Friday, December 31, 2010

Things That Go Crash In The Night

Sometimes being right isn't as great as you'd like it to be.  I know, it sounds surprising, but I'm betting many  of you out there with spouses, significant others or who have shared your life with another person at one time can relate.  It all happened Wednesday night. 

Turn out at our house is an orchestrated event.  We have a turn out pen and the Greyhounds have always been used to taking care of business in there.  However, when Morgan came home, Mr. Taleteller was reluctant to train her to use the pen.  Okay, the truth is, he couldn't bear to just put her in there and make her deal with having to go in there, so his girl gets walked out in the yard to do her business.  It's a bit safer anyway, because I fear that she has a good chance of knocking Lilac down in there in her, ahem, youthful exhuberance.  I have put her in the pen on occasion, but she seems clueless about getting down to business in there and prefers to spend the time barking at Sammy, the neighbor dog, or anybody who might be walking down the street. 

So, turn out involves taking the hounds out to the pen.  During that time, Morgan is in her crate, howling like a banshee because they are going out somewhere without her.  Then, Morgan goes out on a leash in the yard by the pen and takes care of her business.  She's brought back inside and  then the Greyhounds are fetched out of the pen and brought back in the house.  

It all sounds very simple, doesn't it?  Of course, there's a complication.  You knew there was going to be one.  Morgan is not happy anytime any of us leaves the house without her.  She runs to the kitchen windows in the corner and leaps up to see what's going on outside.  I told Mr. Taleteller that she's going to break that window one day.  He poo pooed me, acting like I had bats in the belfry and that his girl does not have any sort of deficiency in her perfect behavior.  No matter how sweetly I have mentioned that I thought this was an issue, I was ignored.  If I'm in the living room or kitchen, I can curb her behavior.  I tell her "off" or rattled the dreaded shake can, or if she just can't control herself at all, I send her to her crate.  Once the cycle of barking is stopped or the departing party has returned, all is okay in her world and we return to normal. 

Well, darned if I wasn't right.  Wednesday night we arrived home and I was in the bathroom taking out my contacts when I heard a loud crash just after my husband had brought her back inside.  I rushed out to find out what she or Mr. Taleteller had broken.  It could have been either of them at that point.  I yelled out and got no reply from hubby.  The next thing I knew, he was a blur.  Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen him move so fast.  Come to think of it, when I passed out after the bike ride debacle a couple of years ago, I am reasonably sure that he didn't even move so fast then.  He flew into the house to see if Morgan was okay.  That's when I saw it, from the kitchen doorway -- the glass hanging askew and partly missing from the kitchen window. 

Morgan was checked briefly and then put in the crate.  Mr. Taleteller started picking up glass, but then realized the girls were still outside and went to bring them in.  We blockaded that corner and set their food out to keep them out of the way.  We set to work cleaning up the glass carefully and then got Morgan back out of her crate and gave her a very thorough check.  She didn't have any injuries, cuts or glass in her fur.  Mr. Taleteller and I both managed to get the glass cleaned up without injury as well.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that the cost of being right is a twenty dollar piece of glass and a small fragment of your spouse's pride.  Seeing your husband happy with his dream girl is priceless, though.  All's well that ends well.  Funny that Mr. Taleteller took her wherever he went on Thursday -- probably out of fear that I'd throttle her.  It was tempting, but not worth seeing the end of a boy and his dog so happy together.  I believe window avoidance training has already commenced.

Maybe my New Year's resolution should be not to gloat...  Nah!

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  1. Thank goodness Morgan was allright! Maybe that will scare her away from being a crazy girl at the window! Poor thing, looks like she is waiting for someone to bail her out.

  2. Oh no! Glad that the only thing broken was the window. Poor Morgan. :(

  3. I guess this proves she so is a daddy's girrrrrl!


  4. LOL, the momma is always right.

    So glad to hear Morgan is fine and even happier it wasn't a greyhound with crazy thin skin breaking through the glass. You would have spent the rest of your evening in the e-vet.

    Go ahead gloat, you earned it.

  5. Broken glass and canine companions. A real nightmare. So glad it ended with a smile !

  6. Oh man...I fear this a lot. I have a huge plate glass window, and no amount of anything stops them from getting right into it. I'm sure glad no one was hurt!

    I think your magic word with your husband, though, will be "window"!

  7. EEK! Sounds bad!!!!
    I'm glad to hear that Morgan is ok. Sometimes husbands need to lose a little of their pride :)LOL

  8. But, but, Morgan looks so innocent sitting in jail.... In her defense, howefur, childruns break lots more stuff than dogs could ever dream of. You should has seen wot all the boy breaked growing up. Yikes! OK, I woz not around back then but mom still talks about it to this day. OK, and she duss still menshun the 12 remotes I eated, the three pairs of $300 eyeglasses...

  9. So glad that all is ok. Maybe, just maybe, all of the excitement will have Morgan back away from the window. Ok, maybe more crate time during turn-out.

  10. Window fixation training has been starting. I am sure that I moved just as fast when Mrs. Taleteller passed out. Though, I'm in much better shape this year then last. And there was lots of pizza around and I had to decide, DW or pizza that could of slowed me down. I do like pizza. LOL,

    Thanks, Griffin and Dale. Great talking to you.

    Mr. Taleteller

  11. I am glad tha Morgan is ok!

    But..oh the taste of victory is so sweet!!!
    You have the right to gloat the rest of the year:)

  12. Good grief! What a Tale!!! We are so glad that NO ONE got hurt!!! Mommy says that you can secretly gloat for a while cause that's what she does when she is right.....which is always! :)

  13. Morgan a poop pawtee crasher! Wowzer- I am glad all's okay except for mr taleteller's pride. sigh. If momma is off her routine and going somewhere- I jump at the door. She ends up doing a quick turn outside to get me off that fixation and then she gives me a frozen yogurt cup as she quietly slips out. It means goodies!!!
    happy noryear!

  14. I kinda knew about this.. I saw a comment you left fur somebuddy. Sooooo glad no one was cut. I'm sure it was a Squirrel that was hiding in your house and broke through the window. Morgan is just being "Framed". hehehe
    Hummmm do I see Longaberger Baskets??? They are made very close to where I live. There USED to be MANY people in my little town that worked fur Longaberger. Not so many now..

  15. More than anything, I'm glad that Morgan is OK! Oh my - that could have been a terrible terrible accident.

    Learning not to gloat about your "rightness" is hard, isn't it??? All married people learn this one someday!

    Happy New Year! I'm so happy that Mr. Taleteller has his best friend dog, Morgan, and that she's happy and healthy!

  16. I'm catching up on several days of reading- as always, greyt stories.

    I can relate on the multiple family holiday juggling. We have three families to juggle, in three different states!

    Chuckling over the gloating about being right - at least I've learned by now that I don't even need to say anything (and it's better that I don't) - the Mr. will remind himself for me that I was right :)

    Have a terrific New Year's Eve & all the best for the coming year!

  17. Wow what a scary situation. Glad Morgan and you both are ok. It's funny seeing my husband with the kids. It's really cute and pathetic at times. hehe

  18. Wow! That could have ended really badly. We are glad everyone is okay.


  19. I am glad everyone is OK. I think maybe a little gloating is OK, just this once. BOL!

    Your pal, Pip

  20. So glad Morgan is ok and the other girls.

    Hope she has learnt her lesson and keeps away from the windows now.

  21. So glad morgan survived the ordeal without a scratch. From emmy another GSD.

  22. What a blessing that Morgan is OK! I hope that she can be curbed of this behavior.

    From our house to your, we wish you an amazing 2011!

    Oskar & Pam

  23. We have tempered glass in our living room window because it shatters into a zillion little pieces and doesn't leave those big jagged parts. Not that any rottweiler at our house has been territorial and jumped on the window while guarding against someone walking by on their leash...We also have shutters on those windows. And a table in front of them. Just sayin'

    Glad everyone's alright. Happy 2011!!

    PS - silent gloating is the best, I think; because you both know you're right!!

  24. Wow, lucky, lucky!

    Glad everyone is ok.

    Hope you all have a great (and uneventful) New Year!

  25. That is purrty scary. Glad you are ok
    Happee New Years Eve!!
    Benny & Lily

  26. So glad everyone is okay! Happy New Year!

  27. Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...hang on, I ain't done...bwhahahahahahahahahahaha! Okays, I done momentarily laughing at Mr. TT.
    Seriously, dat was hilarious! My mum has these wonderful visions of being right sometimes. I'm just glad nobuddy got hurt, dat would haves been awful. Good thing da girls was outside or it could have been total chaos.
    Mum says there nuttin sweeter than watchin' a man withs their dog (they pretend to be macho but it's different when you put a dog with 'em.)

    Nows, I will go back to laughin...bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


  28. Oh yea, tells Mr. TT dat I ain't laughin' at him...hehehehe.

    Must add a nrew more lyin'


  29. So glad it was only a broken window - could have been so much worse. This might be a tough one to take some pleasure in being right, but. . . .

    Happy New Year.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and the Momster

  30. Happy New Year!!
    We wish you a joyful life
    full of healthy, happiness and pleasure :)

    Hugs Love Anya

    Kareltje =^.^=

    Betsie =(^.^)=

  31. Glad Morgan wasn't hurt in the window adventure and that neither you nor Mr. Taleteller was injured during cleanup. I hope the New Year brings a bit of calm to Morgan and to your household! Happy New Year!

  32. Yikes! I am so sorry about the window. At least no one was hurt but that still sucks!

    Please gloat, I totally would and I refuse to feel bad about that. I hope he at least admitted to your superior intellect in such matters.

    I hope Morgan grows a bit calmer as she does a bit older. One day you'll laugh about it. After all, it has already made a great story!

  33. Morgan, we are so glad you were not hurt. We use to have a wire bar or something on a low window we had with Tabby. She tried to exit one 4th of July. Your house would look pretty silly with a bunch of wire bars on the windows though. Happy New Year.

  34. Whewww, so glad there were no injuries! There's a great dane in our neighborhood who attacks the window, too, and I was also thinking that one day, he will break through the glass and come charging toward us. I always look for a safe spot to run each time we pass that house!
    Nothing beats a boy and his dog, lol.

    Happy New Year!
    Minnie and Mack

  35. Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! I am ever so glad that Morgan is okay. And mom says that someday you'll laugh about this. Someday.

    Happy New Year! I hope that 2011 brings you health, happiness and lots of CHEESE!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  36. Oh, wow, that would be a terrifying moment! I'm glad to hear that Morgan's okay.

  37. Really glad Morgan is ok, but how I howled! *sigh* yes my two do that at the window too, but under 20lbs they aren't doing much damage lol

  38. I came here to wish you and yours the best of luck in this year of the rabbit... Happy New Year!!!;)

    God Bless!!!;)


  39. Oh man! I can totally relate to that. So many things come to mind. One is when the Mr. decided to put in a gravel driveway. "Oh no!" says I. "That will be a royal pain in the winter." All I got was scoffing. Ish, silly woman, you do not understand manly constructions things. As if!

    Yup, that winter, we could not use the snow blower at all due to the gravel going into it and shoveling by hand resulted in sore backs and lots of gravel damaging the lawn.

    Of course, he does not remember that I had warned him about said gravel driveway and feels it was his own discovery.

    Glad that Morgan and the gals are OK, but don't count on the lesson sticking. In fact I have a similar problem. Told the Mr. ALWAYS open the windows from the top only in the summertime. Does he listen? NO! And luckily so far no doggies have gone out the window, but Dex has come alarmingly close and most of the screens have been knocked out at some point.

    Mango Momma

  40. Mom is ALWAYS's a scientific fact! Glad Morgan is okay though...sometimes us big dog's don't realize our own weight/strength...then big OOOPS like this happen!


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