Friday, October 29, 2010

The Hairy Greyhound

Yesterday was a fun but long day at work for me.  The kids in my class don't come to school on Fridays, so we had our Halloween celebrating yesterday.  While that is fun, the kids were unusually wound and when I got home, I was really exhausted.   I was looking forward to the dinner Mr. Taleteller had promised to bring home, carving a couple of pumpkins for the front porch for Saturday night and relaxing in my pajamas.

There was only one chore that awaited me when I arrived home after I carried my stuff inside.  That chore is turn out and feeding the dogs their dinner.  Turn out happens in two phases.  The first phase is taking the Greyhounds out to the turn out pen.  The second phase is taking Morgan out on her leash to do her turn out.  We don't put Morgan in the turn out pen because, well, Mr. Taleteller has spoiled her a bit and not made her go in the pen, and also because she gets very excited and we worry that Lilac may get hurt by her exhuberance.  So, when Morgan gets done, I take her inside, then bring the Greyhounds back in from the pen.  After everybody is inside, I go down to get the dog food and Morgan and I have a rousing game of hide and seek.

However, Fall is the time of year when young Shepherds who have been raised with Greyhounds' thoughts turn to rabbits.  As I took Morgan back inside, I don't know if it was the weather front that's been blowing through, the cooler temperatures, the fact that Morgan almost got the rabbit again last week, or the fact that she sensed that I was more tired than usual, but as I unhooked her leash while she was going in the back door, she suddenly pulled a maneuver that would have made any Greyhound proud.  Like quicksilver she turned and darted off out the door and around the house to the rabbit shrub.

That rabbit is darned lucky that he finally chose an afternoon to not be in that Bayberry bush.  I, however, was not having such a lucky moment.  I called her.  As big as her ears are, you'd think she would have heard me.  She made the rounds to the other shrubs to see if a rabbit might be lurking. 

Me:  Morgan, come here!

Morgan:  I'm on perimeter patrol!  Rabbits beware!

Me:  Morgan, I mean it!

Morgan:  Oh, look!  It's Sammie's yard!  His pee smells different over here than it does in our yard.

I called Mr. Taleteller on the phone as I followed her and coaxed her.  I feared he might leave me if something happened to his "real dog" princess.  I told him she was loose and he cancelled the dinner order to start on his way home.  I suspect he may have gone back to work to get a squad car so he could drive home with the lights on.  Anyway, I hung up so that I could at least try to keep up with Morgan and see where she was.  Of course, she thought a rousing game of chase the Shepherd was in order.  Did I mention how tired I was from work?

Me:  Morgan, I am not playing chase!  Now come here!

Morgan:  Oooooo!  Let's play hide and seek outside!  I'll go hide!

Me:  I am NOT playing this game!

Morgan:  Oh, rabbit!  Where aaaaaare you?

Me:  You are not a Greyhound!  I'm going home!

With that, I turned and ran back towards the house.  Of course Morgan couldn't resist the game.  She chased after me and then as we came around the neighbor's garage, she saw Bunny, Blueberry and Lilac in the pen.  Another of her favorite games is barking at the fence with Bunny and this time, Bunny and Blueberry both gave her a rousing game.  I went past the pen to the car and opened the car door.  Morgan can't resist a good car ride. I swear, she'd ride to the end of the driveway every day if she could!  So, finally, I attached the leash and took her in the house.  I sent her back into her crate and closed the door so I could go out and get the Greyhounds to bring them back inside.

At that point, I could have let her back out of the crate to eat in the kitchen with the girls, but I didn't.  I left her in the crate for her own safety, so I didn't throttle her.  After everyone had eaten in peace, I let her out so she could be sure to pounce on Mr. Taleteller when he arrived home with the dinner that he went back to get after I called him to let him know his dog was safe.

After dinner, he took Morgan with him to go get dog food at the store.  Bunny made sure to curl up with me on the couch as a reminder that she would never do such a thing.  Sure enough, when Mr. Taleteller and Morgan arrived home, she ran in and pounced on me, just to let me know she'd missed me and that she was ready for whatever the next game was.

I'm not sure having a German Shepherd raised by Greyhounds is the best thing.  I do know that we'll be doing a few things differently at turn out time now.  That has to be the luckiest rabbit in the world, and I feel pretty lucky that all's well that ends well this time!

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  1. That face is a picture of innocence! I'm sure she's never going to do it again;-) Yeah right!

  2. So glad Morgan got back in safely. My Jack Russel was a real Houdini and more than once managed to elude me. I was so cross, but so happy when she finally came to me.

    Love the photos.

  3. LOL!! Its funny how they can give you the run around, like you say not funny after a hard days work!!
    Jan x

  4. Lucky Rabbit...poor Mrs.Taleteller and glad Morgan was safe. Running like that is really scarry to humans, while us doggies have a fun time of it.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. "Real dog" princess - funny!

  6. Maybe the rabbit was out trick or treating? Glad everything worked out.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Glad everything worked out in the end. Morgan must be getting a ton of lessons from those Greyhounds!! :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  8. OOOOHHHHHHH Morgan! You shouldn't play those games. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt you know. You are a shepherd and you should be herding your momma not the other way around. Know your role baby girl!


  9. Woof! Woof! Oh ... you face says it all. Glad everything worked out. Have a wonderful weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. They do like to keep you on your toes, don't they? I'm glad you got Morgan back. Very smart to use her love of car rides to capture her. I hope you all enjoy the Halloween weekend!!

  11. Glad to hear Morgan is safe! Nothing like an adrenaline rush after a long, tiring day of work.

    You might want to try Molemax under the rabbit attracting bush, it's supposed to be for moles and voles but for me it worked on rabbits too. It's dog/cat/critter/earth safe. I'm not associated with the company, BTW, I just think that eventually that rabbit is going to be in the wrong place at the right time . . .

  12. Whew... I am glad that Morgan made it back safely. A bit of Breed confusion I guess. hehe
    Butt I am sure she will enjoy reliving the experience in her dreams.

  13. So glad that Morgan is home safe and sound at last! But look at her, she looked so innocent in the pictures!

  14. Oh, noggty, noggty Morgan! Yesterday must has been "National Noggty Shepherd Day". I hardly effur get in trubulls any more but last night mom walked into her bedroom and sayed "EWWWWWWWW! Why do I smell dog poo??!?!?!?" I lay in my hidey spot all gilty looking and mom knowed eggsactly wot happened. I stepped on a leaf with poo on it while out in the yard, it stucked on my paw and I tracked it in. Then I lay in my hidey spot trying to "clean up" if'n you knows wot I mean, and just made a big ole stinky mess. I had to do a stand/stay in the kitchun while mom cleaned me, my hidey spot and the floor up. No funs.

  15. Glad to hear that the rabbit took the right day off!
    I am sorry to say that I was laughing the whole time reading the story, Morgan's antics remind me of someone else I know!

    I hope you got a good rest:)

  16. That face is pretty darn adorable. However, the rabbits at our house, weren't so lucky this morning!

  17. Isn't it amazing how a mundane normal task can turn into such an event? Morgan's face does look waaaaay too innocent for me to believe that she could really be that bad. I'm glad that she fell for the running away and the car door tricks!

    I had that type of experience once, with R, when we were just about to get in the car to evacuate due to a nearby wildfire. I was much too stressed out the think of any creative move like yours. Fortunately, R got obsessed with one bush, and I pounced on him!

    BTW, the deer's secret, from 2 days ago, is that he is the biggest deer that I've seen in our woods in quite a while, and it's hunting season right now. I'm not planning to tell anyone where he is!

  18. oh man Morgans story reminds me of Fred who pulled a maneuver on me one night just like that and you would think with his big ole ears too he would have heard me but no... he thought it was a blast while im having a heart attack in the mean time :)

    Oh sweet Morgan! Hope you get some rest!

  19. In Morgan's defence, it could be a vampire zombie bunny...they're out this time of year, so she was just protekting you. We do that a lot. I protekt mom from sticks, leaves and dead squirrels. :)

  20. Morgan's selective hearing must have been turned on. Sasha has selective hearing too sometimes. glad all turned out ok. Morgan is beautiful.

  21. Such an innocent look on Morgan's face! Yeah, right, like that's gonna fool anyone! Perhaps there's a special little blessing for rabbits in your area now that Morgan's part of your family. I'm still laughing at your 'real dog' reference though - I think all dogs are 'real dogs,' they just all have their own little quirks that may not always be appreciated by those of the masculine persuasion! Heee!

  22. Both of my dogs have selective hearing. It drives me insane. I'm glad it all turned out well.

  23. What a night! I'm glad it all worked out okay in the end but jeepers dog's can try the patience, can't they?

    I love the pumpkin carving, by the way. Very scary.

  24. Mom is getting a big kick out of how you referred to Morgan as "his dog" - BOL.

    Scary situation, but you did all the right things - running the other way and the good old car trick. We are very glad you were able to corral Morgan before any bad things could happen.

    Hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  25. um, I thinks you are suppose to eat the insides of the pumpkin,preferably cooked with cream, nutmeg, and cinnamon, in a crust..... not lick the outside.

    woof - Tucker

  26. Oh dear, we know that feeling of being tired and having dogs who soundly lose their sense of hearing!
    Also can relate to having to avoid throttling them at times!!!
    Having said that one look at Morgan's innocent face convinces us you must have got it wrong.
    No Morgan would never hurt a bunny!

  27. ummm, miss morgan, i love a good game of find the bunny and chase as much as any doggie, but pretty please don't run away and scare miss taleteller like that again! it's for your own good!!

    the booker man

  28. Hey does you think Morgan needs therapy fur her breed disorder issues...I is a therapist now too. Just waitin' on my certificate in da mail.
    Nows, I oicked up sumptin called Morgan "his" dog. Well yu sees, dats da problem. You gets where I'm goin. Here at my house we is "her" dog meaning mum...and we is perfect angels.
    Always haves da woman train da dogs and they will be perfect like me...look how well Bunny and da reast turned out.
    Why you laughing at me bein' an angel?


  29. I am shokhked at the thought of a khanine doing anything like THAT -


    PeeEssWoo: I khan't sign The Golden Khousins to this one bekhause they would nevFUR to do - the sukhk ups

  30. Morgan, you were so cheeky!
    Your poor mummy all worried.
    Bella likes to play games and run onto the street, making us scared!

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  31. Morgan,

    You sure know how to keep your mom on her toes!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  32. Morgan - That looks like an innocent face to us! Or is it contrite? Or maybe it's just a disappointed look 'cause the rabbit got away!

    The Road Dogs

  33. You know, I always wondered why they say rabbit's foots are lucky. Now I know. That rabbit has four lucky feet.

  34. Whew...that WAS one lucky rabbit. And it sounds like that was a super fun game that Morgan came up with for you two to play. But it sounds like you won. Better luck next time, Morgan!

    My gramma used to have a dog that would get out and it was almost impawsible to get him back inside. Sometimes getting him in the car would work but sometimes it wouldn't. Then one day my gramma ordered pizza and then found out that Barney had gotten out. She couldn't get him to come back, not even to get in the car. But as soon as the pizza man showed up, that was that. Apparently the only thing Barney liked better than roaming the neighborhood was PIZZA!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  35. Morgan, regardless of what your momma says, you are gorgeous.

    That being, said quit giving her the new gray hairs I'm sure she doesn't deserve.

  36. MORGAN! Bad dog! Bad dog! The humans do NOT approve of such adventures and it causes them no end of stress and worry. Do NOT do that again. Shame on you. Besides, you are no greyhound. Give it up.


  37. Morgan, it was a good thing you like to chase after your mom. Now please don't scare your parents like that ever again.

    Love your carved pumpkin - someone is a great artist!

    Bunny - Tucker is absolutely correct about pumpkin preparation and eating. =9

  38. Every Siberian Husky owner in the world is nodding at this story. Perhaps Morgan might be a little furrier than you think?

  39. Hi! We featured you on our blog tonight!


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