Friday, January 14, 2011

Possessed By Snow

Hello!  It's me, Morgan, and I wanted to send out a message of warning.

You see, everyone knows how sweet Bunny is.  Most of the time, she's an angel.  I am glad she's decided to join that race against Pip, because I've been having fun working out with her while Puddles does the coaching.  She's always been fast, but she's certainly getting into fine racing form.

Working out at the dog park is a lot of fun.  It really doesn't feel like work at all.  As a matter of fact, I'd be happy if we went out there to train every day.  Mom and Dad keep talking about the price of gas, though. 

Still, there's a side of Bunny that Pip might not be aware of.  Training and racing brings out the competitor in her.  See for yourselves!

Pip, be afraid!  Be very afraid!
P.S.  We were featured in Coffee With a Canine, if you'd like to read our interview!
Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. saw it already, started following after the Cult of the Greyhound was featured...

    and those are some nice looking chompers bunny!

  2. The concentration on her face in that second photo is something else. You're right - Pip watch out !

  3. I can't wait for this to unfold, and I'm sitting on the fence about it!!! I can't see how Pip who is a good friend of mine can be faster than Bunny!!! I suppose it depends in fastest what?!!
    See Yea George xxx

  4. Pip is beautiful!!! I've always wanted to have a greyhound :) Instead I got one lovely (and heavy) labrador and one crazy beagle. Love them both.

  5. Egads, Pip better watch out! Bunny means business it looks like!

  6. Watch out, Pip!!!
    Just read the lovely interview too. I love their nicknames, they are sweet!!!

  7. Great interview and terrific photos on today's post, as always!

  8. Bunny, Hope you told Morgan you were sorry.

    Great photos.

  9. Morgan, I think Bunny is getting back at you for all the times you put her head in your mouth.

  10. Morgan, it looks like you and Bunny (and Coach Puddles) have been training hard! Pip may have reason to worry. Cool pictures! Keep up the hard work!

    Elyse and Riley

  11. Whoa, that Bunny sure can do the snarly face! But then, um, Morgan, woz you mebbe instigating just a little? Not like I think us shepherds would EFUR do something like that...

  12. Is Bunny going to wear her "warm-up sweats" for the actual race? To think, she's so fast wearing all that padding - imagine how fast she'll be naked?

    Love the photo of Bunny's teeth - Seeing her teeth is not easy to imagine for a pup with such a sweet disposition!

  13. Whoa!!!! Sweet, pink~loving, girly Princess Bunny transforms into a lean mean fighting machine when racing!!

    I'm wondering how Coach Puddles is able to navigate the training sessions in all that snow?? Is her coaching via videophone from inside under her blankie??

    This will prolly be very disturbing to Pip!

  14. Oooooo! I wonder who will win! Pip better look out for those sharp teeth!


  15. BOL at Minna! go doing everything just likes I told you. You even left da tiara at home...hehehe! Pip ain't gotta chance., you can do Colgate commercials.

    Coach Puddles

  16. Hi Bunny and Morgan and poor Blueberry,
    Life is expensive with all those big dogs , yes!!!
    Never dull!!! And people call them dumb!!! I think dogs are smarter the people....... Any one that calls a dog dumb has not know a dog!!!!!!!!!
    So sorry about Blueberry's toe!!! Sorry bout mine too!!! Thanks for the visit and good wishes.
    Bunny you are going to win the race hands down!!
    Love your blog so much!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  17. Bunny is a sure bet...the concentration on her face and her "correction" of Morgan's training advice...well, she's sure to ace this. Puddles will be into the celebratory beer before the race is over!!

  18. Go Bunny, go Bunny, go! With Morgan there to help keep you in shape, you are going to win for sure!

  19. Oh my gosh! In that last picture it looks like Bunny turned into a werewolf!!!

  20. You look super duper fast Bunny and very stylish in your pink coat and gray snood too! Pip is not gonna like you bitin' into her nekked butt though.

    Woofs and stylish slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  21. You go Bunny! We are looking forward eagerly to this much-touted race - can't wait! You look very fast, girl! And we love your sweet, pink coat! Looks nice and warm - but don't you heat up quickly running that fast?
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Oz
    PS - love the interview!

  22. Great action shots! This race is going to be awesome!

  23. Such great action shots you have here!!! We hope Pip will be better for the race. Looking forward to all the fun.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. This is going to be on fiece race!

    Congrats on the feature!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. Wow those are some fangs! Having the name Bunny means you have to let them know who is boss sometimes. I'm sure Morgan did absolutely nothing to make bunny bare her fangs..yep, absolutely nothing.

    Kitty (I feel your name pain Bunny)

  26. The girl has teeth!

    Watch out, Mr. Pip!


  27. Hi Morgan

    Bunny's lucky to have you as a trainer. It's taken me ages to read all my favourite blogs today and I got to Mr Pip's first and I have to say he looked pretty impressive on the video he's posted......but Bunny is in a different class.

    Have a lovely weekend girls

  28. Good job with the training, Morgan. Take it from me - Bunny's gonna need all the help she can get if she's gonna be able to keep up with Pip.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  29. Dear Bunny Foo Foo - Bawhahahaha! I will not be intimidated! I may look all sugar and spice and everything nice, but let me tell you something about Mr. Pip - I am as tough as nails inside. Now, if someone could lend me a paw, I seem to be stuck in a snowdrift!

    Your FIERCE pal, Pip

  30. Great pikhs of SNOW much fun!


  31. Bunny... my sweet friend... what was that??
    Yes. I guess Pip must be very careful!
    Glad you are enjoying your training!
    Kisses and hugs

  32. What's this race all about? Must go look! But I need to cheer you both on ;) Your both winners

  33. Bunny, my money's on you. You definitely mean business in that last photo!

    Loved the interview over at Coffee with a Canine!

  34. Oh Miss Bunny, I so recognize that... warning.

    Flocko is putting together a hard core training guide for you.

  35. Those are some teeth, girl! I'm betting on you in the race.

    Great interview on Marshall's blog!

  36. Great shots!! Morgan looks just as stunning in full stride as the greys! There's just no zoomie, like a snow zoomie!

  37. miss morgan,

    whoa, miss bunny's got some super hooge chompers there!! it's a good thingie that mr. pip is little and can turn on a dime to avoid those chompers. heehee.
    me and asa and mama loved your CWaC interview! (miss morgan, did you really get scared by a lizard? TEEHEEHEE.)

    the booker man


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