Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Party Animals

Saturday evening, we were invited to go to Mr. Taleteller's youngest sister's birthday party.  Since my inlaws have dogs and both of my husband's sisters have dogs that they usually bring over, we decided to let Bunny come with us.  Lilac wanted no part of it and Blueberry was volunteered to stay home and keep her company, since the schnauzer that belongs to Mr. Taleteller's parents tends to get on her nerves.  We bundled up, Bunny put on her coat and we were headed over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house. 

When we got there, Bunny made her entrance.  She's a bit like a rock star at family events.  Everyone adores her for different reasons.  Mr. Taleteller's family members all have labradors.  Mandy lives with his parents and was born the same year as Treat and Hawk, so she's achieved little old lady status.  Lily is the yellow lab who is just as sweet as she is beautiful.  Suzie is the youngest, a black lab who is the biggest lab I've ever seen.  She is one busy girl, but she's usually a good girl.  Perhaps it's being a greyhound that sets her apart, however there is also a schnauzer, Micki, who lives with Mr. Taleteller's parents as well.  Bunny also has exemplary visiting manners.  She is dainty and delicate while the labs are pushier and well, less than dainty.  She has a striking color and people often like her for that reason. 

Bunny seems to prefer the company of Lily while we are there, and I'm not sure if it's because blondes have more fun together or because they are the most alike in temperment and personality.  If you recall the story of Bunny stealing the stocking, Lily has a tale of theft this Christmas as well.  Her family baked gingerbread ornaments to hang on their tree this year and Lily ate twenty four of them.  So, they are kindred spirits.

So, while the people were chatting and eating, the dogs were socializing as well.  Five dogs in the house full of people is entertaining.  It looked like a conga line as the dogs all trouped through house patrolling for lost crumbs and making sure that if anybody needed a dog to pet that they were available. 

After the presents were opened, it was time for cake.  Bunny couldn't take it any longer.  She gave me her big doe eyes and took care of the frosting remnants on my plate for me.  I have a suspicion that the dogs may have had more fun than the people did.  I know that I certainly enjoyed their company!

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  1. What a fun time!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  2. What a fun party for everybuddy to attend. Hummm, your blog story mentions education. My mom is a BEtired Elem. teacher. She loves to read.. esp. mysteries. How about your mom???
    Glad to meet you. Hope we can be good furends.

  3. My mom teaches preK, Frankie, and I'm studying to be a READ dog like Treat was before me!


  4. That sounds like one of the best family parties ever! Our dogs are always invited to family gatherings, but alas, they're the only 4-legged guests. They'd love it much more if they had some buddies!

  5. We are laughing that no one ever invites Siberian Huskies to come hang out a party. The shedding? The thieving? The rough housing? Some combination?

  6. We have a conga line too when my idiot nephew comes over, but it ain't the kind where you look for treats. Hehehe.

    That is a lot of doggies all at once. Good thing everybody has manners.


  7. Sounds like a good time was had by all! I have to admit those are some good looking dogs, each and every one of them!

  8. What better than a house full of dogs?! I imagine that I would spend more time with the dogs there than with the humans!

    Rugby doesn't get official invites, but we never wait for one either - he just always comes with me, invied or not!


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