Monday, November 1, 2010

Return To Starved Rock

Bunny here at the keyboard to share our Saturday hike.

Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and headed back to Starved Rock State Park.  This time, we went to a different part of the park to see the spectacular canyons on the other side from where we were before.  There weren't as many people there as we saw before, but still quite a few.  Wouldn't you know it, there was a wedding there again, too!  Dad laughed about that, because we can't remember the last weekend we went out and didn't see a wedding.  I can't say that I blamed whoever was tying the knot of matrimony, though, because it sure is a beautiful place.

We went to the canyons this time because they are harder to hike.  This was all part of Mom and Dad's nefarious plot against Morgan.  You see, in our village, the trick or treat hours were set for Saturday night and Mom and Dad put a lot of faith in the saying that "a tired Shepherd is a good Shepherd."  So, the plan was to give us a good work out so that Morgan wouldn't make some little kid pee their pants on our front porch. 

Finally, we saw a rock!  We've been looking for a good one for a couple of weeks now, just to give it a try.  We can't top K and R or The Thundering Herd, but we did give it our best shot in Saint Louis Canyon.

Saint Louis Canyon is an interesting place.  Many years ago, when Grandpa was a little boy, there was a shocking murder committed in the canyon in March of 1960.  Three women from a Chicago suburb were found killed and a young man, Chester Weger, was convicted of the crimes. 

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the case from the time it was committed up until the present day.  Anyroo, one of mom's relatives was one of the jurors, so she's heard many tales about it as she grew up.  It's hard to believe something so awful could have happened in such a beautiful place.  There are rumors that the canyon is haunted, but we didn't see any signs of any ghosts while we were there, fortunately.

I will tell you all one thing.  We definitely came back from that hike feeling tired.  It was definitely worth it to see the beautiful canyons, though! 

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  1. What a great day!!!

    Thanks fur sharing your hike AND the history as well!


  2. Bunny and Morgan are regular mountain goats!

  3. Fabby photos of Bunny, Morgan and the park.

    Hope Morgan was tired out and the Trick or Treaters all left with dry pants:)

  4. What a fantastic hike and a great name! We loved 'Starved Rock'!
    What a spooky history - sounds like just the right walk of Halloween eve.
    Those pics of you two on the rocks are awesome.
    Just beautiful!
    We also work on the principle that a tired dog is a good dog!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  5. Well, I'm not sure that Morgan would ever be tired enough not to do her job. She does have to protect all of you, right? But it was fun to have a big adventure.


  6. A haunted canyon is a pawfect place to visit on Halloween weekend! How did Morgan do? Franklin makes the most horrible noises when the doorbell rings. He barks and barks and when he's not allowed to actually go to the door it sounds like he's snarling viciously. Actually, there's nothing there to back that up, but the sound effects are quite something.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  7. We love Starved Rock, but didn't know about the mystery! Maybe a future X-Paws (still have your other idea on the list). BUT PLEASE, be careful on those ledges!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Boy those dogs could give my goats a real challenge in rock climbing! Lovely pictures!

  9. Great pictures of Bunny and Morgan!

    But I have to ask, did Morgan make any trick or treater pee their pants?

  10. You went 'dere again!! Oh... next time we go wit and we ride in yous back pack!!

    Like Pip, we didn't know about the mystery either... SpOoky..

    beautEeful day for a hike..


  11. Those do be some pawsome pikshures of you and Morgan on those rawks! The trick or treaters woz all done by the time we gotted home yesterday at 5 pm. They has to go out in the daytimes around here and that is so unhowloweenish.

  12. Love the grand canyonesque photos.

    You're teasing us ! Was Chester guilty or were there those who had their doubts ?

  13. Beautiful, beautiful canyons. We need to do more hiking, I think. It's been a long time since we took Shiva out of the suburbs. There is nothing like a long walk surrounded by nature.

  14. I love the photos of the dogs standing triumphantly on the boulders!!!!! You may have us all beat - none of our dogs have scaled boulders with packs on!

    Isn't it amazing how each of our worlds has little gems to visit and explore? It looks as if you visited a gorgeous one.

    I'll be interested to hear whether Morgan made any kids "pee their pants"!

    BTW, yes, my husband caught it in a plastic bag before it touched the ground. Quite a feat!

  15. Loved the Pee thingy. One year a little boy stopped on mom's sidewalk and just stood still. Then he came to mom and took his candy and said,"I just pooped my pants."... My mom STILL laughs about that one.
    That is an awful thingy to have happend in such a lovely place.
    Beautiful walkie you took.

  16. Fabulous canyon pictures of you and Morgan, !
    The place did sound haunted after knowing about the history but luckily you all didn't see anything special : )

    Hope Morgan was what your dad wanted, "a tired Shepherd is a good Shepherd."

  17. Woof! Woof! WOW! What a great hike. View of the rock is awesome. Hope those doggie backpacks are not heavy. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. The ghosts probably don't come out until dark.

  19. You guys are like Jason and Grant on Ghosthunters...just much better looking! :)

  20. Beau-rooooo-tiful pic of you and Morgan on the big rock!

  21. That picture of you two on the rock reminds me of a picture I saw of a german shepherd on a rock with a sunset behind him. On the picture it said "This is so going on my Facebook". Those are stately, gorgeous pictures of you two!!

  22. Cool Story!

    Morgan is looking great and Bunny looks so happy in her pack

  23. You two have the best adventures. What a wonderful place for a hike.

    The story about the murder was shocking but I'm glad you didn't find any evidence of haunting.

    Lovely pictures xx

  24. What beautiful pictures!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  25. Great hike, and such wonderful photos and stories to share. We think you both did an outstanding job on those rocks. K and R and the Herd will be very proud of you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  26. You gots my mum all in a tizzy overs them rock fotos withs Bunny and Morgan...her thinks they is just da grandest evers! Okay, I do too!
    A murder, I not goin' theres no time sirre bob!


  27. I agree with KB - those are spectacular pictures on the boulders. We have some more to share soon.

  28. That looks like a fun place to hike! You find the most interesting places.

    Have you ever visited Elephant Rock State Park in Missouri?

  29. Bogart's so jealous of all the cool places you guys hike.

  30. What a beootiful place to go fur a hike. I wants to come and visit you so I can go wif you next time! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  31. I just LOVED da foto of you and Morgan on da rocks!

    I have to admit, I was a bit concerned bout Morgan with her head in da tree, though.


  32. You guys are always going on the best walks. I've never even been there, let alone taken the dogs, so it's great to experience it through your photos.

  33. What a beautiful area. You guys are lucky to get to hike. Cool backpacks.
    Benny & Lily

  34. You two looked gorgeous in those pictures!
    Sure it was a great walkie.
    Starved Rock?? Not so sure about the name but sure about the beauty of the place!
    Kisses and hugs

  35. Morgan, we are thinking that making little kids pee their pants is not a good thing but making the dadda's of the little kids pee their pants would be a furry funny thing☺

  36. Honey bunny and morgan
    I think your hike was outstanding and the boulder stance! Tres magnificent! What a super cool hike. I'm glad Blue got to go the next time around.
    PS- why was there a young ladee standing behind woos in the boulder shot? Just kidding. Murder mysteries and ghost stories fascinate my mom

  37. Love your photos. You all have so much nature to explore there. Enjoy!

  38. Oh, man, we wanna go hiking there! And Rin Tin Tin's got nothing on you two :)

    The Road Dogs


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