Monday, October 18, 2010

Treat Tales -- The Beginning

While I was on vacation, I travelled with a friend I've known online for a long time.  I knew her long before Bunny was in my life and while Treat was still here with us.  One day we were talking about the blog and I mentioned that I wasn't sure how I felt about not having the blog going while Treat was with us.  I don't know if I could have continued the blog after she passed away, but there were many, many funny stories that involved Miss Treat.  My friend mentioned how great she thought they were, so I thought about it some and decided that from time to time, I'd write some of the funny stories about Treat here on the blog.  Today, I'll tell the very first story that I know about Treat.

When Mr. Taleteller and I first got married, we lived in an apartment for a few years, since we were both right out of college and trying to get our start in life.  Those three years were the first time that either of us had lived without a dog.  We had two cats, a cockatiel and two fish tanks, but we couldn't have a dog there.  My husband got a new job in the small, rural county where I'd grown up and his job required us to live in the county.  After almost a year of searching, we finally found a cute little house that was perfect for us.  I knew, without even talking it over with Mr. Taleteller, that we'd have a dog soon.

Mr. Taleteller had always wanted a German Shepherd, but I didn't want a dog that would be like a bull in a china closet in our house, and I knew that any dog we got was going to be in the house with us.  I grew up with Border Collies and an Australian Shepherd at my dad's house and Shetland Sheepdogs at my mom's.  I didn't feel that it would be fair or safe to a Border Collie or an Australian Shepherd to have to live in the house, Mr. Taleteller did not like the constant barking the comes with Shelties.  One day in the beginning of December, we were in Petsmart and saw a Greyhound there promoting a local adoption group's fundraiser of pictures with Santa.  We were smitten!  It was the perfect compromise for us.

We talked about it all afternoon.  There was a book that we were supposed to read, Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Branigan, before adopting and we stopped to pick it up at the local bookstore.  At that time, we didn't have a computer at home, so we stopped by his office on our way home and looked up the adoption group online.  We filled out our adoption application online while we were there.  After pouring over the pictures of the adorable hounds in their kennel for almost an hour, we headed home.  We figured it would be weeks before we got a response since everybody must be waiting in line to adopt one of these magnificent dogs.

Imagine our surprise when we got a phone call the next evening.  We spoke to the adoption coordinator for quite a while and after it was over, she said to call the kennel and tell them we needed an appointment to come up and meet the Greyhounds.  That was a long week as we waited. 

We arrived at the kennel at dinner time, so we waited patiently while the volunteers finished getting them their food in the meeting room.  Soon, they brought in a large Greyhound who almost changed our minds about adopting one.  He nearly leapt through the window behind our heads and bounced off the walls like a ping pong ball.  Next was a dog who only wanted to go back and eat his dinner and had very little interest in us.  A shy fawn boy was next, and he did stand and lean against us for quite a while.  Finally, they brought in a little brindle female, the only female we'd met.  She leaned against us and took turns giving both of us a chance to pet her.  When they led her back to her kennel, she turned and gazed back at us.

The reading we'd done had given us the impression that male Greyhounds were better with young children, and since there were a lot of those in Mr. Taleteller's family, we thought that was what we wanted.  When we spoke to the adoption president on the phone again, she said she didn't recommend the fawn male we thought we wanted because he was so shy and we'd have to be leash walking the dog all winter.  She was afraid he'd slip his collar and get loose.  We were invited to come back up right after Christmas and decide which dog we wanted to bring home. 

There had been a wicked snowstorm the day before we were supposed to go up to meet our new dog.  We borrowed an SUV from my mom and stepdad to make sure we could get up there and set up a crate in the back to bring the dog home in.  I can't begin to express how excited we were and we still hadn't decided which dog we wanted to bring home.

We talked to the group president and a couple of volunteers and they kindly and patiently brought in the dogs that we were thinking about adopting for us to meet.  Soon, three of the dogs we'd met before and one foster dog were all loose in the storefront with us, milling around.  Three of the dogs were busy going around between the volunteers, but would come over to us when we called them.  That little female was on a mission, though.  She stood beside me, letting me pet her until she saw one of the boys go over to Mr. Taleteller.  She'd go and worm her way in between him and the other dog, then settle in contentedly for him to pet her.  Then she'd turn around and see me petting another dog and she'd have to come over and worm her way between me and that dog.  This went on for a good half hour or so.  Finally, we narrowed it down to her and one other male.  We took them out for a walk to see how they did on leash.  At last, we made our decision, the little female named Treat was our choice.

We chose a new winter coat for her, since it was so cold and snowy, as well as a collar and lead to bring her home with.  I finished filling out paperwork while Mr. Taleteller went out to take down the crate after we were told it wouldn't be necessary to bring her home in.  I looked up from writing the check and saw Treat standing in her new coat at the door, her nose pressed to the glass as she watched for Mr. Taleteller to come back for her.  So much for having one animal in the house who liked me the best!

Looking back, we definitely made the right choice, and one that certainly changed the course of our lives.  Treat was a perfect first Greyhound and she took us to places we never dreamed we'd go.  She also won our hearts and many others' over to the breed.

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  1. Sweet little Miss Treat! I remember her and how beautiful she was. I'm so sorry she had to leave.

  2. Treat knew what she was doing when she chose you and Mr Taleteller:-) It's good to remember the ones we love who left us and smile from the great memories. That's what they want to happen:-)

  3. so sweet! Barbie came and snuggled with me when we first met, her foster mum was shocked - apparently she had never gotten any Barbie snuggles!

  4. A wonderful story that you choose to share with us today about Missy Treat :) I am sure she was a wonderful friend to have.

  5. What a wonderful story and a beautiful gal. She chose you and Mr. Taleteller for sure. All of our furry friends are special in their own ways.


  6. What a good story. This is the best thing about these blogs - we get to hear these great stories!


  7. What a great story! We love hearing about those that are no longer with us. Please tell us more about Treat! But we love to hear about Bunny, Morgan, Blueberry and Lilac, too!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  8. Her was so beautifuls!!!!!!
    But, are you sures dat ya'll chose her or was it da other way around?
    Funny how one amazing dog can make you always go back to da same breed.


  9. What a sweet story to start the week with, thank you.

  10. Such a great story!! Thank you for sharing it with us :) Treat was a very beautiful girl!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  11. Ok.. I went back up and RE-read Your story. Butt I've gotta say.. I think you have it ALLLLLLL Wrong. You did NOT choose Treat... Treat chose YOU!!

  12. Ya Frankie Furter. She already had made up our minds for us. A running theme in most of the stories you will hear about Treat. Mr. Taleteller.

  13. What a wonderful story about Treat. I am glad you decided to tell her story, she seems like a special girl.

  14. I loved reading this, Mrs. I love hearing the ways people "discovered" how special greys really are. (And.. different. ;) )

  15. Silly hoomans. Frankie Furter is rite. We LET the hoomans think they has picked us when all along we had our claws in the hoomans. Not that they would effur admit that, tho. But wonnerful story and it made mom's eyes all leaky.

    And tell Mr. Taleteller that no, I has not been to the Village of Shawnee yet but mom MUST take me someday. I has so many places named after me wot I has not been to yet.

  16. Thanks for sharing the story of Treat to us. It's a lovely story. Treat's a sweet and beautiful girl.

    It doesn't matter who chose whom, what it does matter is two of you met one day and life became more meaningful and beautiful. We sometimes call it 'fate'.

  17. Awww thank you so much for sharing that story about Miss Treat. I am so glad to hear about her and I look forward to her stories in honor of her memory. She looked like a wonderful dog.

  18. I love the first photo - the lap of luxury. The last photo shows Treat's personality. What a cutie!

    Thanks for telling us the story. I think that each of us remembers our first dog and when we first met them. I loved hearing about how Treat chose you and Mr. Taleteller and was attached to you from the start.

    It was the beginning of a long and wonderful time, I'm sure!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing! Treat was really beautiful! :)
    Kodi x

  20. Treat was just beautiful. That first picture gave me chills!

    Your pal, Pip

  21. Yep, Treat picked you. She had those other doggies act all weird so she could have you to herself by making you think YOU picked her! We're just toooo smart for peoples!

    Wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. What a wunderful story today. Tank youz fur sharing it wif us. :) Treat was a beootiful pup!

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

  23. I have tears in my eyes as I remember the first day I met my Mary Lou. I suppose I will have to borrow my Paddy's blog to tell about that one. :)

  24. Thanks for sharing that story - Treat was clearly a beautiful girl xxx

  25. Wow, what a story! I firmly believe THEY choose YOU for whatever reason. I'm sorry that you only had her for a short time, but what a time that was, right?

  26. Sweet girl. Smart, too. Reminds me of the day we chose Sarge, our sweet old collie, out of three litters of puppies surrounded by bales of hay in a barn. The owners had 4 collies, and the three females whelped within days of each other. The smallest female kept pushing her head under my hand to be petted as she leaned against me. We were picking up puppy after puppy, but I was holding a beautiful little guy in my lap as I inspected the rest. I told the farmer that I wanted one of the puppies from the sweet girl that I was petting and he informed me that I had one in my lap. That was Sarge. For fourteen years he loved and was loved. I still miss him, but wouldn't trade one day with him for anything!

  27. Treat really was beautiful! To be honest we had never realised how beautiful greyhounds were until we saw Bunny!
    We are now smitten.
    We like the story of Treat chosing you at the rescue centre - she was a very smart girl.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  28. This was one of the best stories I ever heard! Oh, gosh, Treat sure was smart. She knew you were her peoples even before YOU knew it! (I was the same way.)

    I can't wait to hear more stories about her!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  29. What a fab story. Treat sure was set on taking you two into her heart. What a wonderful life she had with you.

  30. We LOVE it and we look forward to hearing more stories about Treat. It was fun to follow your adventure to find your dog, and in the end, we think she found you:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  31. Ahhhh!

    What a great tale to tell ;-)

    Yet another example of how we choose our humans!


  32. That sure takes me back. By the time we decided to adopt I was so in love that I brought home 2. Never looked back. :)

  33. What a PURRecious story! It sounds like that little lady had a new home in her sights and she wasn't going to rest until she got her way☺

  34. this story gave me the warm fuzzies all over! i loved hearing about how miss treat came to live with ya'll! like everybuddy else is sayin', it sure sounds like miss treat had ya'll picked out first. teehee. :)

    the booker man

  35. I am sure you have millions of good stories about Miss Treat!
    Thanks for sharing this one!
    Kisses and hugs

  36. I loved hearing this story; I'm always interested in how people became involved with their breeds. It's nice to see how you started your pack.

  37. Not sure if I have ever told you, but the reason for our website was that I was dealing with end of life issues with Nikita, my first Siberian, and I was trying to figure out how to best remember her. The early versions of that website and the first blog are gone, but a handful of the stories still remain in the "stories" section. She was larger than life and was certainly the beginning of an era (not to mention, the "mom" to Natasha who quickly followed in Nikita's diva ways). I love the idea of telling some of the old stories!

  38. What a wonderful story about Treat adopting you and Mr Taleteller! (cuz I can tell it was that way and not da other way around :-) )

    And what magnificent fotos of her!


  39. What a beauTeeful story~

    Thank you for sharing~ We can see how Treat filled your hearts with so much love, and you hers~

    much love,
    IzZY, Josie, Anakin Man and TriXie

  40. I so wish I had a blog back when Katie and Travis were young. I am so good about taking photos and videos now. Occasionally I have to do a memory lane post as well.

  41. What a special, special girl. She was a beauty. Thank you for sharing Treat's story!

  42. I'm just getting around to catching up on everyone's blog and this story just captivated me! What a wonderful story! Sounds like Treat wormed her way into your lives and won your hearts in a way that changed your lives! Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming story. :)


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