Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Air Freshener of Doom

Living here in a house with four dogs, I do worry about keeping the house clean.  That's especially true with a very senior dog in the house who suffers a few of the indignities of old age that aren't always so fresh smelling, if you know what I mean.  Not too long ago, I was more concerned about it than usual when we had a guest staying here at the house before and after Bunny and I made our trip to the beach.  I know that she has dogs, doesn't expect my house to be perfectly clean and wouldn't think a thing about the state of our house, but, well, I still wanted it to be nice.

We spent a couple of days making sure the house was nicely cleaned, partly because it was time for it to be done anyway.  When they arrived, I was satisfied with the house and didn't have any worries about our friend being here.  While I was away, Mr. Taleteller found a new contraption to help with keeping the house smelling nice that he decided to buy as a way of being nice.  If only he'd known that he was actually a German Shepherd torture device when he paid his hard-earned dollars for it!

The gadget is an air freshener that inside a little motorized tube that you can set to release a burst of spray at certain time intervals.  Mr. Taleteller set it on nine minutes, put it on the front windowsill and pretty much forgot about it, except for the occasional whiff of a lilac-scented garden.  However, a small burst of spray isn't all that it delivers.

I might add that as part of her duties as a good Shepherd, Morgan goes on regular patrols of our house.  One of her main vantage points is the window in the front window, where people are so bold as to walk past our house on the sidewalk while churning up dried leaves.  Three weeks later, Morgan still has the same reaction to the air freshener.  It never seems to fail that her check of the front window coincides with the burst of spray from the air freshener.

Morgan:  Everybody down!  Hit the deck!  (This is spoken from the floor as she lays plastered there with paws over her head.)

Me:  Morgan, there's nothing out there...

Morgan:  We're under attack!  Did you not hear that?

Me:  It wasn't an attack.  It was just...

Morgan:  I felt the breath of the beast clinging to my fur!  It smells like rancid lilacs!

Me:  It's just the air freshener.

Morgan:  Would you all just get down?!  I can't protect you all when you're sitting there in plain view!

Me:  (sighing)  Oh, look, it's running away!

Morgan:  See!  I told you!  Where did it go?

Me:  Probably to the same place as that rabbit you're always after.

So, she goes back on patrol, making sure that we're all safe from lilac-scented ghosts and boogeymen.   Of course, the attacks by these foul phantoms occur several times a day, but Morgan is sure that one day she'll scare them off.  It's good to know that I have a ferocious dog who can keep me safe from air fresheners.

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  1. Bol, Morgan is so brave! I'm trying to think of something that has the same effect on Frankie but nothing springs to mind. Beryl could still find something I need protecting from but I think she leaves the protection buzz to Frankie. She might be his boss but he's our hero:-) I'm sure she'd back him up if necessary though!

  2. Rancid lilacs. Poor Morgan . There goes that hard earned street cred.

  3. It must be strange for you to have such a guard dog in the house with all those greyhounds. Morgan's always on duty, bless her.

  4. This is hilarious and so true! I've lived with German Shepherds and they are very protective.

    Poor Morgan. She is only trying to do her job.

    Just hopped in from the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.

    Lacey and Bill

  5. Thanks for the warning. Momma is always with the Febreeze to try and make our house smell "fresher." That is just the kind of evil gadget she might be tempted to bring home.


  6. *Wipes tears from eyes*

    Felt the breath of the beast! Ah Morgan that was hilarious!

  7. LOL silly girl, Morgan! At least you know that she's a great guard dog :)

  8. And wot Morgan duss be a prawblem why? I see absolutely nuttin rong with it. You go gurl.

  9. Guess you'll never need a security system with Morgan around!

  10. Oh Morgan...

    How did they manage without woo in their lives?

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  11. Holy Gwalk A Moley... someone put LILAC's scent in a scary squirter thingy??? Now why would they put her in something like that? How did they catch her scent in the furst place? Will Blueberry Scent be next???
    No wonder Morgan is sure you are under attack. Just wait until someone bottles up the BUNNY Flavor.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS... You just hit...
    300 FOLLOWERS... That is grrrrreat.

  13. WOW - 300 followers. I'm not surprised, the four of you are so fascinating! And always so full of personality... felt the breath of the beast... BOL!!


  14. That would be pretty scary, I'd think. At least they didn't put squirrel scent in it. That would have been grounds for attacking back!!

  15. Too funny! The things they decide to be afraid of.. Not sure what Brutus would do with that air freshener, but look out for anything with a powercord!! Maybe Morgan just doesn't like lilac...


  16. Poor Morgan! The things they have to put up with from us humans!


  17. BOL! Those air fresheners are crazy!

    Your pal, Pip

  18. Morgan my furiend, you have had a couple of "ruff" days. :(
    I hopes my mom doesn't see this cuz she will want one of dose things fur our house too. :)

    Howl-O-Ween Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS OoH yes Congrats on 300 followers!

  19. Morgan, you and me would get along just GREAT! I'm all about hitting the deck when ker-azy things like that try to attack my family, too. Getting low is the safest place to be, for sure. Hopefully, your family will take your advice to avoid the skeery lilac-breath monster.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  20. Nothing like rancid lilacs to mess with a guard dog's nose. Poor Morgan, just trying to do her job. =)

    Good luck with the trick-or-treaters this weekend!

  21. I'm sorry Morgan but that's so funny:)

  22. Ah Morgan, there's nothing to fear but fear itself - and the vacuum.I t might be best if none of our humans ever, ever get one of those robot vacuum cleaners.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  23. Who would have thunk that such a device was actually a Morgan torture device! I love your narrative of what Morgan is saying to you! Lots of chuckles.

    We had similar worries when one of our dogs was near the end of her life. Her "indignities" could actually occur while she was just lying there - the only warning would be that her tail would start making funny movements. Well, we had our guests at the house, with our old dog lying at our feet. I'll be darned but her tail started doing its "thing". Somehow, I still don't know how, Mr. KB caught the poop in a plastic bag and got rid of it, all without the guests noticing! It helped that I moved away from the scene of indignity and started telling an animated story so that their eyes would be on me.

    The things we do for love!

  24. I love hearing Morgan stories. She is just such a typical young female GSD. Warms my heart to know it wasnt because of how I raised my girls but that all of this is just normal for this wonderful breed

  25. Dear Morgan -

    Do not let those silly humans talk you out of your all important guard dog duties. Once, I had to fight off the brutal attack of a down filled ski jacket. Sure, the rest of The Herd and even the humans thought I was overplaying the threat, but I had to stand my ground. Well, sort of.

    - Qannik

  26. Erin's definitely on Morgans side and would probably react the same way. Thanks for visiting and Happy Halloween! Erin & Mom

  27. Isn't it funny the way some things will set off a dog's radar? That freshener sounds like a great investment aside from Morgan's wariness. We would have a hard time using one here because the Dadster is very sensitive to sweet smells like that - poor Mom can't even burn a scented candle when he is around.

    Happy Howloween.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  28. Poor little, Morgan! I know what you mean about clean. I know that I can't always smell our dog smell, but can count on my mom to notice it :-).

  29. Good to know you're protected against those dangerous air fresheners. Morgan, you're doing a fine job!

  30. Oh Morgan, u are a very brave girl!
    Hope those lilac scented ghosts will all dissipate soon!

    Have a happy, spookkkyy, treat-filled Halloween...dear friends,
    ginger n Buddy

  31. It takes so much work to keep you peoples protekted!! It's a hard job! Especially against lilacs....I don't even know what a lilac is, but it sounds like something to put the bitey on!!!

  32. Happy Halloween. Here from the bloghop. I follow you, If you don't already, please follow back

  33. Oh poor Morgan, she tells a very good story though!
    Keeping the house fresh with dogs is an ongoing obsession with our own human.
    What is wrong with dog smell!!!
    Martha and Bailey xx

  34. Morgan, I agree! Those invaders are the worst, you never know when they are going to sprinkle us with that girly flower scent! YOU GET IT GIRL!
    <3 Miss Kodee

  35. Love it-I have been thinking of trying those air freshners. Guess I might wait alittle bit longer.

  36. hee hees

    Happy Halloween too you all!!!!!

    'da Elgins

  37. pssst! miss morgan! i bet the bunny is hidin' in that air freshener thingie!!

    the booker man


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