Thursday, December 17, 2009

Could They Be Too Spoiled?

For as long as I can remember, Blueberry and now Bunny have this habit of scooping up a mouthful of food from their dog bowls and carrying it to the living room where they willl spit it out on one of the dog beds and then lay down and daintily eat it kibble by kibble, occasionally hiding a bite or two for later.  I tried to discourage it at first, but it was a losing battle and I figured they really weren't hurting anything anyway.  Besides, who doesn't enjoy breakfast in bed once in a while?  For anyone who doesn't know greyhounds, they take retirement very seriously.

Perhaps it is because they're the descendants of beloved companions to kings (the only thing celebrated more by a family than the birth of a litter of greyhound puppies in ancient Egypt was the birth of a son), or perhaps it's because they work hard in the early years of their lives, but they certainly seem to feel that they are entitled to live the good life when they begin their lives as pets.  Honestly, they are such sweet dogs that it's not difficult to want to spoil them at all.  I freely admit that I have gladly enslaved myself to their whims and I accept that it's my own fault that they are princesses and divas of the highest order.

You may recall that Bunny has a particular fondness for yogurt.  She is a bit disappointed on the rare morning when one of us does not have yogurt for breakfast so that she can enjoy licking the cup clean.  I find myself relieved that her obsession is yogurt because she's got a tongue more acrobatic than any anteater ever dreamed of owning.  She will snooze away the morning until she hears Mr. Taleteller or me reach the bottom of the yogurt cup with the spoon and then she leaps into action. 

Bunny sleeps on the bed with us at night.  Lilac and Blueberry both prefer to stretch out on their own dog beds, but Bunny likes to be under the quilt.  If the dogs go out particularly early because of Lilac's geriatric bladder, she often comes back to bed and curls up beside me again.  If she were able to, Bunny would spend about twenty three hours of the day in there on our bed. 

This morning, she found the best of both worlds.  The baby gate was left down since I was still getting ready for work and my husband was finishing his yogurt.  Bunny will take it off the coffee table or floor and move it to where she wants it.  She'll even turn it between her paws to get it postitioned just so.  No drop of yogurt ever gets left in one of those cups.  Somehow, she had a revelation this morning and decided that she could have breakfast in bed.

At least she hasn't decided that we should carry it in there to her yet!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. LOL! NOPE, they can't be too spoiled. Bunny has definitely got the right idea.

    My first maltese was also always carrying her food around to eat it. Drove me a little crazy. She stopped when I stopped free feeding her though. :p

  2. Not too spoiled, just well trained humans.


  3. Way to go Bunny. Training those humans is always an incredibly difficult task, but yours may soon qualify for the HGC (Human Good Citizen) certificate.

  4. Well of course the food gets taken to the living room... Everyone loves to watch TV when they eat, RIGHT???
    HUMMMMMM, breakfast in bed. I think you are onto something grrrreat here. Thanks for the grrrreat idea.

  5. That is just too funny, I have never had a pet carry their food to another room, may hide a treat, but never dinner!!!

  6. Never too spoiled! Bunny, you are such a healthy eater! Sketcher love to finish my containers of soy yogurt. :-)

  7. No such thing as TOO spoiled!!! Great breakfast in bed shot!

  8. My dogs love yogurt too! They can tell the distinct sound of a yogurt container being removed from the fridge. And, they've trained me - they each get a spoonful...

    We get the big bulk-sized containers, so when the dogs lick them out, they put their entire heads in them, getting yogurt all over their heads. Then, they have to lick each other!

  9. Loved, not spoiled! It's a GOOD thing!

    Emma Rose

  10. We do that too..we thought we were the only ones. One can never be too spoiled!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  11. Hey there!
    What a cute description of your canine royalty! They truly are 'different' dogs. I only have to think of our own MAX (who polishes off his bowl in 30 seconds flat) to know the difference.
    Yes...and I can visualise the 'ant-eater' stunt' too!...have you seen those creatures? They are truly amazing - but they have a 'sticky' tongue too...I don't suppose Bunny has that now?
    Take care and if we don't speak before then....have a truly magnificent and happy Christmas. With love from

  12. Oh, it's only a matter of time, you know. You'll soon hear those pathetic (or maybe petulant) yips from upstairs as your spoons hit the bottom. ;)


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