Friday, December 24, 2010

Letters to Santa -- Bunny

I know that Bunny is a little hound with big dreams, but I really had no idea how big her dreams had gotten.  Here's her letter, the last of the ones for Santa.  I wonder if he'll send a reply.
Dear Santa,

Bunny here, writing you a letter with a few thoughts I've had.

I know most hounds and humans write you letters with things that they want, and I do have a list that I'll get to in a little bit.  First, though, I have an idea that I think merits your attention.  I hope you'll consider my suggestions.

You see, I've noticed that you fly around the world being pulled by eight reindeer.  There is no way that a reindeer is as fast as a Greyhound.  If you had Greyhounds to pull your sleigh, you'd get done a lot faster, and then we could all go back to the North Pole and take a long winter's nap.  We could wear festive coats with lights flashing on them and even boots so that no one would hear us when we land on the roofs of the houses we visit.  Nobody would be woken up by the pawing and prancing of each little hoof, because we'd all curl up quietly and rest while you were down in the houses distributing the toys.  We also eat a lot less than reindeer, so we'd be more cost efficient.  I think you'd also have to agree that we're a lot sweeter and nicer than reindeer, too.  I mean, which one would you rather curl up with by the fire after all the Christmas work is over?  I think you have to agree that we're much more suited to the job.  Blueberry and I are willing to do the job, and I'm sure that we can find six more friends who are willing to help out!  Just let us know if you're interested.

As for my list, I mostly hope that each of my sisters and Mom and Dad get what they want.  They've been good all year -- well, except for Lilac, but she's old and she needs some breaks.  Don't hold those things she does against her, please.  I'd like a couple of new Tummy Warmers, some dog bakery treats, some pink sparkly things, and a winning lottery ticket.  That way I could hire Mom as my personal assistant and she could stay home with me all day.  I think that would be the best present ever!


P.S.  Don't worry about Morgan biting you when you get here.  We talked and I've got it all worked out.  As long as she gets to sniff you first, it's all good!

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  1. I'm sure Santa will take your suggestions under advisement!


  2. Beautiful, festive collar you're sporting today Miss Bunny!

    You know, I think you and Blueberry and your friends would be great for leading Santa's sleigh. You might send him a P.S., mentioning your great sight advantage - I'll bet that would clinch the deal for you. =)

  3. Merry Christmas!! What a greyt idea Bunny!! It all makes so much sense - he will have to agree!!

  4. Bunny, you are a genuis! I can't believe Santa didn't think of his himself ... it's a perfect plan! Merry Christmas!

  5. Yet another sweet letter to Santa!!
    I think greyhounds would be better than reindeer too!! And they'd be such great cuddlers for after Santa does his rounds!!
    I hope you get the presents you want :)
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Great suggestion Bunny!
    If there is some way you could get Morgan's nose to glow, she could replace Rudolph -- leading the way and protecting Santa, the gifts and, of course, the greyhound team!

    Have a cool Yule!

  7. Little hounds should have big dreams.

  8. I've often thought that greyhounds would be better at pulling than reindeer. Would love to take Barbie down to the sled-dog people and hook her up to something to pull and see how fast she'd go... ;)

  9. You'd have my vote, Bunny!

    (But what are these Tummy Warmers you girls seem to desirous of?)

  10. I laughed out loud at the postscript!!


  11. what a cute letter :). we hope all your wishes come true :). merry christmas!

  12. Oh Bunny I thinks you is on to sumptin...I thinks greyhounds would definitely be more suited furs da job than reindeer. Greyhounds are alot cleaner too!
    And one can nevers have enuff sparkly things and bling!

    pees:just in case Santa doesn't come to my house...can you request more beer fur me? Thank you!

  13. Bunny, I hope Santa brings you all your wishes.

  14. I'm going to dream about greyhounds on my roof tonight... sweet dreams, Bunny.

  15. I'm sorry, Bunny. You forgot one thing in your plan.

    If Santa has to carry soft dog beds for all the hounds to rest on while he's making deliveries, there wouldn't be room for all the toys!

    Other than that, I think it's a great idea! And it might make a great idea for next year's Christmas picture (hint, hint).

    Hope you all have a great holiday!

  16. Merry Christmas Bunny to you and your entire family. We hope all your dreams come true!

    Jack & Scout

  17. dear Bunny, what a great suggestion! with greyhounds leading the way, SantaPaws may not need his GPS and you will definitely Not miss us
    .....i'm dreaming of you tonight

    coco and tiffy wishing you and your hoomans a wonderful Christmas and here's to more pressie~!

  18. I will be listening for the dainty tread of eight tiny greyhounds.


  19. Go big or go home, right Bunny? I think it would be wonderful if Santa were to change it up a little. Eight tiny greyhounds would be adorable!

    Merry Christmas!

  20. But Bunny, did you consider that you mite has to wear those silly antlerz on your heads and you know how us dogs HATE wearing antlerz on our heads! Just something to consider when Santa gets back to you fur negoshiashuns.

  21. I dunno, Bunny. Pulling Santa's sleigh sounds like a whole lotta work. I mean, not that you wouldn't do a Most Excellent job bug, well, have you SEEN the size of Santa? (Um, please don't tell him I said that.) Wouldn't you rather just curl up on the couch in front of the fire and have your pressies delivered to you?

    I hopes you all have the most merriest and magical Christmas that ever was!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  22. LOL! Yep. Greyhounds are way faster than reindeer! And much nicer too.

    And Yay! Please join in the contest. If you need me to add the link, just let me know. I'll add your name to the poll too. :)


  23. What a great idea, Bunny! I love the idea of greyhounds pulling the sled. Maybe Lilac could ride in it with Santa?

    A winning lottery ticket - now that's a great wish! I hope that it comes true so you get your favorite personal assistant!

  24. Bunny, I think you may be on to something. And besides, we know reindeer can get in some trouble sometimes (too many martinis). I for one would feel much better have you lead the pack!

    Hope all your wishes come true! We received your lovely card yesterday! Thanks!

    Your pal, Pip

  25. What an awesome idea, Bunny!!! I can't believe da Santa hasn't thought of that already!!!

    Now, I am assuming you will volunteer fur da Rudolph position????

    Merry Christmas to you ALL!!
    MinnaK and family

    (PeeS.......I hope you get LOTS of pink bling in your stocking!!!)

  26. What a great letter Bunny.

    I LOVE the idea of Grey-ndeer. If you saw the pic of me in my Christmas antlers you can guess that I'd be up for helping you and Blueberry too.

    Hope you and your sisters and your mum and dad have just the best day ever ever ever tomorrow.

    Looking forward to hearing what Santa brings.

    Love and licks Winnie xxx

  27. Oh Bunny... Furst I find out from Minna K that you are running a BUNNY BUS service.. now you want to pull Santa Paws' sleigh. You must have the travel bug.
    I hope that you get all of your wishes.

    Merry Christmas to everyone in your home.

  28. May you have more love, peace and light in this time of the year my friend.


    P.S. I have left something for you. Please click here.

    GOD Bless!^^


  29. Bunny, you are so smart! My boys are in. And just think of all the extra yummy snacks you would get because you'd be burning so many calories.

  30. I do hope Santa brings you what you wish for.
    Have a Great Christmas
    Catch up with you soon
    George and Jan xxx

  31. You are a big thinker! I hope you get all you want!

    Merry Xmas and wags!

    Mr. Nubbin'

  32. I understand that Sandy Paws LOVES peanut butter cookies and he shares! :-D

    Here's hoping S.P. will take you up on your offer. We'll be waiting up for ROO!!!

    Larry & Eagle

  33. Yous are on to sometings Bunny~
    We's love yous letter!! Too cutes and we's hope Santa Man is very good to you and your sissy's and pawrents too~

    We's got yous beauTeefuls card in 'da mails yesterdays!! Tank yous!!

    You all have a Merry Christmassy's~

    Much loves,
    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  34. Bunny, you rock!
    Nobody else would have these ideas.
    I think Santa will consider your advice ...
    We wish you and your family the best!
    Merry Christmas!

    P.S: By the way, I know I'm not a Greyhound, but I run really fast and not get tired easily.
    If you need a Doberman to protect the sled, you can count on me.



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