Monday, January 10, 2011

Staying On Our Toes

Bunny here at the keyboard to share our Sunday hike. 

I was worried we weren't going to get to go hiking this weekend.  Saturday was bitter cold and Mom and Dad cancelled the family hike we were supposed to do with our cousins, which was disappointing, but when we saw Lilac's pee freeze before it hit the ground in the turn out pen, we were willing to forgive Mom and Dad.

Sunday the weather was a lot nicer, so Mom and Dad got bundled up and packed up our gear and we headed off.  This time we hiked to Illinois Canyon in Starved Rock State Park.  The canyon is known for its beautiful waterfalls and we were hoping to catch some more pretty pictures.

There were actually a lot of small waterfalls all along the trail.  They made for some really interesting ice formations in some places.  We saw one spot where the leaves looked like they'd been turned to crystal.

Most of the trail was pretty easy walking, but we did have to brave walking across the frozen creek several times.  I'm proud to say that my first attempts at ice skating were quite successful and I didn't fall once.  Morgan made it across every time, as well.

We saw several other people and dogs while we were out on the trail, too.  Sadly, not all of them had as much respect for the surroundings that we did.  We were glad we got some of these cool waterfall pictures on our way out because on the way back a man was letting his kids break the icicles off.  I guess they didn't think anybody else would want to appreciate them.

When we finally arrived at the Illinois Canyon, we were a little disappointed.  The waterfall wasn't nearly as impressive as the one in the St. Louis Canyon last weekend.  It was still pretty, though, and the sound of the water burbling under the ice was fun to listen to.

On the way back, Morgan and I practiced our rock climbing.  I think I might have gotten just a teeny bit higher than she did, but I'm not sure.  It sure was a great view from way up there.

If you followed our hikes last summer, you might remember that almost every one that we went to had a wedding happening.  Well, would you believe that there was a bridal fair at the lodge this weekend?  I guess they're all planning to have their weddings at our hiking spots again this year.  I can't say that I blame them.  We've hiked in some of the most beautiful spots in our area and I can see why people would want to start their new lives together in those places. 

Our hike was definitely a great break from the Winter doldrums.  What do all of you like to do to relax and enjoy Winter?  Also, Morgan has started her own blog.  I think she plans on mostly writing about our hikes.

I'd also like to say how very sad we are that The Luke is no longer with us.  He was a special boy with a golden heart.  We send our very heartfelt condolences to his mom and The Bleu.  Hug your hounds and cats -- you never know how short or long your time together might be! 
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  1. I'm so glad to see that you did make it - I saw your funny comment about bundling up on Facebook!

    So sad to hear about Luke today. Loved that boy. :(

  2. Wilf is trying to work out what extreme cold would do to his tyre christening technique !

  3. Fab photos. Sure wish we had walks like that here.

    Off to take a look at Morgan's blog.

  4. Such beautiful sights you shared with us today Bunny. I've never actually saw frozen waterfalls till today. Frozen pee too :D

    thanks Bunny.. i'll be rooting for u... and Pip and you and Pip too. I love you both!

  5. Wow! The shots of the frozen water are fantastic!

    I'm laughin my tail off at the peecicle :O Too funny!

    Waggin at ya,

  6. You do relaize when your pee freezes BEFORE it hits da ground then it is just too dam cold to do anything right? Just making sures youwas aware of dat.
    Those fotos of da ice are incredible!

    PS: we has snow today and it is so deep dat I can't walk in it.

  7. What a beautiful area you hiked in Bunny! We had a good dousing of snow over the weekend here as well and our beagle is having some trouble getting his man parts above the snow-line!

  8. Ice skating and rock climbing and frozen pee!
    You girls are so lucky! What a fun hike!

  9. It does look freezing cold out there but those pictures are great! You look so warm in the picture and I wonder whether Morgan felt the cold or her backpack actually brought her some warmth.
    It's so sad about the passing of the Luke, he is missed by everyone! What a sweet boy!

  10. The crystal leaves were surreal. What a beautiful sight. The icicles at the bottom of the one waterfall also awed me. I can't believe that someone was breaking them off later!

    I love the photo of Morgan and Bunny. That's a very special one.

    Lilac's pee froze before it hit the ground? Wow... it's -6 deg outside right now. I'll have to watch my dogs' pee to see if they can achieve that same feat!

    RIP sweet Luke. So sad...

  11. We saw a group hike posted where they writed "dogs and children on leash welcome" BOL! It do be true - some pawrents let their childuns be out of control on hikes and that is so noggty! Morgan has her furry own bloggie now? OMD, I has to run over there rite quickly! Oh, but furst you asked about my insulated orange vest. It do be a Mendota Canine Field Jacket We got our at but they duss not has them any more.

  12. I sents Ronnii ova to Morgans new bloggy, yu guys sure do gets to some stunnin places fer your hikes. We has da cliffs ov Dover near us butts we not into big long walks although we do enjoy readin about yours
    xx xx

  13. Those are some pretty cold pics. Love the waterfall. Thanks for posting!

  14. My cold can it be if your pee freezes? Brrrrrrr!

    You both look so nice in your outfits and the places you go are beautiful!!!

  15. Hey Bunny!
    Wow, what beautiful pix of your great day out. You have an awesome place to go for hikes. Thanks for sharing such great views. Sorry to hear about the freezing pee! Gosh that's cold.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  16. Beautiful pictures, Bunny. So different from where we hike!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

    PS - Mom read Water for Elephants, too. She really liked it :-)

  17. Another great place to go hiking!
    Beautiful shots!
    You girls are always so beautiful in photos!

  18. What a gorgeous day to take such a lovely hike. You all find the best spots for the best photo opportunities. :-)

    That's exciting for Morgan! Her very own space. I am looking forward to checking it out.

  19. I'm loving the frozen waterfalls! So beautiful!

    LOL! Poor, Puddles. I bet even a little snow covers her up!


  20. Wow, what a beautiful hike! We loved the frozen waterfalls. Yeah, it is quite cold when your pee freezes BEFORE it hits the ground...crazy!

    Elyse and Riley

  21. Such a pretty place to visit. Not somewhere we will ever get with a Momster who is petrified of falling, but we do so enjoy walking along with you virtually. The frozen waterfalls are just beautiful, and oh to be able to climb on those rocks.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. Such beautiful pictures of your hike! We like to stay in the house and snuggle in the winter... bol, I dont like the cold that much!
    ps. very sorry to hear about your frien, Luke :o(

  23. Brrrrr that looks chilly!!!! We have the opposite weather here, having to wait until the evenings to walk when it is a bit cooler!

  24. I love love love the picture of Morgan posed on the rock. That is so stunning. We will check out Morgan's blog!!

  25. Again, way too cold for me but love the sights. Stay warm. Love the clothes, great way to keep warm.

  26. Those ice covered leaves are sooo pretty!

  27. You dogs go to so many amazing places! You make the entire Internet jealous! ;)

  28. What a fantastic place to hike! Those waterfalls (icefalls now I guess) sure were beautiful! Hope you got warm cocoa and snuggles when you got home!

    Brutus & Carmen

  29. Beautiful post all the way around.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  30. Fabalous photos - that was a fantastic hike you went on. We loved the frozen icicles and waterfalls! Amazing that a wedding fair was on there - weddings seems to follow you around!

    We're looking forward to dropping in on Morgan's blog next!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  31. Hey Bunny, Looks like you and Morgan had a great hike! Those waterfalls are super cool! I was away this weekend (training). Just kidding. My family was out of town and I was at my grandma's house.

    I will be sure to visit Morgan's blog.

    Your pal, Pip

  32. So glad to hear that you pups respect nature (sadly more than most...) and we enjoy our winters much the same as you. Snowshoeing is one of our favorite activities (human-style, that is). Really enjoying the side profile shot of you and Morgan - you two look like skilled climbers already! ... I wonder if they make crampons for pups?

    Happy New Year!
    -Carrie and Ben

  33. I know how much you enjoy your hiking trips and sure your loved this one... but it looks to cold for me!
    Glad I am looking at your pictures under my blankies! Ooops!
    Kisses and hugs

  34. What a great hike! Thanks for taking us along :)

  35. Beautiful pics! We've so missed reading about your adventures and are trying to catch up, so we just started right here. You guys look majestic! And you know we think you greyhounds are as beautiful as anything we've ever seen, but you gotta know those pics of Morgan just get us in the solar plexus! Gracie and Aspen wish they were young enough to still do that climb! But they DO still remember those good old days!

    The Road Dogs

  36. I love the back pack the German Shepherd is wearing! Where did you get it? Oh, and the Grey Hound is all dressed up as well! That is adorable. I am always looking for cute dog clothes to put on my Dalmatian, I think the back pack is a great idea!


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