Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sightseeing And Showstopping

Bunny here at the keyboard with more about my big trip.

Sunday afternoon, most of the vendors were done selling stuff.  We were pretty tired of shopping anyway.  So, we decided to get in the car and drive to the historic part of Lewes, which is near Dewey.  It was really pretty there and they even had a boutique for dogs. 

As we were walking across the street after getting out of the car, a woman from Germany asked how much DJ cost.  She thought we must have cost about a thousand dollars.  When his mom told her that we only cost a small adoption fee, she was stunned. 

We were trying to walk to the little pet boutique, but it took us about twenty minutes to get there because people kept stopping us and asking about us, wanting to pet us and admire us.  That happened a lot on the boardwalk at Rehoboth, too.  I don't mind because hopefully telling everyone about what great pets we are and letting them fall in love with us helps other hounds get homes someday, too.  It sure was nice being so popular.  A girl could get used to it!

Anyroo, we finally got to the pet boutique and there was a woman in there whose daughter has a Greyhound.  She went crazy fussing over me and so did the man who owns the store.  We had a good laugh about the sign in the door.

They had a freezer with frozen yogurt for dogs and since it was warm that afternoon, Mom bought me one.  Mine was Razz Puppy flavored.  We were thirty cents short to get the ice cream and the man said not to worry about it and the woman with the Greyhound granddaughter paid him fifty cents for it.  It was kind of funny, they were fighting over it a little so I could have the frozen yogurt.  It got all sorted out and I went outside to eat it.  It was delicious! 

It was another great day of vacation!  I was sad that it was over, but I've heard that Morgan is missing me something fierce and is on a hunger strike, so I had to go home.  Plus, I don't want Dad to celebrate his birthday without me.  If they were with us, I'd just ask if we could all move to lower, slower Delaware!

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  1. Well, there you go, Bunny, Morgan really does love you! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I'm not surprised everyone wants to know about you (those people who don't read your blog that is!) you're so pretty. And your new collar is simply stunning. Glad you got your frozen yoghurt, although I can only wonder what Razz Puppy flavour tastes like! Hope your Dad has a great birthday:-)

  2. Don't look now but I think Nigel is eyeing your yogurt.

  3. Look at you! A guest shot with Flat Nigel and everything!

  4. Song would sure like that yoghurt.

    Bet you will be glad to get home and be with the rest of your family again.

  5. look so much like a tidier version of me.

    That frozen yoghurt looked wonderful.

    I would have loved that.

  6. How fun! I bet your family was glad to see you again!


  7. Yoiu frozen yogurt looks good!
    Looks like a great time!
    Hurry up and get home so Morgan doesn't starve:)

  8. I love that sign in the store window - too funny!
    Bunny ofcourse everyone wanted to stop and give you attention!! Im glad you had another great day :)

  9. I love that yellow sign. What a good idea to have children on the lead, right?

    Frozen yogurt? Anything left?

  10. See Bunny, Morgan does luv you! I am so happy dat you had a nice time in Delly-ware, but I bet you is happy to be back home too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Happy Birfday to your dad!

  11. Wot a pawsome sign you founded! Mom has one wot says: "We had to get rid of the children because the cat was allergic." Dussn't it amaze you how peeples is surprised when they find out we is adopted coz they think adopted animals must somehow be defective and when they meet us they see we isn't? Mom says we should always be on best behavior and be ambassadors for adoption when we is out in public. But then we is always on best behavior, rite?

  12. Oh Poor Morgan. We all got to see and enjoy your fun time and there she was all sad and missing you. It is good that you get home to make her feel better.
    Your dad is gonna have a birfday??? Did you get a special pressie for him while you were away???

  13. That yogurt looks really and really yummy! Isn't it fun to have a one-on-one day with your special PURRson?

  14. I think that you're secretly a rock star, Bunny. You just haven't told us yet. You had people fighting over who could have the honor of buying you frozen yogurt? That is so sweet.

    I laughed about the "how much did DJ cost?" question. Once, in a Petco, I had a woman come up and ask me that about K. Then, the woman proceeded to try to buy K from me. I'm not kidding! I wouldn't sell her for a billion dollars but the woman couldn't get that through her head... People are odd sometimes, don't you think?

  15. Flat Nigel is gorgeous!

    Man, you got yogurt and loving? And people wanted to know how much you cost? Wow, you need to spread more of that greyhound love in the world! Maybe we could save up and send you on a world tour of peace!

    I'm glad you wanted to get home to Morgan - it's not good for a pup not to eat! He loves you so much!

  16. See, if you hadn't haves just HAD to haves dat new collar you could haves afforded da yogurt.

    It's tuff having people want to make all overs you, and pet you , and all dat stuffs...allllll day long. Yea, okays I REALLY don't know what dat is like...most people run like hell from me...hehehehe!


  17. Mom gotta good laugh outta that sign!!

  18. I hope woo waved with your khlosed eyelids as woo passed Pawsylvania!

    Woo surely had one pawesome weekend there!

    PeeEssWoo: I really do hope someone snags video of your greeting khommittee!

  19. you look so gorgeous and elegant in that pose........

    and that yogurt looks delish!!!


  20. I am not surprised that everyone fell in love with you!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  21. I bet Morgan is worried sick about you and mommy. He must be on high alert now since two of his hoomies are missing.

    Glad you are having a great time... and people fighting to buy you ice-cream. You are so loved girl.

    btw.. is that flat Nigel Buggers in the last picture?

  22. How beautiful you look in that top pic! You should have told that woman that you are priceless!
    Looked like a lovely day and nice to see Nigel too.
    We are sorry to hear that Morgan is missing you - tell her if she doesn't want her food we could always eat it for her................just to save wasting it!!!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  23. That sign is so right, But you the star of the day, Gald you had such a great time.
    See Yea George xxx

  24. Looks like a lovely doggie vacation!

  25. Love the first photo!
    You are really beautiful!
    Great yellow sign!

  26. Yes, love the sign! I don't blame people for making all over you! You're beautiful! Mama LOVES Greyhounds! Looks like you had a great vacation. Adoption is definitely the way to go.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my party. I really appreciate it!

  27. We get the price thing all of the time, too. We try so hard to educate people that pure bred dogs - of any type - are in need of adoption. People are stunned.

  28. Bunny-

    We really enjoyed that sign too! Bet Morgan is missing you like crazy. Be careful driving home!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  29. Bunny - We're just now catching up on your excellent beach adventure! What fun! We love doing stuff together, but sometimes it's fun to to have Mom or Dad to yourself and get all the attention, isn't it?
    Mom is glad you showed pics of that cart. We got one for Jake when he couldn't get around by himself, but never thought to put a baby bed bumper in it. Great idea!
    Looking forward to more pics of your adventure.

    PeeS - Is that Flat Nigel next to you?

    The Road Dogs

  30. Bunny and Morgan!!! YummE yogurt
    Benny & Lily

  31. It looks like you had a fantastical vacation!! I love the leash children sign. Hehe..


  32. I'm glad you had a good vacation, Bunny. Btw, I love your new sting ray collar too! I didn't expect it to be PINK!

  33. I know they miss you!
    Yummy yougurt!
    Kisses and hugs

  34. Isn't it great when people meet you and want to know more about the breed? You do make such a great ambassador.

  35. Vacay's are AWESOME!!

    Okay, diva girlfriend, I'm lovin' the new collar! OMD it's the bomb! It's great to see another great admirer of collars!! That reminds me, I need to post my new Auburn collar!!

    Enjoy the tough life!


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