Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's Yours Is Mine, What's Mine Is Mine, And What's Yours Is Mine, As Well!

We got another Secret Santa package in the mail last weekend and the girls were thrilled again.  Mr. Taleteller handed me one with Bunny's name on it first so that she would be occupied while Blueberry and Lilac got their presents.  However, as soon as each present was unwrapped, it somehow wound up in Bunny's pile on the dog bed. 

I'm not quite sure how it happened.  I helped her open two with her name on them, and she quickly transported those to her bed.  Mr. Taleteller opened one for Blueberry and she took it to a bed with her, but the next thing I knew, it was in Bunny's pile.  One for Lilac was taken right in front of her mouth since she wouldn't take it herself.  As my husband opened the last stuffie, he handed it to Lilac and she finally laid down with it on her bed.  Bunny stared at her with that toy intently, even though she had nearly a dozen toys piled up around her. 

I knew that she'd be the one to play with them mostly, but I didn't expect her to have them all to herself in a matter of minutes.  Fortunately, Lilac and Blueberry don't seem to mind.  Honestly, if Blueberry wanted one, she'd have one.  I imagine Lilac would bark at us until we gave her the one she wanted as well.  So, it's not as if they're being deprived of anything.  It does crack me up a bit, though.  She just turned three and in some ways, she acts a lot like a human toddler.  Her mindset seems to be If I see it and I want it, then it's mine!  So far, we humor her, but I imagine there will come the day when she doesn't get what she wants.  At least she's sweet enough that we won't be suffering through a tantrum when that day comes.  She certainly loves her toys!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. Life is not fair. My Relentlessly Huge brother steals my toys and then he just lays there like a big lump and doesn't even play with them. Fortunately, I get plenty of action when he is "meditating."


  2. She surely does sound like a toddler! Maybe the holiday spirit will prompt her to share her treasures???

  3. LOL! Blueberry is hoping if she doesn't look at her, she will leave her be with the toy she has in the third picture!!

    I am sure they can steal one or two back while she isn't looking.

  4. It is quite important to be surrounded by toys. Makes a girl feel important :) I personally don't care much for toys, but I steal them from Mr. Higgins all the time, just so he can't play with them. Gosh, that sounded terrible! I'm not being mean, just playing!

    Emma Rose

  5. Hummmm, I ALMOST asked Santa Paws for a brother or sister... now I'm glad I didn't. I'm just sayin'.

  6. Wow, look at all those stuffies! And she is so calm around them??!! I would be doing major zoomies, tearing their throats...I mean squeakers...out!

    Yer pal,

  7. One of the most fun things about having a multi-dog household is watching the doggy interactions. My deceased dog, Acadia, was paralyzed in her hind end in her last year. But, when there were four able bodied dogs in the house, somehow she'd end up with every dog toy piled on her bed, carefully hording them. The other dogs could have one to play with for a minute -- but then they had to return them to the queen.

    Bunny sounds like she has the same spirit!

  8. Bunny and our Macy sound a lot alike! Macy doesn't play with stuffies as much as the other two, but she still wants them all just so they can't have them! I call her the intimidator because she will stand over them and either bark or sometimes all she has to do is give them a look and they hand over the goods so she can steal away with them - it is amusing watching everyone's interactions!

  9. Aaaaahhhh we have a hoarder in our house too!!! Toys, bones you name it, Dory will hoard it!


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