Friday, December 11, 2009

Size Large? I Must Be Ginormous!

Bunny here today, barking about something that is on my mind. 

I am a big fan of blankets, in case you didn't know.  There's nothing better than snuggling under the covers with one of my people in my book.  Mom came home a few weeks ago with a Snuggie, which I happen to think is the cat's pajamas.  That is, if cats wore pajamas, which I am sure they do not!  Anyroo, this thing has sleeves so Mom can keep her hands out to pet me and I can lay curled up underneath it beside her.  Then we saw the advertisement on television for Snuggies for Dogs.  Woo roo!  I wanted one!  I turned my doe eyes on Mom and wagged my tail ever so gently.  Mom smiled at my cuteness and promised to look into it for me.  While I waited, I decided to borrow hers.

Last night she was in a store and she saw a big display of Snuggies, so she stopped to look.  They only had small ones and it said that size large was for dogs twenty pounds or more.  Twenty pounds is a large dog?   They're as bad as Target, with all their adorable princess puppy gear that only fits dogs tinier than Mom's purse.  I am so disappointed.  Mom says not to feel bad, that we can get jammies from one of the people who make them special for greyhounds, but I want a pink Snuggie of my own.  She also said she'd share with me.  I guess that part isn't too bad.  Still, I wish people who make stuff for hounds would be fair and offer cute stuff for dogs of all sizes.  Now I'm off to shop for some pink greyhound jammies!  I hope Santa is listening. 

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  1. Those snuggies sound awesome! Are there any which come with their own air-conditioner?(hehe!) The temperatures here are sweltering!

  2. Oh yes, it is most difficult to find things for full sized doggies. Keep looking.


  3. Haha! Rugby has a snuggie (yes I am ashamed :p). He will be thinking of you, Bunny, when he wears his!

    Our doberfriends were also quite upset at how small the large was. :p

    I wouldn't exactly call them high quality though, I am sure they would be really easy to make at home if someone knew what they were doing?

  4. Haha- first time I have ever heard of a greyhound being described as "full sized".

  5. The Duchess used to sew, but she says no more. Everyone could freeze to death before she'd get out her machine again. How rude is that??!!??!!!

    I think we should all go to the snuggies website and leave comments about large dog sizes.

    Stay warm!

    Emma Rose

  6. I blame Paris Hilton and that dog she carries around in her handbag.

  7. Hey, my CAPTCHA for that comment was "demis". Close, Blogspot, very close!

  8. Poe and Trinity say 'Large breeds unite and demand equal pampering stuff!'

    Good entry Bunny!

  9. Aww, I'm sorry the dog Snuggies don't fit you, Bunny. I think they (those anonymous powers that be) think big dogs don't get cold because they're big. They obviously don't know that you are a graceful lady who gets chilly in the winter. Perhaps this is an opportunity rather than an obstacle. I see someone coming out with a new product!

  10. We were wanting a Snuggie too...thanks for letting us know the Large isn't big enough.
    Guess we'll just have to snuggie w/ Mom!
    Licks and Sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

    PS...We've added your doggie bloggie to our favorites!

  11. A note from Bunny's mom, the picture on the front of the large Snuggie for Dogs box has a collie wearing the Snuggie (why a collie would need one is beyond me) and I am fairly certain that collies tip the scales at a lot more than twenty pounds full grown. I find it funny that any dog over twenty pounds is considered large and that the makers haven't considered that some breeds tip the scales at over a hundred pounds or better. A large might fit a lot of dogs, but it seems to me that they ought to even our their sizing a bit. I am happy to share mine with Bunny, although I think it would be fun to get her one. There are plenty of people who make jammies for greyhounds, so it's not like we can't find her something. I still just have to shake my head at the narrow-sightedness!

  12. Pssst! You don't want to be seen in a Snuggie, trust me! ;)

  13. l looooove you as we both love blankies and i've emailed Santa to look out for a Snuggie for you.....

    mumster knows shaved ice is not the same as she has lived in your country for so many years and she's being a real meanie.....shall we send her off to help Santa????



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