Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Place To Hide Loot

I may have mentioned that Bunny has a fan who is a student in my class.  Bunny happens to think this is a good deal, since this young lady likes to bring her presents on occasion (and tries to convince her mom to let her bring her yogurt cups to school, but so far has not been successful).  For Christmas, Bunny was given a plastic ball and for some reason, she is crazy about that little ball.  It surprises me because it doesn't make noise or anything, but it's the right size for her to carry around and she spends a lot of time doing that.

Apparently, this ball is a coveted treasure.  At least, Bunny thinks that Lilac and Blueberry are dying to get it.  In truth, I've never seen either of them even look at it twice, but Bunny doesn't plan on being hoodwinked.  She carries it with her from room to room and I have no problem with that.  It's rather cute to watch her trot around with it.

However, the ball hoarding has now reached a level that I'm not planning on tolerating.  At bedtime, Bunny sleeps in the bed with Mr. Taleteller and me.  She has now decided that the ball needs to come to bed with her.  This isn't some soft, squishy little ball.  It's a hard plastic ball!  It does not belong under my pillow.  Our conversation at bedtime was interesting.

Me:  What the heck?  What is this under my pillow?

Bunny:  That's my ball!

Me:  Why is it under my pillow? 

Bunny:  I had to keep it safe!

Me:  Safe from what?  This is where I sleep!  I can't sleep on that!

Bunny:  Well, I can't let Lilac and Blue get it!

Me:  I repeat, I can't sleep on that!

Bunny:  I certainly can't sleep on it!  I'm practically a princess!  I'm much too delicate to sleep on it!

Me:  You have to be kidding!

Bunny:  (turning on the doe eyes)  It needs a safe place!  Please, can't you guard it for me?

Me:  Look, I'm going to be sleeping -- with both eyes closed.  How about I put it up here on top of the dresser until we get up in the morning?

Bunny:  You don't think anyone will get it up there?

Me:  Not even Blueberry is tall enough to get it from up there!  It will be safe.

Bunny:  Well, that's a relief!  Go ahead and hide it up there, then you can come back to bed and pet me!

Me:  Anything else, your highness?

Bunny:  Not unless you have some more of the chocolate with yogurt in it...

Me:  Sadly, no!

So, I put the ball up on the dresser.  Bunny curled up against me and we both drifted off to dreamland.  I have learned my lesson.  A sweep must now be done of the bed and under the pillow before crawling into bed.  I guess I should feel honored that she trusts me to keep her treasures safe.

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. Oh, how sweet! And you wouldn't guard it under your pillow for her? Shame on you! Tut tut ...

    I'm glad she consented to having it moved to the top of the dresser. If you let her bring it to bed with her, next thing you know she'll be playing with it at 3am! LOL!

  2. I have a little ball like that which I love too. Sometimes things just strike my fancy.


  3. One cannot be too careful when it comes to guarding thier treasures!

  4. These dogs and all their tricks! It always makes me smile!
    By the way, I'm interested...I would presume that Bunny will clean out a Kong quite quickly considering her long snout?

  5. You tell her, Bunny!

    Of COURSE you can't leave your ball unguarded from Blueberry and Lilac!!!! (Shudders at the very thought of what could have happened!!!!)


  6. Is Bunny's Ball Bank FDIC insured??? Does she have a key to the safe ball place??? hehehe

  7. you are such a good trainer Bunny.......i can see your hooman will soon turn into an obedient hooman...good job

    they are so stubborn and difficult to teach that you just have to be patient and you will be rewarded with a well trained albeit grumpy hooman...


  8. cute! Maybe she was letting you have it, thinking you might need some comforting. Such a giving little gal!

  9. Now then Bunny - what happened to sharing?

  10. So cute! I am sure I would find Kongs in the bed if Riley was allowed to sleep up there. :-)

  11. I'm giggling in Colorado! You capture a dog's thoughts so perfectly!

    Our 2-yr old puppy, R, still steals my slippers. But, the funny part is that he hides them under my pillow. He even does this when I'm sound asleep. I feel burrowing, and then I see a big black snout with slipper pushing under my pillow. Too much! Since my neck surgery, I hide my slippers since I don't think that my neck would appreciate the burrowing. But, I have to admit, he makes me laugh so hard that I might not hide them when I'm better!

  12. Our Wall-E likes to gather ALL his chew toys and bring them to bed! His favorite is a "dog" that squeaks. I wait until he is asleep and gather them all up and put them in his kennel. I know, I know He is spoiled!

  13. That is very sweet. Mom doesn't allow us to bring toys into bed with us - something about them being smelly and slobbery.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  14. You know, when we hide our treasures under your pillow it is because we know we can trust you to protect them at all costs! Of course, one of the costs is your sleep :) But we are SO worth it, right?

    Emma Rose

  15. LOL that's really funny! She must really like that ball!

  16. Just be glad it was a plastic ball. Trust our hu-dad when he says that much, much worse can be hidden in the humans bed.

  17. You're not only models, you're also ball thieves. Interesting, I wonder what more I'm going to learn about you.

  18. Very cute story! I don't know what's so interesting about a ball that's not soft and doesn't make noise, but I'm glad Bunny treasures it :)

  19. A girl after my own heart. Think you can sneak in a softer ball without her noticing?


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