Friday, October 8, 2010

Starting Vacation

Bunny here at the keyboard sharing exciting news.

Wednesday morning came and I knew that something was up.  Mom had some of her stuff in a suitcase and some of my stuff in my suitcase.  My friend DJ and his mom had spent the night and they were loading up their stuff, too.  We got all ready, put our stuff in their car and got in.  Then we drove for a long time.

We saw some interesting stuff on the road, but we didn't make many stops.  It was just driving forever and ever.  I thought I'd never be able to stretch my legs out again.  Finally, in the early hours of the morning, they decided to stop and find a place for us to sleep.  The only problem was that the only hotels we kept seeing were Comfort Inns and they have this stupid rule that pets can't stay in their rooms.  We were getting pretty tired when we finally found a place that would let DJ and me sleep in the room, too.  I was all too glad to go potty, get our stuff out of the car, ride the elevator up to our room and crash on the bed with Mom.  It was a very nice bed! 

The next day, we got up and started on the final leg of our trip to Dewey Beach.  We got there in the afternoon, just in time for the Around the Hounds party.!  This is one of my favorite collar makers and the stuff they had was very fancy.  I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have many fancy collars that would fit me, but I had fun looking and I did get a new leash for hiking, a collar for Blueberry and a leather collar with sparkles on it for me. 

After that, we headed to a restaurant where there is outdoor seating to meet up with a bunch of online friends.  It was a lot of fun sniffing all the hounds.  However, the hounds in my tummy were howling and I had to beg for some french fries from a man at the next table.  It's sad the things we Greyhounds have to suffer at times.

My friend DJ was parched, so he got a drink.  Actually, he drank two and a half glasses full.  I had no idea that much water could even fit into a hound's tummy at once.

I'll try to share more of my adventures tomorrow and next week, as long as I'm not too tired to write about them.  One thing I can say about the trip is that I like the room service!  I can't wait to get a sniff of the ocean!
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  1. Woo pawed an inkhredible weekend to khome this way!

    I hope woo waved as woo 'passed'!


  2. soooo cute.... you're lucky that there are hotels that allow dogs, Bunny. No hotels in Australia allow dogs in the rooms. We would have to stay in our own tents in caravan parks.

  3. Thanks for sharing the tales and photos of your trip. It must be exciting! Love your pink water dish!

  4. Hi Bunny, you're having your private time with your mom and friends without Lilac and Morgan? I hope they're alright with this arrangement. How did you persuade them to stay behind or you actually promised them that you would bring them loads of treats and toys!!!

    Anyway, have a lovely weekend with DJ!!! Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  5. Bunny, So glad you are enjoying your hols so far.

    You'd be hard pushed to find anywhere that would let dogs stay here. There are some places, but not many.

  6. Bunny,

    Meeting online furiends in da furs is so fun AND you gets to sniff da ocean too! Lucky pup!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. Looks like you had a lovely time!
    We love your pink bowl, very stylish. :)

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  8. Have fun !!!
    We will live Dewey thru you Bunny - Maybe next year!!!

  9. I can't wait to see your adventures. I have to live vicariously through you !

  10. Oh, Bunny! The beach is so much fun!! Mom took me to Sandy Paws this year and we're going next year, too! Do you guys go to that one?

  11. Bunny Hunny you are having a grrrreat vacation. Butt I have a question. How did YOU get to go and Blueberry and Lilac and Morgan didn't?? Did you girrrls draw Milkbones or something?
    Is your dad gonna be OK watching the Homebound??? Will he be able to do thingys RIGHT.. without Your Leadership???
    I can't wait to see more about this super adventure.

  12. Bunny, I hate that about the hotels. I'll bet if you were a teeny tiny purse dog you could have stayed. GRRRRRRR!!! That makes me mad. People hatin' on the big dogs. Have fun with mom!

  13. Oh, Bunny, your trip sounds sooooo eggsiting! It is not my fave thing to stay in the motels - kinda weirds me out. But you gots to do wot you gots to do to has a good time. You is getting me all stoked now fur my trip to Shenandoah Furginia this month fur some hiking and leaf peeping. WOOF HOO! Can't wate to hear more about your vakashun.

  14. that sure is a lovely pict of you on the bed there Bunny! nobody likes hotels that are discriminate against woman's best friend, right?

  15. Wow! A road trip for mom and Bunny! I can't wait to hear more.

    BTW, if you were amazed by DJ's drinking, you should come watch R drink. He drinks *gallons* at a time when he's on a binge - I'm NOT kidding.

    You're going to love the sand on your toes and the smell of salt water, Bunny!

    And, I must say that you and your sisters have more collars than any dogs on Earth, as far as I know! I think it's a sign of how loved you are! Have fun!

  16. Love that pink room service bowl!! Hope you have a chance to check my blog today (didn't realize you were out of town!)

    Have fun! Your pal, Pip

  17. Awww, too cute.

    Have a great holiday, Bunny!

  18. Bunny-

    Looks like you are having a wonderful time!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  19. Yay, Bunny!! Looks like you're doing lots of neat stuff!

  20. What a great trip! I love that you can sleep AND dine with your people.

  21. Bunny, you are having such a wonderful weekend with Mom and friends. You look so beautiful in that last photo - regal in fact. Enjoy your special time away with Mom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. so fun that you guys got to hit the bars and restaurants. We mean hotels and restaurants..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  23. Oh Bunny...I love how your collar matches your bowl!! Perfect!!
    Hope you have a great vacation:)

  24. Bunny, you've been living large, girl. Way to go!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  25. We'll be looking out for more installments about your adventure - the hotel alone sounds like it was lovely for you, Bunny!

  26. You are going to have a blast at Dewey!

  27. miss bunny,
    i'm glad you finally made it to dewey beach! it sounds like it was the longest drive evarrr!!
    btw, i was full of the nervosity that DJ was gonna get his schnoz stuck in the cup! whew!

    the booker man

    pee s -- BOL! my verification word thingie is "hydrate"!


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