Saturday, December 26, 2009

I Made The List

Bunny here, taking over the keyboard to write a little message about how I fared for Christmas.  I'll confess, I was a little worried about whether I'd get presents after it turns out the eating the delicious needles of the tree is not considered nice in any way.  I'll just say that they're a delicious snack and no one should tempt an innocent puppy with a greenery buffet right in her own living room if they don't intend her to partake!

Anyroo, Christmas morning arrived and I sprang out of bed before the crack of dawn.  Okay, at first that was just because I really had to visit the outdoor powder room, but then I remembered as the cold air cleared my brain that it was a special day.  We came back inside and there was a special Christmas breakfast waiting for us (sans pine needles, sadly) that really made my mouth water.  I saw that there was something in my stocking and I approached with caution, since I heard Mom mentioning things like coal for naughty greyhounds.  Mom got it down for me and -- it squeaked!  Roo hoo!  It was a flying squirrel.  I also got a reindeer antler to chew on.  That brings new meaning to bone apetit, let me tell you! 

We all got some nice surprises!  Blueberry and Lilac got antlers and stuffies, too.  I was really a happy puppy, and then the surprise happened!  I got a pink Snuggie! 

I guess I made the nice list after all!  Best of all, Mom will be home for the next few days!  Christmas is wonderful!

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  1. Too cute! Bunny looks so cute in her snuggie. She'll stay nice & warm this winter :)

  2. Bunny you look mah-velous in your new Snuggie! And don`t take what the people tell you about coal and tree nibbling to heart, I got 2 bags of cat treats and I didn`t even TRY to be good!


  3. You can be a bad girl every now and then. Your mommy will always put you on the 'nice' list :)

  4. A pink snuggli is just what you needed. Perfect fit too. I can't believe your stockings look like you. Bunny, how did that happen??? Did you get flattened out??
    I am sooo glad that you all had a grrreat Christmas.

  5. Bunny - You look warm and snuggly in your jacket. Very nice. I knew that Santa wouldn't leave out a good dog like you!

  6. Oh Bunny...You are posing so seductively, if I wasn't neutered, I'd...I'd...Hmm...I've been neutered so long, I can't remember what I'm supposed to do!

    But you sure look cute in pink!

    Yer pal,

  7. You look beautiful in pink!
    Enjoy your Christmas week!!!

  8. hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay i never dowted that yoo wood be on the nice list!!! enjoy yore time with yore mama!!! ok bye

  9. Was there ever any doubt?


  10. You definetely can rock the snuggie! It looks great on you!

    Good to know it fits around your chest too...maybe I can suggest it to some of our dober-friends!! What were those crazy snuggie people thinking when they put the weights on there?!

    PS- you are going to have to try much harder if you want to get off the nice list! :p

  11. Oh, how sweet! She must be a petite girlie, because I read that the largest is only for an 18-20" dog! That would come nowhere near covering poor Sid! LOL!

  12. Oh Bunny! We're almost like TWINS in our snuggies!!!!

    It sounds like you and Blueberry and Lilac were very good and got a lot of good stuff from Santa Paws!

    We hope you enjoy the time with Mom home and happy happy happy 2010!


  13. Hi Bunny-
    Just discovered your blog thru CG magazine. Santa was none too happy with me! He stuffed that stocking and then left it on the couch "assuming" I would leave it alone. What grey in their right mind would leave treats and stuffies "alone?" stocking ended up in the microwave for safekeeping until my people arose the next morning.
    I am currently awaiting the arrival of my "snuggie." Gets cold in the midwest this time of year. Keep up the good work!
    Bennie from Dayton


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