Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Letters to Santa -- Morgan

I mentioned yesterday that I'd found the girls' letters to Santa and thought I'd share them.  I suspect that Bunny added a few notes here and there as she took most of the dictation.  I guess I should just be glad that she's not teaching everyone to type.

Dear Santa,

It's me Morgan.  I hope you remember me.  I lived in a different place last year, and now I have a new home.  I promise that I have been very good in both places.  I've tried my best, anyway.  My new family needs a lot of protecting, and I am the Shepherd for the job.  I promise not to bite you, especially after Bunny and I had a little chat about how you bring presents and treats.  Since I don't want her to be disappointed, I promised to let you in.

As for things I want, well, I'd like some things that help make my job as family protector a bit easier.  I need some personal body alarms to keep on Mom and Dad at all times, and batteries that will keep them running safely.  If you could send some that lock on around their ankles and can't be removed for any reason, that would be helpful, too!  I also need a bubble wrap suit for Bunny.  She runs so fast at the dog park that I can't keep up with her, and it would help keep other dogs from jumping on her in those few seconds that I can't catch up to her.  I try to keep those other dogs at bay, but you know, they just don't respect the fact that Bunny is royalty and other dogs can't just be jumping around on her.  I need a Wolf Pack for Blueberry so she can go hiking with us next Spring and I can keep an eye on her and not lose her on the trails.  Also, I carry the GPS in my pack on our hikes, but I am thinking I might sneak it  into Blue's pack when she's not looking and then I could keep track of her if I need to.  As far as Lilac goes, please, please, get her a new fan in case the other one dies and that Potty Patch.  I hold my breath every time she goes down those back steps.  Hmmm...  On second thought, you better send me two bubble wrap suits.

I'd like to assure you that I have been a good girl all year, even though things didn't work out at my last home.  I've tried my very best!  Just between you and me, I already got my best present back in June when I found my new home.  It's the perfect place for me and I love my new job protecting and loving all of them!  Thank you, Santa!  You knew just what I needed.


P.S.  Santa, Morgan really wants some toys, a few chewy things and some dog treats from the bakery!  She won't say that, but I know she wants some.  Oh, and just between you and me, she needs a red Tummy Warmer.  It's not for all the time, but if we go out on some Winter adventures, well, she needs to stay warm out there on the trails!


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  1. Morgan, You are such an doll who provides great protection for your family. Santa should be good to you!

  2. 'I've tried my very best '. How could anyone argue with that ?

  3. hahahhaha.. tat's a very sweet letter to Santa Morgan :) You sure am a very good protective and your family is most lucky to have you to look after them.

    Bunny is right.. you sure need lotta nom noms.. and toys.. and and a warmer perhaps?

  4. Ahh. yet another sweet letter to Santa!! I do LOVE reading your letters.
    Morgan is so sweet to be thinking of her sisters too when asking Santa for pressies! I hope she gets what she wants! AND LOTS AND LOTS OF TREATS!

  5. Morgan you must be the best doggy sister in the whole wide world. You've looked out for everyone all year and I'm sure that Santa will have something in his sack for you.


  6. I agrees withs Winnie...Morgan definately has been good furs da simple fact dat her looks afters everybuddy else...always thinking bouts their safety more than her own. Well done Morgan! You should be proud of yourself fur upholding da standards of da Grey Sheperd (dat is a breed ain't it?)


  7. Morgan, I know Santa will deliver your wishes, as you have been a good girl and you put your family first. Song

  8. Morgan, you deserve a great Christmas. Looking after everyone must be exhausting. I know I don't like it one bit when our pack is separated when we're out in the world, but you have so many of them to watch. I hope you get everything on your list and also on your Pee Ess list that Bunny probably wrote, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  9. Awe Morgan! Everyone needs a day off now and then! even you! geesh!

  10. I have a suspicion Santa will bring everything you hounds ask for and more! =)

  11. That is a very reasonable and suitable list of items. I hope you get your wishes (especially the Bunny bubble wrap).


  12. Bubble wrap suits!! BOL!! I am not sure Bunny and Lilac will like those very much.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Your such a good dog Morgan. I have some bubble wrap I can send you.

  14. Awwwww!!!!
    That is the sweetest/cutest..
    Santa Man letter we's even read Morgan.. Plus it was funny too!!
    'dat was adorable...
    we hopes Santa Man brings it all too you..
    Our Momma needs bubble wraps.. hers so clumsy..
    her chatting on phone and got out of car and fell in 'da snow on her face..
    (Daddy Man) after him found out hers okay.. den let out snort.. him asked what 'da big thud was..
    hers not sure..
    Maybe hers hit her head??? snorts


  15. Such a wonderful letter. May all your Christmas wishes come true!

  16. I love your list Morgan. You didn't even think of yourself - just keeping your pack safe. Perhaps you could get body alarms for everyone! Every time someone moved, it would shriek, telling you that you needed to wake up and protect, protect, protect. You're an amazing girl. K is wondering if you could come protect her from some mean dogs that we see sometimes. Could you fly out every now and then? Or, perhaps you could get a flying laundry basket!

    My goodness, your parents have lots and lots of Christmas celebrations to attend. Your mom needs lots of cuddling from Bunny to keep her sane - and you, Morgan, can protect them while they cuddle. It's a nice secret!

  17. Morgan, we agree, we think you had Christmas in June! "I've tried my very best" should be everyone's goal.

  18. Wow, Morgan! Those are some great things you asked for from Santa. Gosh, your family must feel so lucky to have you around to protect them all the time. What did they ever do without you?

    Oh, and if Santa brings the bubble suits, can you puh-leeze take a picture of the girls in them? Thanks!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. Dear Morgan,
    You are a sweet darling girl and I'm sure that Santa will bring you some nice presents. They may not be exactly what you've asked for but they will show that you are loved and appreciated.

  20. OMD, Bunny, shepherd don't do tummy warmers! EEK! That would so destroy the image we strive fur. Or, mebbe you is asking Santa fur one fur Morgan so you can "borrow" it...

  21. Wow, that's an awesome list of stuff! I really like the idea of the ankle tracking devices...I wonder if they make little kitty sizes too?

    Mom says if Morgan needs a vacation she can come to Alabama! Hee hee!

  22. Morgan, I love that picture of you! I hope Santa brings you tons of cool stuff and everything you've asked for for your family!

  23. Morgan you are totally correct... YOU got your Christmas pressie.. back in JUNE!! I love that you are thinkin of your sisters. That shows that you are HAPPY where you are. Butt I do think that Santa Paws will be leaving you something ... prolly wrapped in 87 miles of bubble wrap.

  24. Morgan what an unselfish girl you are!! You got a most wonderful gift and I know just being YOU is your family's best gift of all! I know Santa will be very, very good to you!

  25. Morgan I am sure you will get all you want. I am so happy that you love your new family. As your old family we only wanted the best for you. We love you and miss you everyday. I knew I chose the right family for you because you have doggie sisters and a mom and dad that have time to take you hiking. Never forget how loved you were here. Especially by me. :o) Hope Santa is good to you this year. Love you and miss you!

  26. Aww, Morgan. You are so sweet asking Santa for things to help you protect your family. They are very lucky that you got to come live with them too. I'm sure Santa will be taking great care of you. And, if he happens to bring you the bubble wrap suits could you try to find out where he got them? Our vet says Zephyr needs one too. :-)

  27. Oh Morgan, you are such a good protector! I'm sure Santa will bring you what you ask for!

  28. What a great watch dog you are Morgan.. We could use a guardian like that; your family is very lucky to have you there.

  29. we're keeping our paws crossed that you get all that you asked for from Santa so you can keep your family well protected. Merry Christmas all!

    Abby, Gidget, Rosie and Lola

  30. That is a very thoughtful list...I'm sure Santa will comply.
    Wyatt and Stanzie

  31. What would Lilac do without her fan! LOL! I'll see if Alien has any special protective suits. :)


  32. You guys wrote some nice letters. Morgan we are sure Sandy Paws will find you in your new home. Toys and treats for every buddy!
    Benny & Lily

  33. Aww, Morgan, always looking out for the safety of her family. One day she'll learn to relax a little more. Sometimes it is okay to take a day off. It's a good thing Bunny is looking out for her!

  34. How evFUR khould Santa Paws deny woo?


  35. Oh you are all so sweet - what a great idea to share your Santa wishlists. We won't be around for a while but we hope you all have a wonderful time this holiday season - we are so very happy that we have become furiends.

    Happy Holidays.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  36. Ah such a cute letter to Santa. Morgan, you will receive lots of gifts... for sure. :)

    Yes, Billy has had surgery on both elbows that's why he keeps going to therapy. He was diagnosed with OC (= Osteochondros) in both front legs. :(

    Stinkin' kisses from James & Billy in Sweden

  37. We love your letter!
    Great list of things!
    We hope you get all you want and more!
    And don't worry, Santa will find you!
    It does not matter, that now you live in another house.

    Jack, Kaiser and Farrusquinho

  38. Ohh Morgan dat be a sooper letter to da Santy Paws he be sure to brings everyfing yu wantsfer everyone. Yu is as fortful as Miss Blueberry was in her letter. I has to go comment on her posty again cos da blogger ated da one me dids leave.
    Me hopes da santy Paws brings yu lots of lovely giftys too sweet girl
    xx xx

  39. You totally captured her personality through this one.

  40. What a beautiful letter. Santa will love reading it! :)

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  41. Best of luck with that wish list Morgan.

    I'm guessing Santa recognizes your superior watchdog abilities and will do his best to get you everything you want.

  42. Love everything about this! Good luck, Morgan... I hear Santa is pretty cool guy.


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