Friday, December 18, 2009

Case Closed

Well, our Christmas tree snacker was caught in the act last evening.  Saturday morning as we were preparing to go out and do some shopping, we heard that tell-tale sound that no dog owner ever wants to hear.  It's the sound of something nasty about to be deposited on your carpet (never on the linoleum floor, mind you).  My husband demonstrated his quick thinking and leapt over the baby gate to drag the offender to the kitchen for easier clean up. 

Husband:  I think I found out who's been eating our tree!

Me:  Who is it?

Husband:  This time it's your dog!

Me:  You always say that when one of them is in trouble.

Husband:  Well, Bunny just threw up pine needles in the kitchen.

Me:  Not Bunny!

Husband:  Yep!

I saw a look pass between Lilac and Blueberry that seemed to say "Sweet vindication!"  Bunny slunk back into the living room and curled up on a dog bed.  So, it appears that "Baby Face" Hound is the guilty party.  We'll see if she gets parole in time for Christmas!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. It`s always the innocent looking ones. Now poor Bunny has a wrap sheet for Christmas! Ha! Wrap, presents....Sorry, its early and the coffee must have just kicked in.

  2. Love It!! She was my suspect all along. That sweet face didn't trick me. LOL Glad to know you solved the case!

  3. Oh NO!! Will someone post bail so she is home for Christmas??? Will there be a trial??? Poor baby.

  4. Ruh-ruh...eye will bail you out Bunny! The tree was rubbin' yew the wrong way, it's not your fault! I'll ask foster mom for the $$$, she can never resist my sweet beggin' face.

  5. Busted! Oh Bunny, I completely sympathize with you, for I am the most innocentest doggie in the world! (hee hee)

    Your Angelic Friend,

  6. Oh poor Bunny... an upset tummy gave you away.

    We'll take up a collection to help you make bail in time for Christmas!

  7. S Maxwell Gund, Esq. here with the bail money in paw. Bunny has no comments for the press at this time and will be going into seclusion in a gated community. We will be petitioning the court to have the DNA tested to see if the needles on the floor match those of the tree.

  8. Its ok Bunny, at least your jail cell has a nice greyhound-sized, raised waterbowl! :P LOL

  9. Free Bunny Free Bunny!!! Hoomans bring snacks into the living room and when we eat them we get into trouble...Hmmm

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

    Pee Ess: We will send a milk bone with a file in it...Then you can be free!

  10. Oh dear! Bunny, sweetheart, listen up! It is VERY important that you write a letter to Santa as soon as possible. (Hopefully they will let you do that while you are in the slammer). You need to tell Santa you are sorry and will be a good girl from now until after he delivers the goods!

    Emma Rose

  11. Poor Bunny...we will send you some of our Mama's Christmas cookies!!!


  12. Thank you for all the advice and assistance! I gave Mom the doe eyes and she caved and said it must be a case of neglect since she's had to be gone so much for all that shopping!


  13. Hahahaha! I just posted a picture of the sweetest, most innocent looking greyhound who has certainly earned herself the permanent epithet 'Naughty' in front of her name. Poor Bunny.

    Funny how they always choose carpet isn't it? My poor old Jack, who had ongoing gastric issues, always - but ALWAYS - chose carpet over hard floor, carefully avoiding any newspaper or puppy pads we might have carelessly left in his usual vomit spot. LOL!


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