Friday, January 22, 2010

The Fun Police

Around our house, I don't think it's that different from most other homes with dogs.  The girls have a touch of cabin fever.  It's too miserable and treacherous to do anything outside besides quick potty breaks, so occasionally, playtime breaks out inside.  I imagine last night's scenario as a conversation between the girls that went something like this.

Blueberry:  Hey, Bunny, I may be eight, but I can still beat you!

Bunny:  Pshaw!  You could never beat me!

Blueberry:  Afraid to put your milkbones where your mouth is?

Bunny:  If I win, you have to stand back and let me get all the petting I want from Mom for a week!

Blueberry:  You can name any bet you want, since I'm going to win!

Bunny:  You're on!

Lilac:  Dammit!  I'm trying to sleep!  Knock it off!

Bunny:  Okay!  Ha ha!  I got the bed while you were busy barking because I'm the fastest!

The funny part is that they both think that they won! 

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. What beautiful dogs you have. We are proud to have them as honorary members of 'The Fun Police' force.

    We also hope the weather improves so they can get outside and run soon.

    The Fun Police

  2. Yup, that`s cabin fever alright! I`ve witnessed that myself with a beagle being chased by a kitten.=)

  3. They are so cute running in the house. I can just imagine all the scratches in my hardwood floors if they did that at my house. Yikes! Sometimes I do wish we had a little more carpet.

  4. Tooo cute. I kept thinking you would come out from behind the chair... wearing Red Capes with big "S's" on them. Well you WERE flying around the room anyway. I'm just sayin'.

  5. It is a regular occurrence in our very small house that Hippie brings one of her stuffed toys for me to throw into the kitchen whereupon she races at speed to fetch it back - I then have to throw another before she puts the first one down - over and over again - it last about ten minutes before she's ready for a nap!!!

  6. Woof! Woof! Happy FUN Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Hahahaha! You tell 'em Lilac!!!!

    Do you girls ever knock stuff over?? You're all so TALL and lanky (like supermodels!) and have those LOOOONG waggy tails!!!!

    Happy Friday!


  8. That's adorable. I don't think I've ever seen a greyhound with play-bowing-lets-go-have-some-fun zoomies before. Usually people just take still pictures cause they're so darn gorgeous as it is!

  9. Hi, you guys, my name is Wall-E. I write letters to my boy who lives in Minnesota. Now Gramma has shown me that I can write comments on other dog blogs! I am very excited to do this. I know what you mean about cabin fever. I am the youngest dog here in Gramma's house and my dog buddies like to sleep a lot. They growl at me sometimes!

  10. What a fun game!! Sorry that Lilac was not in the mood for zoomies....Hope the sun gets warm for you soon!


  11. It is true. We've got two winners aka a tie. Blueberry really got Bunny out of breath. Good job, my 8 year old friend. I have a request: kindly stop putting crazy ideas in Frankie's mind that she's getting her own blog. BOL as if

  12. Chuckling - every house has the fun police. Queen Natasha the Evil for us - unless of course, she is playing the instigator.

  13. I can see you had a pawesome time running around!
    Have a good night
    Kisses and hugs

  14. cool zoomies
    we gots to learn those
    the houston pittie pack

  15. Inside zoomies! That is most exciting. You are a blur.


  16. Wonderful video. It brought BIG smiles to all of us :)

    Emma Rose

  17. Funny, labs play by wrestling and not by chasing. Bunny looks ready to leap out of her fur she's running so fast.

    I'm glad that everyone thought that they won!!


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