Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Christmas cards, you love them and you hate them.  Every year, you get them from other people and they're always so nice.  Am I the only one who always feels like the ones I've got aren't nearly as good as what everybody else sends?  We laugh every year when we get my stepmom's annual Christmas letter that tells all about what the rest of the family is doing, and then, if we're lucky, has one brief sentence about us, stating that we're doing the same boring thing as before.  Apparently, if we're not traveling all over like my sister, or having babies like my stepbrothers and their wives, we're boring.  In case you haven't guessed, no, she doesn't read the blog. 

This year we got a photo card from Zona and her family, and it really made me start thinking about how fun it would be to do that.  I've never done photo cards before, but the idea began to gain appeal.  Then I saw that Shutterfly is offering fifty free photo cards, and I thought to myself, it would be worth it to give it a try.  I mean, we certainly have a few good pictures around here that we could give it a shot with.

Last year, Mr. Taleteller surprised me with a really neat gift from them, a photo calendar with all pictures of our dogs, both past and present.   It wasn't something I'd expected at all, and I couldn't bring myself to write on it, but he did manage to include most of our important dates on there for me.  It's definitely one of the most unique things he's given me.

They also have some really neat photo books that you can create with your own photos.  Mr. Taleteller's sister had some done with the first baby pictures of his nephew for some family members and we really liked them.  I've actually been thinking about trying to make one up with some of our favorite pictures of the dogs.

Funny how the pictures we take aren't just for those old photo albums anymore! 

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  1. Great pikhs!

    Great khommentary too!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm safe here! Mom and I will channel these khard 'vibes' to our transports/etc!

  2. Those Christmas letters are the worst! My asst. thinks the people who write them just want to brag about their kids or their travels. The worst part though, according to her (I don't read them) is when the letter is written in 3rd person... she says if you're gonna write the darn thing you should at least take ownership of it. I'll tell her to get off her soap box now. Thanks for listening. Good pics btw!

  3. I confess, haven't done Christmas cards for years, haven't put a photo in a photo album since I went digital.

    But I love doing a blog. The digital age is fabulous, I never forget the day to day stories that keep me laughing and crying,

    A blog is kinda like a perpetual letter. :o)))

  4. hahah noone here writes christmas letters anymore...

    just christmas gossip around the BBQ! with at least 4 dogs running around...

  5. We love the red santa coats! Christmas letters...hmmm....some are great to read and some are, know. Good luck and please post a picture of the ones you get!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. Really nice pics of Bunny, Lilac and Blue in red :) does Morgan get to be in the red cape too? it would make a lovely christmas picture for keeps.

    In our country, we don't send so much physical cards anymore. We do get a lot of e-cards :)

  7. The girls look great.

    Is Morgan guarding the tree?

    Lovely pictures as always.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  8. You'll have a job deciding on which lovely photos to use.

    Love the bored look on Lilacs face:)

  9. These are just lovely pictures for Xmas cards and that sounds like a good offer -free!!!
    We got some half price but then at the checkout online they charged an upload price, VAT, pricy delivery.............!!!!
    We don't find you boring at all but we have many similar relatives who cannot understand the whole dog thing.
    YOu must let us all know what pics you finally decide on.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  10. Life with 3 dogs is NEVER borin'! We ain't into da Christmas letters eithers cuz mum can't remember what hers did yesterday much less 6 months ago...hehehe!
    We had some foto cards made too and guess what...they sucked.
    Okay anyways, we has done them foto books through Blurb and they turned out absolutely fantastic.
    And, I dunno why but these fotos is crackin' me up...hehehehehehe...very Christmas card worthy if you ask me.


  11. A tree and Christmas cards. Already ? Oh, to be organized !

  12. When everyone is talking about saving the trees and helping the world, I actually wonder whether I should send cards out or just do E-cards. So I'm still sitting here wondering what I should do and you're right, I haven't done anything yet! Oops!!

    The girls look so great in the pictures! Morgan looks upset though!

  13. Oh yes, the photo holiday cards are awesome. I love getting them. As for boring? As if! You are super exciting. Much more so than dumb baby stuff or traveling (well, unless the dogs go along too).


  14. We's love yous pho-toes and we much rather get a pho-toes from yous 'den a letter from one of our hooman aunt or uncle too. Mommy and Daddy are 'da only "children" in 'da family 'dat don't have "hoomans" GASP!! and would yous belief 'da some tink 'da us's don't qualify as kids?? 'da nerves!!
    Dogs are definitly little peeps!! duh..
    hee hee..
    Bunny.. yous Momma should start letter to evfuryone telling how yous all doing...

    Dear so and so...
    hee hees..

    Bunny's in tap and piano and Morgan is taking singing lessons...etc... snorts

    'da Josie is taking karate... hee hee

  15. Blogging surely has changed the amount of photos that Mom takes of us - and the things that we have to do.

    We love the picture of the hounds in their Christmas jackets.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  16. Great pictures!
    Our photo cards are on their way from Shutterfly!
    I can't wait to see yours:)

  17. Aren't digital cameras grand? I never get to see the film pix of my first dogs, Agatha and Christie (except for the framed photo on my bookshelf). But thanks to digital, I have pix of Shadow and Honey all over the place.

    And it's easy to fun things like Christmas cards, calendars, and blogs!

    Looks like the calendar was a great present for you!

  18. I think you should send that lady a grrrreat "family update letter"
    Morgan now does all her pees outside. Lilac Pooped twice yesterday. Bunny had to have her temp. taken by the VET. Morgan has left many piles of her furs that cling to our nose and eyelashes. Oh and Blueberry had her poops checked fur heartworms and there were none in there.
    PeeS... Morgan and Bunny have totally RID our neighborhood of SHIVER... Squirrels.
    Now THAT would be a Christmas letter to treasure. No Boring Babies or Tedious Trips. All Goood All the time. hehehe
    PeePeeS... MY Christmas cards are REALLY boring. Can you say... SNOWMEN ?

  19. You should do the photo Christmas cards. This is the first year that we haven't done them. I think I only have one friend who really likes them, but I don't care. LOL I figure people send me photos of their kids, so I'm doing the same thing. LOL

  20. I'd never thought of doing a photo card until the Shutterfly deal came up. Usually I just buy a box of one hundred cards at Wal-mart or something and call it good. I am still waiting for my Shutterfly cards to arrive and am pretty excited to see how they turned out.

  21. Where's Morgan's red outfit?????

    I love the photo calender idea. As for the books, I just made a "2010 wildlife photos" book for a few of my friends who are as crazy about nature as I am. It was super easy through Apple.

    Now, I'm going to try to make my husband a photo calender of our dogs... that's a great idea!

    We get the same funny attitude from our relatives. Because we have no kids, they assume that our lives are boring, boring, boring. And, they're not blog readers either :)

  22. So festive indeed. Morgan what happened did you eat your Santa Hat? We started photo dog christmas cards a few years ago. It just happens when there are no little kids around humans have to do something to keep the spirit alive. We look foward to seeing the final one. The HoundDogs

  23. I say you're lucky if you AREN'T included on that Christmas card of who's doing what. The whole christmas card letter thing just irritates me. (sorry.) Like who gave anyone authority to write about someone else? and isn't a christmas card supposed to be about the recipient not the sender and their interests? It's one thing to send a cute photo of your dogs (or family) and wish holiday cheer, it's another to delve into who is doing what. if they actually cared, they'd have been in touch. (MHO...)

    And I also say: who cares about traveling or babies when you are doing whatever it is that makes you happy? bah humbug on the notion of being boring.

    holiday and new years woos to you who are NOT Boring Peeps!

  24. Woof! Woof! LOVE LOVE your Holiday outfit. Next time if you need some photo cards done let us know (especially if you have lots of great photos). We are happy to create one for you. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  25. Those are grrreat shots!! Would you give us permission to post some for our Christmas Furiends project?

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  26. Well, if'n the stepmomster DID read your bloggie, then she would know how eggsiting your lives do be!

  27. I did some photo things for my daddy-o for Christmas too!

  28. Mom doesn't understand getting photos of peoples kids...she really wants to get us all together for a Christmas photo and send that out to peoples to show off HER kids!!:)

  29. Oh, I LOVE that first photo! I hope I get a card when you finally get them!!

  30. Yay! Look at all the pretty princesses in red! Alien is going to swoon!


  31. Photo cards are the best! Go for it!! The girls look so cute in their Christmas attire. =) I'd love to have them come by and howl a few carols!

  32. Hey there everyone!
    Those poses (and outfits) look really festive...even I am going 'Ho! Ho! Ho!' You have some amazing pics there!
    Happy Christmas...even if it is early!
    Sending lotsaluv

  33. The girls are looking lovely!
    And yes, they would make beautiful subjects for a photo card:)

    Ginger, buddy n shadow

  34. I have the same views of the letters, we are lucky to get a sentence in ourselves. Dont worry, most people are just jealous..:) have a great day

  35. We got cards from Shutterfly this year too & they are the best ones we ever had! I've gotten tons more cards than my people and they are thrilled with all of the pet cards strung all about the room. They really make my mom person smile!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  36. We used shudderfly for the first time this year. It is super easy and fast and makes the whole process much easier.

    Your pal, Pip

  37. BEAUTIFUL photos!
    You are already dressed for Christmas Eve!

  38. What a nice gift that calendar was! Very thoughtful!!


  39. Mom makes a calendar each year of pictures of us from the year before; it takes her AGES to sort through the pictures and then organize them, but she's always glad when she's done (and not just because she's done) - she loves looking through the calendars, and we keep all of them (she's been doing this for 6 years now) so she can reminisce over kids past and present! We love the Christmas photos!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  40. We can't imagine that you would have any difficulty making a fantastic photo card. We did one last year but opted for the e-cards this year so we could make a small donation to one of our local rescues this year. But we might do some photo cards again another time. The humans here don't do newsletters either but do manage to get a couple that are actually very enjoyable and creative.

    Mom says the photo books are awesome. OUr human sister surprised Mom with one of Dakota this year and it brought tears to Mom's eyes, happy ones as well as the sad ones. It is a wonderful way to remember.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  41. Very nice pics. I can really sympathize about the Christmas letters. On the other hand you have over 300 people that find your life interesting enough to tune in for your letters weekly, not just once a year!
    JP and Kassa

  42. Love the girls' outfits. Morgan needs one too. Christmas cards, I think about sending them every year and usually don't. :-(

  43. I meant to get here yesterday and found only your blog this morning (minimized - so sorry - had to rescue dogs from something they got into) - and love this topic of yesterday's! I just made a Shutterfly calendar of our family for my Mom - waiting for it to arrive - and have made several albums. It's fun and people seem to love them! And good observation about taking pix these days... not just for the old photo album!
    Sammie and Avalon

  44. You guys, or should I say girls, definitely do not have boring lives!! xo

  45. We've been doing our own cards since the pups were born, but how do I get ten active dogs to all sit still together for a picture. Some people can do it, but I don't have that magic touch.


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