Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fashion Meets Function

Bunny here at the keyboard typing about a proud moment for me.

You may know by now that we Greyhounds love our fashions.  I admit it, I have better clothes than Mom and Dad.  Not that there's anything wrong with that!  One thing that we've lamented a bit, however, is the lack of fashions for German Shepherds.  We do so want to keep Morgan up on the cutting edge of fashion with us, but there's not a lot to pick from, and then there's Dad always saying that German Shepherds don't wear things.

However, we've seen a few of our Shepherd friends wearing a few things.  Anna and Shawnee both have their own backpacks, and we've seen Shawnee wear an insulated vest when she's out on her really cold hikes.  For the most part, Morgan doesn't get too cold, but there is one thing that Mom and Dad have worried about.  That's her feet.

When Mom first saw the PAWZ boots, she was curious, but not completely sure.  Okay, mostly she wasn't sure Dad would let Morgan wear them.  We saw our hiking friends all sporting some of them, though, as well as our friends from Two Pitties In The City.  We were pleasantly surprised when Dad said that he'd agree to put them on her, especially on our hikes when it's really snowy and icy.

So, we made a special shopping trip to the dog bakery.  We picked up Blueberry's birthday cake for later in the week, some treats for all of us and some PAWZ for Morgan.  The lady in the store has a lot of Shepherds and she even helped Dad put them on Morgan while Mom and I supervised.  Morgan got used to them pretty quickly, so I expect she'll be out hiking and walking in them soon.

I am so glad we're finally getting her a few of her own fashions, even if it is mostly for function rather than looking good.  She looks good while she's keeping her feet dry and clean.  The next thing you know, we'll have her all dressed up.  Just don't tell Dad!

Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. You'll get there one day, Bunny! The Dad will cave in once he finally realizes and believes how much of a fashionista you are!


  2. Morgen's stylin'.

  3. Ah yes, boots are only the beginning.

    Seriously, with all of you girls running around, Dad is totally outnumbered.

    I say the girl needs some diamonds now.

  4. We're happy for Morgan and toasty paws, but will certainly be stumped if a lot of other pups catch on to the idea....we won't know what kind of canine tracks we've stumbled upon!

  5. Those look pretty cool! Mom might have to buy me a pair to try out. My feet got pretty cold today!

    Oh, and my dad made that video with "Crazy Talk 6".
    Probably the same program Joke Puppy uses. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Aren't they chewed off within thirty seconds ?

  7. Good boots - the only fashion accessory a well furred GSD really needs. That and a spiffy collar, which she already has. After all, that leaves more green papers for greyhound fashions. Hope Blueberry's toe is healing well.

    Jed & Abby

  8. Good fashion, without taking away from Morgan's natural beauty.

    Bunny, Song and I love your whole ensemble:)

  9. I'm not so sure of the dress up but time will tell!


  10. We just can't imagine Morgan wearing a cowl, but the boots are neat.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  11. Morgan looks great in her booties!

    I have tried booties for the Newfs, and they just won't keep them on!

    Our flu did NOT start with a sore throat:)
    Hope that helps a bit and that you feel better:)

  12. Bunny, Don't forget I do read this blog. It's function over fashion. So don't go getting to many ideas there with Morgan.


  13. Boy you girls sure are fashionable. My dogs just wear thier feet outside! =)

  14. Morgan, are those Louboutins? You know, the ones with the red bottoms? I am so jealous! I am still wearing this dumb bubble collar because I've been licking my sore place. It's so not fashionable...


  15. Bunny, you clearly were born to model. Look at that fabulous shot of you in your wintery fashionista best. Amazing! I think it's lovely of you to want to share with Morgan, but I think with Shepherds you really have to keep in mind that less is more. Also, a thing to remember is that fashion costs green papers and the bigger the doggy the more green papers they cost. If you go too far with Morgan you could find yourself having to buy off the rack! Some hiking gear when called for and/or a nice selection of bandannas might be just pawfect for Morgan. A GSD can really work those bandannas.

  16. Did Morgan walk in a hysterically funny way when she first put those boots on? K does a handstand (I'm not kidding), walking on her two front feet when she first puts on boots. I have *never* gotten good video of it but I'll keep trying.

    Good job girls! We aren't telling dad.

    My vet suggested (gasp) that even Labs can benefit from a jacket in super (below zero) weather. So, you have a reason to get Morgan a jacket!

  17. I wonder if a Pretty Pink TuTu will be in Morgan's wardrobe??
    She seems to like the boots!!
    How is your race training coming???

  18. There be no way efur nefur that I is wearing booties! Not happening. Nope. Altho they look smashing on Morgan, I is not a bootie kind of gurl. I need my paws in the buff fur trakshuns.

  19. We saw those Pawz booties on someone else's blog. I may have to look into them if Riley ever gets another broken nail cut off and I have to keep her feet dry and dirt free. Morgan looks like she doesn't mind them!

    Elyse and Riley

  20. Oh, I LUVS her pretty purple boots! Even if they're functional, they're still stylish. She looks Most Proud in them, too!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Me and mom were watching Camelot last night. And at the beginning of the movie, when Guinevere is riding in her carriage to Camelot, she has a greyhound with her that looks an awful lot like you, Bunny. (At least, I think it's a greyhound.) Have you ever seen that movie?

  21. I love those boots, especially the colour! If Morgan has them, then Shiva must need them too! I am always looking for an excuse to dress her up. Shiva's dad isn't a fan of it either but if it is for her own good then he can't complain too much, right?

    Thanks for the link!

  22. We use Pawz too! They never fall off, and the pups don't mind them because they can still feel the ground under their feet (unlike with hard-soled boots). Love the purple (ours are red)!


  23. Bunny.....tell Morgan I think she looks snazzy!!

  24. My sister has some of those boots. Mom got some for her to keep her from scratching up the inside of the car...heehee


  25. Hey Morgan!
    Wow, you go girl! You look maaahvelous. Love the booties. They might be a little weird, but if they get you more outdoor time in the snow, it's worth it! Love the look on you. Next...bandanas! They are fashionable, easy to wear and keep your neck cozy!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  26. We won a pair of those boots on Cooper And Lola's blog! We don't know who will wear the first pair but it will probably be Lily. If she likes them, maybe Mama will buy a pair for Trixie!(Or, TWO pairs, since we have four feet each!)

  27. Morgan looks very stylish wif her new boots!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  28. Those Pawz look really cool! Morgan will be stylin'! I first heard of/saw them over at Brutus the Frenchie's blog. Of course he wears a smaller size and his are a bright red, which looks pretty good with his sleek black body. I'm sure Morgan will appreciate the protection for her feet, especially when it's cold and nasty out.

  29. Morgan's paws looks great and I am sure they are toasty warm. The scarf is wonderful and looks like it'd warm a rhinoceros.

  30. Resist, Morgan, Resist. On behalf of all of us working dogs, keep the clothing functional!

  31. We love your boots. We have been thinking Amiee needs some as well. Her toes get cold faster than the other two hounds. But she freezes when you put her in an clothes so I am not sure about boots. The HoundDogs

  32. Yes...yes...I wanna see Morgan in a pink tu tu. Dat'll really gets Mr.TT's gizzard...bwhahaha!
    Nows since I is a short haired likes ya'll (but lacking da legs) I is suppose to wear clothes in da cold. But, we saw on It's Me Or The Dog dat wearing clothes ain't really a good thing when you don't need too cuz peoples can't sees your body language. What's your opinion?


  33. Stylish & functional, just like a shepherd!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  34. You girls are the coolest fashionistas I know!


  35. Hi Bunny! I have always admired your taste in fashion! Morgan is looking good!


  36. ...and they look cute! (Mom has always been a fan of the pink turtleneck jacket!)


  37. Hi! Morgan! Do you think those boots would work for cockleburr? Although, it might be to warm for them here. Luv the outfit Bunny. Great look!

  38. I have a little something for you tomorrow ...bawhahahaha! It will look great with your coat.

    Your pal, Pip

  39. "Gear" is everything to surviving the elements! =)

    Ms. Houndstooth, feel free to send your pups over to *cough* zoom with my squirrels! LOL!

  40. You look gorgeous in that picture, Bunny!
    Glad Morgan liked the boots so she will not hurt her paws and they will be warm!
    I want to see what is next for Morgan on the fashion show!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  41. Love your pink coat! Not that we Cavaliers dress up or anything... You know how you greyhounds sometimes wear those turtleneck type things to cover your heads, well Mom has decided to make a Cavalier version to stop our ears from dragging in all the yellow snow! *sigh never ending practical fashion statements*

    <3 Miss Kodee

  42. Morgan - It is totally appropriate and acceptable for GSDs to wear snow boots. They will keep you ready for action and you won't have to waste time digging packed snow from your paws. It's actually very responsible and smart of you ;)

    The Road Dogs

  43. Hello really enjoyed your blog and your dogs are very beautiful.
    I'm following you. When power to go visit my blog.

    Ruby Kisses!


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