Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Treasure, Not What You Think!

Mr. Taleteller's family has a tradition of passing along a "treasure" every year at Christmas.  It started as a big box, wrapped up and presented to his sister and her husband.  It is a large, blue vase that is not particularly attractive.  The idea being that they would wrap it up and include something interesting in with it as they passed it on.  Of course, this year, it was our turn to recieve the treasure. 

When we opened the box, we found that not only did it contain the treasure, it also contained this guy.

Mr. Taleteller kept asking what it was.  Finally, his brother-in-law confessed that he didn't know what it was, either, but his original intention had been to stick it into the vase and let it stand up in there.  The only problem with that was that it didn't quite fit, but we laughed about it as did most of the rest of the family. 

After the gift opening with Mr. Taleteller's family, it was time to go visit my family.  We had a great time and then bundled up and headed home to let the dogs out.  I forgot about the treasure for the time being, caught up in thoughts of what a lovely Christmas we've had this year.  We drove home, unleashed the hounds and then carried all our Christmas loot inside to begin unpacking it and putting it away. 

Soon enough, we unearthed the treasure again.  Somebody here knew exactly what that thing was.  The most ginormous stuffie ever invented to entertain a small greyhound is what it turned out to be.  I have to admit, the true treasure of the box was watching Bunny have her way with that toy.

Now, I just have to figure out what to put in the treasure for next year.  If you have an idea, we'd love to hear it! 

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  1. Oh my gosh I just love your video clips! That stuffie is nearly as big as she is but she`s showing him who`s boss!

  2. wow...that's a huge stuffie!!!

    we think u should fill the "vas" with doggie treats!

    yer pals,
    sketcher and angel

  3. I love that "treasured vase" tradition. My family does that with "turkey" that is actually a squeaky toy. How fun for you.
    For some reason the video wouldn't open for me. Nuts! I would have loved seeing more of "IT". I'm just sayin'.

  4. WE want a giant stuffie!!!!!
    What fun :) And what a fun tradition. It's a good thing you have a year to figure out what to put in it.

    Emma Rose

  5. Dogs always know how to make things fun!!!! I love the video of Bunny with the humongous stuffie!

  6. hello houndstooth4 its dennis the vizsla dog hay i think yoo shud fill the vayse with peenut butter!!! or posibly meet!!! mmmmmmmmmm!!!! ok bye

  7. Oh my, that looks just like a knight in shining armour!!! Bunny's got a great stuffie!!!

  8. Wow Bunny! That is a COOL new toy! He looks like Marvin the Martian!

    Our family used to do that treasure gift wrapped up a container of baby powder and traded it for a toilet brush once. Our family is weird.


  9. Ooo, what a cool new toy Bunny!

    I think you should put something that is alive in it. Like a hermit crab or something. A goldfish even? :p

  10. That's the most unique stuffie I've ever seen!
    Dean Martin is so cooool!


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