Friday, December 3, 2010

Opinions, Please!

Bunny here at the keyboard, asking your opinions today.

We've been planning some changes for our blog that will hopefully be happening soon.  We'll talk more about it when we get all set with it, but for now, we're asking our friends to help us with a decision.  Mom had a bit of a mental block when she started our blog about what the title should be.  Since she didn't want to get hung up on what it should be, she just went with the idea of Tales and Tails, but in the back of her mind, she was thinking that it would probably get changed, but never got around to it.

So, we've been thinking and thinking about what we'd like to change the title of the blog to.  I voted for Bunny Tales, but Mom said there's more than one hound around here, and I might not always be able to help her with the blog.  Phooey!  So, the two top ideas are "Tales of the Hounds" and "Hound Tales."  We're setting up a poll in the sidebar that we'd like everyone to vote in.  If you think we should keep the title the same, please feel free to mention that, too.  The poll will be open until Sunday evening.  Also, if you think you have a better title than the ones in the poll, please say what you think in the comments section!  The poll is located at the top of our sidebar.

I'd also like to remind everyone to visit Blueberry's auction.  We're amazed everyday by all the cool stuff that people have put up there for auction.  You can also order the book she modeled for, Lacey Blue And Friends as gifts for your dog loving friends and use this coupon code WCEJR5E4 there will be two dollars donated to Blueberry's surgery.
Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. I vote keep it the same!

    Trust your furst instinkht with things is our motto!


  2. I like your exisiting blog name, but I have voted on the other two options.

    Had to smile at the photo of Bunny and Blueberry using their lappys:)

  3. I vote that you keep the same title... because the meaning is very deep :)

  4. Oh help. Should I give momma more coffee so that she can find the pole or is it missing?

    I think you looked stunning in your photo shoot. Isn't it wonderful to have your face on little cards you can share with your pals?

    Can't wait for the new blog reveal.


  5. We like your existing title.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  6. Ruh-roo, I'm not sure the poll is working :(

  7. I like your current title. I'm like everybuddy else.. I can't see the votey poll thingy.

  8. I'm thinking of "other." A great name would be: Da***it Morgan- Get your head of the keyboard.

    Why, you ask? Well, unlike the Bunny, I type my own words! By going to Mrs. Taletellers computer, and putting my furry head right on the keyboard the readers get first pup writing. Those greyhounds sit and tell Mrs. T. what to say. It's tragic.

    I would also vote for: Don't be jealous I've got more fur on my rear, GSD's just do or even Mr. Taleteller Rules.

    Opps, Mrs Taleteller is coming got to go. Hey, that could be another blog title.

    Morgan and Mr. Taleteller

  9. Well, this is hard. They're all perfectly good choices. I think the title you've got is pretty good, actually, plus everybuddy already knows it. Now if it was Morgan's blog, I'd like Herding Hounds, but as it's not, what you've got seems to cover everyone. I think if I wanted to name a blog for just the hounds, though, something like, "Hounded!" might be fun. Oh, I don't know...I'm going to have to think about this and come back to vote.

    lotsa indecisive licks, Lola

  10. I like Tales and Tails as it is a very cool name but I don't mind you have a new name as 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet'.

    Like others, I can't find the poll either!!!

  11. We like and voted for your current title :)

    Love the pics of the girls with their laptops!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  12. I voted fur keeping it the same coz we do all be getting to be old geezers ofur here wot no longer deal well with change. We mite not rememmer who you is if'n you change. 'Sides, we like your name like it is.

  13. I like your current title, but my second choice would be for Hound Tales.

    And I just told Santa I want a pink labtop for Christmas,,just like Morgan:)

  14. Hello! We are kitties, but we love woofies. You are all such beautiful woofies. We like your title! We have Blueberry's Auction on our blog and it is on the Cat Blogosphere!!!

  15. I've always loved the name of your blog. It's clever and meaningful! I vote to keep it!

    And, that looks mysteriously like Morgan at the keyboard today!

  16. I like it just the way it is

  17. I LOVE your current title, but I also understand wanting to shake things up a little. I am thinking of changing my title, too. Between the two choices, I like Hound Tales.

    Your pal, Pip

  18. The hounds here all gave a big thumbs to keeping what you've got. Tales and Tails fits perfectly.

  19. I like the title now! :o)

  20. We like your current title - but all of your suggestions are GREYT too!

  21. Heehee! Morgan's comment was TOOO funny! Mr. Taleteller Rules is a nice name for a bloggie but I voted to keep it the same. I just luv the name. You could also change it around a bit to be "Tales of the Tails."

    Wiggles & Wags,

  22. Heeeeheeeee........I loved your fotos so much that I had troubles concentrating on da potential blog names!!!

    Miss Blueberry IM-ing is toooooooo funny!


  23. We agree - we like the name as it is now.
    Voting to keep it.
    Great pics...

  24. Hi Hounds,
    We love your name as it is. It is very clever and it sticks in the mind well!! My second choice is
    Hound Tails. I voted to keep what is established.
    We will except what ever you decide tho!!
    We are good followers!!
    xxooxx, Bambi & Fern

  25. I voted to keep it the same. I love the name already!!

  26. I vote to keep it the same. It sums up the dogs with tales being more than one and the tails you go on.

  27. What a tough decision! I like your current title, but I also like Hound Tales and the suggested 'Hounded' one too. Hmmmm...

  28. I like the current name but here is food for thought...
    Quit Hounding Me! or " I am always being Hounded " Hounds on the blog
    Hounds about Town!
    Attention Hounds!
    What town do you live in? as in ... Hickamore Hounds or The Hounds of Hickamore.
    I think I could do this forever, hehe

  29. Ok - we voted Tales and Tails - we just really like the name and think it is creative. But I did go one step further - Google.

    In Google, Tales and Tails first site on my list - you (in fairness, Google learns from what you go to, so it may be first because I go there). Tales of the Hounds had no direct matches, which means you should get to the top of Google quickly with that (so that is my second choice). Hound Tales actually results in a "g" , so I put that as last choice.

    By the way, The Thundering Herd was never really thought out and I wish I had done something different. My mom used to joke there comes The Thundering Herd when she heard them coming (the old Herd), so the name just stayed. But, most people think of Marshall University first.

  30. We love the current title, in fact we even thought of using a variation of it when we started our blog. Very clever and meaningful.

    Now do tell us how we can get our own laptops like you have?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  31. I actually really like the current title, and I think you should keep it the same :)


  32. We already voted!
    And yes, the current title is mega cool!
    The photo of you two on the sofa is fantastic!

  33. I voted and it looks like a whollllle bunch of people agree with me!

  34. We say the same too; I think so many people already know you, it would be good to keep.

  35. I voted to keep it the same, but I also love 'Bunny Tails'! That makes me smile!

    wif love from the Luke

  36. I voted too!
    And I can see almost all of us like Tales and Tails!
    Kisses and hugs

  37. I'm heading back over to the auction site to make sure my bid is still in the lead!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  38. Looks like it's going to stay as it is! It's a good name and the others are too common...just leave it!

  39. First of all - LOVE the photo of Bunny behind the keyboard! Priceless!

    And second, I like the name as is so no need to change in my opinion. I got hung up on a name for my business forever and it turned out to be the least of my worries! Names are catchy if the content is and yours is, so keep it!

  40. I vote for a laptop for every greyhound, which already seems to be the case in your home.


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