Saturday, December 4, 2010

You Rang?

It sure seems like getting to bed at our house is becoming a big production lately.  Sometimes I wonder if there's a hidden camera in our bedroom.  We seem to be living some kind of sit com reality show.

Usually, at about 10:00, Mr. Taleteller takes the girls out for thier last powder room break of the night.  They all come back inside and get their bedtime treat.  We watch the news and maybe the beginning of the Tonight Show, then we start heading to bed.  If I'm lucky, my husband waits for me to get done using the bathroom before I head into the bedroom and crawl under the covers.  If not, I usually have to convince Morgan or Bunny to move over so I can get in bed. 

So, I get in bed and start reading.  Mr. Taleteller moves Lilac's favorite dog bed into the bedroom and fluffs it up in her spot.  Then he climbs into bed, and Morgan jumps up there, does a brief patrol to make sure we've both gotten into bed safely and then flops down near the foot of the bed.  Soon Bunny will appear, and she'll have to be escorted back up to the top of the bed by her personal bodyguard, Morgan.  She will stand and stare at us, then let out a little huff and begin pawing at the quilts.  I'll lift one edge of my quilt and she'll climb underneath it and lay down against me, curled up for the night.  After a bit of reading, I'll get tired, put the nook down and turn off the light.

I'll have a brief wrestling match with Bunny because when I turn over to turn off the light, she'll roll over into my spot or she'll be laying against me so hard that it's causing my back and leg to go numb.  Being the wonderful husband that he is, Mr. Taleteller will then get involved and move Bunny over, even though she has managed to increase her weight to five hundred pounds simply by closing her eyes.  She will let out a yelp or a small Greyhound Scream of Death, Morgan will be alerted and come to be sure we aren't doing something to her Bunny.  After that problem is solved, we both curl up comfortably and start to drift off.

This is Lilac's cue to begin barking.  I am not talking about normal barking here, either.  When she gets started, it's like a ten thousand decibal seal barking in the bedroom.

Mr Taleteller:  Oh no!

Me:  (whispering)  Be quiet!  If she hears you, she'll just get worse!

Mr. Taleteller:  You're kidding, right?  She's deaf!  She can't hear anything!

Me:  She can hear the rattle of the treat jar!

Mr. Taleteller:  I've been scammed!

Me:  Of course you have!

Lilac:  Dammit!  Get up and fetch me something, you do nothings!

So, one of us gets up to see what the old lady wants.  After that mystery is solved, we begin to drift off to sleep again.  Soon, we're awake again. 

Morgan:  I don't want to disturb you, but I think you forgot to pet me good night.

Me:  I did pet you!  Don't step on Bunny!

Morgan:  Oh, is she under there?  Bunny, are you okay?


Morgan:  I'll just be going to sleep now!

Thank goodness Blueberry goes to sleep and stays wherever she started out.  If only they could all take lessons from her.  Is it possible that we're living in a sit com and nobody told us?

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Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. I think I heard ALL of THAT here!

    Of khourse, my silence khan be bought with some SNOW!


  2. So do you two ever really get any sleep?? :)

  3. HA HA! Ahhh the good old days, oh wait...that is happening to you now. I should be more sympathetic! But it isn't me...for once, sorry. ;)
    But there is so much love. :)

  4. Life is full of drama and life is good!
    Bunny knows so well that with Morgan around, everything is well taken care of, Lilac the drama queen will keep on reminding you she's there and sweet Blueberry thinks enough sleep is the key of keeping her youth!

    I can see it's a happy family sitcom!!!

  5. Love the photos of your fur babies all snuggled up.

    Had gto smile at your 'bedroom antics' :)

  6. Sounds like bed time at our house!

  7. Well, we just hope you have an imperial size bed! Clearly, a king size would not come close to being big enough. Jed is wondering how the romantic side of your marriage can possibly survive. Abby is telling him to mind his own business. Mama is deeply sympathetic, as she's experienced Abby's skill at completely filling half the bed with her 70 lbs. so there is NO PLACE for mama's legs at all.

    Jed & Abby

  8. Hi Y'all!

    Since my blog is so sad today, I started hoppin' around to see what everyone else was doin'.

    What great fun y'all have in y'alls house at night!

    Sorry about that Humans, but we dogs are all here to look after you. Appreciate it!

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. Bwaaaa haaaa haaaa!

    And that's why our rule is no dogs on the bed (well, usually) until morning cuddle time!

    Mattresses come in Queen size, King size, and California King. I guess you'll need Hound sized next.

    Have fun at the blog hop!

  10. Wow, bedtime is a huge ordeal at your house. LOL The only problem we have from time to time is if Scout steals Jack's bed and then Jack gets man and starts fluffy Scout's bed and throws it around the room.

  11. Found you on the Pet blog hop and I am your newest follower and would love a follow back!

  12. Wate a minit! Here all three of us go to our spots and is asleep afore mom even gets into bed. Has we been doing this rong all these years? We mite has to rethink this. Your way sounds much more fun. I mean, mom is sitting here laffing so she must like it.

  13. In our house, the smallest one of us is the one who closes her eyes and gains hundreds of pounds. Hehe..

    Such a sweet pack you have all snuggled up for bed!


  14. Laughing and laughing here! It actually sounds somewhat familiar except that we have only two dogs. I can only imagine the four dog show! BTW, the Runner does not help move K when she does the "Bunny" move and rolls into my spot when I turn off my light. Where do they teach our dogs these tricks? It's funny that Bunny's and K's tricks are identical!

  15. You know it's bad when you are considering buying another human bed for your dogs. So yes, we can relate. :)

  16. This is so funny! Sounds very much like our house except Pip is much smaller and we have two cats on the bed, too. Pip can't jump up on the bed by himself. He starts off on the bed, but usually jumps down for a drink of water about 2:00 and then comes back and barks until we lift him back on the bed.

    Kristin (Pip's mom)

  17. Oh, we know about bed-hogs. Sage thinks her legs should be at their fullest length, which is quite a bit, and somehow manages to take over half of our queen size bed. Fortunately, Toby sleeps on his bed beside ours....

  18. Don't you feel like there's a hidden camera somewhere? And I'd watch your sitcom ;)

  19. Hee hee! You puppers are so lucky to be allowed to peeps sleep. Besides a few moments in the am, when we're permitted on the bed to say our vigorous good mornings to Momma and Poppa, we are relegated to our own beddie byes. But yes... more like a Soap heheh!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  20. We have often tried to figure out if there is a bed bigger than a king size (and only two dogs actually sleep there - the rest just visit like Morgan).

  21. Man, I have to wonder if you two get any sleep at all!


    Seriously, though, I think Tales and Tailes could go a long way as a TV show! :D

    I'll be looking forward to your next episode- I mean, blog entry!

  23. You girls have such pretty eyes!! Can't wait to hear more!!


  24. Whew! It sounds exhausting trying to go to bed in your house! Mom says she understands about dogs suddenly gaining hundreds of pounds when their eyes close. I have no idea what she's talking about.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  25. What items in the auction do y'all like?
    Wesa so curious'ums!
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  26. hee hees!! Very cute pho-toes and story!!
    like 'dat yous call it powder room breaks...
    very dainty~~

    Happy saturdays...

  27. hehehehe toooooo funny. You should CERTAINLY start a sit com. It would be ever so much better than any on the TV now. BUTT.. I think you will need Just One more Dawg... Named... John Boy.. Of Course. hehehehehehehehe

  28. Very familiar. And wouldn't they take up so much less room without those long legs!!

  29. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi ... and thanks for stopping by our blog and for sending Billy well wishes. :)

    We'll stop by soon again... Wishing you a great weekend!

    Stinkin' kisses all the way from Sweden.

  30. Ahh....don't use just love their antics? We have quite the nightly routine too.

  31. Hi! I wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog. Yes, I am always too hard on myself, my husband tells me all the time. Sometimes when I get down and out, it gets to me. Thank you for the reminder and letting me know I am not alone. I appreciate your kind words.

  32. So that's what happens when the pups get to sleep in the bed? We have never experienced that. Mom says the problem here is having to get Ciara to settle down at bedtime and not decide to haul out all her toys and test the squeaker in each:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  33. Hey hey wait a minute!
    Woos get to sleep IN the bed! I gotta show mom this post.

  34. LOL, your bedtime routine sounds way to familiar. Our guys must take turns sleeping on the bed, somehow they know it and they each pick a night.

    Don't know how many times I wake up kinked because the 500 lb greyhound as moved me into a much more comfortable position for themselves. :o)))

  35. You need to contact NBC or something, I think your sitcom/reality show will get way higher ratings than stooopid Bachelor etc!!!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade

  36. You girls look so cute and snuggly :)

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  37. BOL yep! It's a reality-show sitcom!

  38. Well, the truth is, you didn't hear Blueberry because I snuck her out for a ride in my spaceship. It was difficult getting past Morgan. She thinks I'm a green doggie treat.


  39. LOL. Who knows? I'd do a thorough search, just in case.

    This story makes me very grateful I live in a one dog household. The cat is bad enough at night!

  40. That sounds a lot like my bedtime routine, minus the screaming :)

  41. This all sounds very familiar to me, but please to remind me what channel??? I need to DVR and play in on loop! Just sayin.

    wif love from the Luke

  42. Hey humans! Get with the program! It is what it is, you know. Doggies, well, we are kind of like baseball players. Gotta do everything exactly the same every night because you never know which part of the ritual actually scared the boogums away.


  43. We agree with Mango. Routine is very impawtent. I give mom the ol' three scratch to let me under the covers. Coco gets a very stern growl if she tries to mooch my spot in the crook of mom's knees. Now coco has take to the spot in between dad's body pillow and him. Come morning, we have our heads on the pillows snoring loudly right beside mom and dad. Sometimes Coco likes to dig in mom's hair and it doesn't go over well. Anyhoo, we love your sitcom!!!! Our pawrents lives would be so boring without us.


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