Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween At The Nursing Home

Bunny here at the keyboard to share our visit to the nursing home last night.

Since it was just Morgan and me going this time, we decided to coordinate our costumes.  I went as Red Riding Hood and Morgan went as the wolf.  We had fun getting the costumes ready this week.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that we weren't the only dogs wearing costumes this year.  In the past, there haven't always been dogs willing to dress up and share in the festivities, but I am pleased to announce that we have been an inspiration.  All but three of the dogs had some sort of costume on.  The residents at the nursing home were so happy to see everybody. 
We didn't get any Milkbones this time, but we did get a lot of attention.  Everyone complimented me on my cuteness, and of course, they couldn't resist petting me.  That's the real reason I go to the nursing home.  It's great if you suffer from feelings of low self-esteem, because everybody fusses over how cute, soft, well-behaved and special you are. 
When Morgan and I weren't together, sometimes people weren't sure what our costumes were.  One of the nurses guessed that Morgan was a nursing home resident.  That cracked everybody up!  Even Morgan was amused. 

After a while, it got a little too warm in there, so Dad took Morgan's wig off and wore it himself.  Sadly, he won't let us post pictures of that.  It was pretty funny, though!  I was glad I had my Halloween collar on, because I did take off my cape after a while, too.  They keep it pretty darned warm there in the nursing home.

I am pretty sure that Morgan is glad that our costume wearing is over until next year.  When the trick or treaters come to the house, we'll all just wear Halloween collars and bandanas.  Mom has promised that next year there won't be anything that has to go on Morgan's head.  She's already very happy about that, and so is Dad.

So, that's my treat for the nursing home for this year.  Hopefully some people smiled and felt a little happier for a little while.  We'll be happy to see them again next month -- without our costumes!
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  1. A nursing home resident ! That deserves a prize.

  2. I have to say, Bunny, while your costume is wonderful, Morgan does look very fetching in her hat and wig. She looks quite humanish, lol! Good work girls. It's wonderful to make rest home residents smile.

  3. Love the costumes. How wonderful that the nursing home residents get a visit every month.

  4. LOL You make everyone laugh!
    I especially loved Morgan's big bad wolf costume because she actually looked like one!
    I bet you made the people in the nursing home really happy :)

  5. Morgan, what big eyes you have! ;) Seriously though, your costumes were great, and it's so nice that you visit the nursing home. I'm sure you made their day!

  6. The Grandma outfit takes the cake!


  7. I finks yu both looked sooper cool and I is sure all the residents lovved seein yu both verry muchly
    xx xx

  8. Such a good girl, Morgan! You and Bunny make a great pair.

  9. What cute costumes!! Mom used to work in a nursing home and yes they do usually keep it warm in there!!

    We bet the residents loved seeing you all dressed up :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  10. I'll have to agree. Morgan does not look like a happy Halloween costumer wearer!


  11. Well didn`t they look wonderful! I`m sure there were quite a few smiles among the residents.

  12. what a cute little story xxx

  13. That is great! What an awesome idea! How nice that you two can bring smiles to so many!

  14. Great costumes, especially when the two were together. I love the "nursing home" resident guess for Morgan. Grins!

    I also noticed that Bunny has a special Halloween Collar. Does that girl have a whole closet dedicated to her collars? I'm imagining them all lined up, hanging from hangers, in a well-ordered closet.

    What a wonderful post. Bringing smiles to faces is the best thing in the world.

  15. Love the costumes :). I can imagine the smiles you put on the faces of the nursing home residents. What a wonderful sight that must have been :)

  16. I'd be smiling too if you came to visit me!

  17. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Oh my golly! Okays, now dat is just da most pefect costumes! Dat is clevers I'll tells you what!
    Now, I am kinda disappointed in knows I am always after a good laugh of him.


  18. Well done both of you for spreading a little happiness.

    I am sooooooo jealous of your Halloween collar Bunny. It looks wonderful. I wonder if I can find one half as nice here in England?


  19. Oh what a WONDERFUL thing to do and such a super post about it!!! I LOVED both of your cawstumes. Perfect for the two of you!!!
    My nursing home doesn't have us dress up.. butt maybe next year I'll just do it any way.

  20. furry furry great costumes... and I love morgan's - a wolf in sheeps clothing... I would've herded her. what a great way to make the nursing home residents day.

  21. That was so fun to read :)

    Bunny, I am so envious of your beautiful collar! You are such a fashion Diva :)

    Emma Rose

  22. Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not me!

  23. Those are pretty cool costumes!!

    Nursing home visits are great! I don't go but Duncan does, he has a Halloween band-anna that he wears!

  24. What wonderful doggies you are!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  25. Morgan:

    Do woo know how much cheese THAT khostume was worth???????????

    PeeEssWoo: Woo looked pawesome...and better woo than me!

  26. Wow, it was nice of you to dress up for the people! How fun was that (for them, not for you)? You are really nice dogs!

  27. Awww, you two look great!! What a wonderful thing for you to do!! We know the residents enjoyed it!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  28. Excellent costumes. Cheoah says she enjoys her nursing home visits as well, though she passes on a costume.

  29. You and Morgan looked adorable and I think she nearly upstaged you in her cap and curls! You are such a good girl, Bunny, that I'm sure you enjoy making the residents happy as much as you like to bask in their praise.

  30. That is a really cool Halloween collar. And Morgan looks so cute in curls!


  31. Love the red riding hood theme! My mom's bro runs an assisted living facility, and the residents there would love you! We know you really lift their spirits when you go to visit, but dang, they do keep it warm in there! My grandmother's house is like a sauna. Whew.

  32. I love your costumes, and I think it's so very swell that you visit the nursin home. I'll bet that's the highlight of their monf!

    wif love from the Luke

    P.S. Fank you for your kind words and support!

  33. Great costumes, you two must have been a big hit. Love the nursing home guess too:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  34. Your dadda is a PAWty pooper if he won't let us see him in Morgan's wig! Momma laughed right out loud and skeered the cat when she saw Morgan in that wig and bonnet! Then - when someone thought she was a nursing home resident - well that was it - we thought she was gonna pee her pants!

  35. You two are the best!
    Kisses and hugs

  36. Love the costumes! I work in nursing homes, and I know you two will be the talk of the facility for days to come. Pet therapy visits are so meaningful to a lot of the residents. My residents often don't remember what day it is, but they remember how many days it's been since the pet therapy dogs visited. And, yes, it is warm in there!

  37. Love the joint costume. How does she keep that wig on?

  38. i think i worry about ending up in a nursing home that won't let therapy critters come in. i know that people will miss the independence of having a home where they can have pets, so therapy critters are also good as a salve for this issue.

    grandma has a lovely bushy tail.

  39. Your costumes are rocking!
    We think it's so nice that you went to visit the nursing home. you must have made them so happy :)

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  40. Lovely costumes!
    We are all laughing here!!

  41. I is sorry but I is so BOLing at your costooms! I did not recognize Morgan at furst. Wot a fine job she did of keeping that on her hed.


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