunny your face would be beautiful on the new 'Face of the Week' meme. You should convince your mom to help me get it off the ground! We need more greyhound faces represented!

  14. Sharing is never easy! Murray's Mom has to spend all day tomorrow at the Guide Dog training centre and she will stink of other dogs when she gets home!

    Have a great weekend
    Clive and the NSLM

  15. We don't like it either when mom & dad coming home smelling of other pups! On the bright side, they are coming home to us :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  16. It sounds like your mom is doing a really nice thing helping those other dogs become better trained.

  17. Hang in there, Bunny. Its nice of you to share your mamma and daddy.

  18. we've never caught any skunks bunny but when we toot mommish says that she would'nt be surprised if we were half skunks so does that count???

    pibble wiggles
    the pitttie pack

  19. Petting other dogs??? That's just so, so wrong...


  20. Bunny,

    I guarantee you that your mom will NOT snuggle with you if you catch a skunk. About this time last year, a skunk set up residence next to one of our favorite trails. Our dogs got skunked almost daily for a week until the skunk left. (Yes, we humans are pretty slow on the uptake... you might have thought that we would have figured out how to keep them away from the skunk by the end of the week...).

    So, I hope that you can go to class but I also hope that you stay away from the stinky skunks!

  21. miss bunny,
    i am so sorry that your mama has been cheatin' on you. :( i totally hope that she takes you next time so that you can keep on eye on her!!
    the booker man

  22. Whenever I come home Indy always checks me out most thoroughly. You can almost hear his little doggie brain working...Have you been cheating on me?


  23. Awwwww, Bunny! You are so cute, but you have to realise you don't own the humans. I know that might come as a shock, but there you go. ;)


  24. I know Bunny's upset about it, but I think that's SO cool! I might be teaching an agility class for people who don't want to compete, but just want to teach their dog the obstacles. We'll see!

  25. Hi, Bunny!
    I understand you were not very happy!
    But, yes. At the end they come home to be with you!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Who wouldn't come home to that sweet greyhound face?


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