Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh The Places You'll Go

As I look back on my life, almost every era is defined by a dog.  That's not to say that I've lived a horribly long time, but rather that I look at my life in a series of segments shared by various dogs.  There has been at least one dog in my life since I was eighteen months old and we moved to a farm. 

Ten years ago, our first Greyhound entered our lives.  Treat was a model dog, the kind that spoils you for all others.  Everything with her just seemed so easy, and even her battle with epilepsy didn't diminish her standing in our eyes.  Through her, I met some of the most wonderful other people -- all fellow Greyhound owners.  Honestly, there aren't any nicer people anywhere.  I've seen them come together for all kinds of reasons.  There were GURs, or Greyhound transports, long before I heard about other breeds doing so.  I experienced so many new things through her.  We joined message boards online, began doing therapy dog visits, went to meet and greets to help other Greyhounds have homes and traveled to places with and because of the dogs that we'd never have gone before.

Now, I have Bunny and it's a new era.  I had been to Dewey Beach before with Treat, Hawk, Lilac and Blueberry.  The Greyhounds Reach the Beach event happens annually on Columbus Day weekend.  Bunny had never been, and I really wanted her to experience the beach, especially now while she's young enough to really have fun with it.  A couple of months ago, I realized that we weren't going to be able to go together as a family the way we always have in the past. 

Fortunately, we have a good friend who also wanted to go.  She offered to let Bunny and I ride along with her and share a hotel with her and her dog.  I decided that I wanted to go bad enough to travel halfway across the country, even though that's something I haven't done by myself before.  Travelling such a long distance with someone who was not part of my family was not something I'd done before, but it turned out to be a great trip. 

Bunny was an excellent traveller.  The truth of the matter is that I probably wouldn't have gone and had all the wonderful experiences that we did if it weren't for her.  It's hard for me to break out of my comfort zone.  Yet, there's something about travelling with a dog that seems to transport you out of yourself.  I regret that I didn't take Travels With Charley along with me to read.  I really think she'd have been content to lay on the beach with me while I read through the pages.  Actually, after our day of shopping on Saturday, I know she would have much preferred that!

There didn't seem to be anything that she didn't handle well.  Riding in the car was no problem for her at all.  She was a good shopper, and happy to model things that I was thinking about purchasing.  Eating in restaurants there was a pleasure, since she happily laid down on the travel bed I took along for her.  She greeted everyone with a tail wag and good manners, happy to let everyone on the boardwalk and sidewalk pet her.  Even posing for pictures was no problem for her, although I regret not seeing a rock that she could pose on like Rusty, K and R

It is such a pleasure to travel with dogs, and I've been lucky that I've had some wonderful travellers in my life.  You do need to do a little extra planning, but it's definitely worth it!  I hope that everyone has the good fortune of taking a fun trip with a dog at least once in their life.  The experiences you can have when you share your life with a dog are truly amazing.

Sometimes, the best part is that it makes you appreciate how wonderful coming home is, too!
We just learned that Karletje's dad passed away yesterday.  It's been a while since he and his mom, Anya have blogged, due to his dad's health, but I'm sure they would appreciate some comfort and support right now at this difficult time. 

For those who asked on Tuesday, yes, that was Flat Nigel in the background.  We're also participating in this Saturday's Pet Blog Hop, hosting by Life With Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume.  If you'd like to participate, please follow the rules and follow your three hosts, add your blog to the Linky and copy and paste the html code into your html editor.  Thanks again to our hosts for putting on the hop!

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  1. It is GREYt to see woo had such an awesome trip!


  2. Fab photos. So glad you have enjoyed your trip. Like you say it does make you realise what you have waiting for you when you get home.

  3. What a wonderful first photo. Sunrise or sunset ? You're right there is nothing like travelling with a family dog .

  4. Loved this post! Bunny sounds a lot like Roxie. She's always been so easy, gets along with everyone, and truly never misbehaves in any way. I'm so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone a bit and enjoyed the trip. I'm sure it was totally worth it, and you're right . . . I always say, "There's something truly special about greyhounds, and greyhound people." It's greyt to know you.

  5. You put into werds so nicely wot mom has always felt - we take so many trips togedder wot mom would not take without me. She say it would be boring by herself but I is good company and make the trips fun. Peeples wot duss not has a dog as a buddy (or keep the dog outside and not let the dog be their buddy) duss not know wot they is missing out on.

  6. BTW, forgot to mention, that first photo of Bunny on the beach at sunset is amazing!!

  7. Awesome pictures, especially the first one. So glad that you had a wonderful trip with Bunny and she's such a great company.

    We had a trip with Eva in summer and I've to say that it's one of the best family trips, we enjoyed every moment of it and then we told ourselves that we're going to have it again when Rosie is home.

    Thanks for sharing the post. It really made me start to plan for our next trip now : )

  8. I couldn't agree more about traveling with dogs. We always travel with all of them (however many that might be at the time). Their adventurous and happy-go-lucky spirits inspire us, and we simply love sharing the world with them.

    I love the first photo! K and R wish that they had a beach for a photo-opportunity. Neither of them has ever been to an ocean beach, believe it or not!

  9. What a wonderful post! As you know, we LOVE traveling with our two-leggers so I'm 100% behind your advice!


  10. I know Dr. Seuss too !!
    This was a grrreat tribute to ALL dawgs. Thanks!!!

  11. So glad you were able to make the trip with Bunny! We have really enjoyed your lovely pictures. It is always important to break out of our comfort zones once in awhile (though not always easy), but it usually feels good when we do! Good for you!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. I've so enjoyed your blogs about the Dewey trip! Great photos. Wish we were there. XpS

  13. That was a Most Luvly postie about traveling with dogs. Brudder Ranger and me just luv going on trips with mom and dad. It always seems like there's something new and exciting around the corner. And mom says that we make her look at things in a way she might not have looked at before.

    I'm ever so glad you got to go on your trip. I sure have had fun reading about it!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  14. Dogs are a big part of a family, if we can't take George we don't go. so gald your trip worked out well for you. One of my favorite quotes is "you can never discover new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore" so by stepping out of your comfort zone and with Bumnny there, you had a great time.
    See Yea George xxx

  15. Wow, thanks for sharing such great pix of the beautiful Bunny. I'm so glad you got to take your trip. Memories for a lifetime and I'm sure Bunny had a ball! Anything near the water is a great thing. I'm sure you have all made each other's life better.
    Grr and Woof,

  16. We could tell from Bunny's posts that Mom had a great time too:) We bet you are so very happy you made the extra effort to go. You got some great photos and some wonderful memories.

    We too were very sad to read about Anya's loss. It was a long road for her and the family. We have pawed our condolences.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Mum says that she agrees that travelling with dogs is a great experience. She said she wouldn't of gone to half the places she's been if it were not for me :) Really great post, glad bunny enjoyed the beach!
    Kodi x

  18. Such a heart warming post... we love vicariously traveling with you and Bunny ;) ....and await the day to take a pup of our own on our wherever our wildlife biology jobs take us as well.

  19. That was a beautiful post. and lovely pictures too.
    Glad u had such a nice holiday...:)

  20. They are beautiful photos and it was a most beautiful post.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  21. I'm sure Bunny had a good time. Sorry to hear about Kareltje's dad, but not surprised. I will pay them a visit.

  22. Nice post and great pictures of all the grey kids
    Benny & Lily

  23. Like many on here, I think that the pictures are great, especially that first one. :)

    I traveled with Argos for the first time earlier this fall, and have to say that there was never a finer traveling companion.

  24. What a wonderful traveling experience!!! Sounds like such a great time you all got to share :)

    We enjoyed 'da posty and 'da pho-toes!!!
    Big hugs!!
    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man & TriXie

    we are very sorry about your friends Paw~
    our thoughts and prayers go out to his family

  25. You are lucky that your dogs travel well with you, and that you can do special things with them. So sorry about the loss of your friend :(

  26. Really nice post... and so true. I've taken many wonderful trips with the pups in my life, and they are so memorable. Now if only my Bella was a little less carsick and a little more portable...

  27. I won't let my guys get away without me. No way are they to have fun without me, hear! Your trip was just about perfect I'd say.
    PS tks for you 100th post kind comments!

  28. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful post!

  29. Sure you two had a pawesome trip and lots of fun together!
    Kisses and hugs

  30. Ugh, it's awesome about your trip, but we are so sorry to hear about Kareltje's dad. We'll head over now.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  31. Awwhhh. You are so right about dogs defining eras. And each brings a different perspective to your life. That was a pawsome trip. It is hard to leave a comfort zone but most often the pay off is so worth it. Thanks for sharing your trip and thoughts.
    PS- next time bring me.

  32. So very true. Some people use music to jog their memory, but we dog lovers just need to hear the name of an old friend...

  33. It is true how many conversations I have because of The Herd. And they think you should have found a rock somewhere for a photo op!


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