Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow? Yeah, We Got Some Of That!

Bunny here, typing away while Mom is getting ready for work tomorrow keep myself busy.

Thursday night we were supposed to go to the nursing home.  The only problem with that was that we got another seven inches of snow Wednesday night.  Doesn't whoever is in charge of the weather know that I have an adoring public to get to?   I was pretty disappointed as I have an acute case of cabin fever.  I haven't been able to go anywhere with Mom or Dad since before Christmas.

Anyroo, I am tired of snow!  Well, not the snow so much.  I have found that snow makes for excellent digging.  Why Lilac and Bluberry don't enjoy this, I have no idea.  The thing none of us like is that it's so cold out there.  I was shivering after just a few seconds outside.  How am I ever going to whip Mom into shape if we can't get outside to take our walks?

The snow is already up to my belly!  The only traffic on our street since Wednesday night seems to be snow plows and snowmobiles.  I'm thinking I need a snowmobile of my own.  I could stay out of the shivery cold stuff with one of those.  I wonder where I could get one.

I am hoping for some warmer weather soon!  Winter can't last forever.  Can it?

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  1. Yippieeeee......
    Snow and so many :-)
    I can see almost on your belly ..... LOL
    Enjoy and have fun


    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Yuh, my momma has been a big slacker on walks too. Even when we go out, it is not with the vigor that I have grown to require. Sigh.


  3. Here's wishing for an early spring! Keep warm :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  4. Bunny-

    I know how you feel. This snow stuff is nasty and makes my feet cold when I step in it. Then when I come in, it makes my feet wet! Yuk! I guess we`ll just have to play with our humans indoors until spring.


  5. Oh yes Bunny Hunny, I feel your pain. I have snow and cold, butt my snow isn't THAT deep. YIKES

  6. Oh Bunny....I'm so sorry that you have to endure this SNOW crap like I do!

    Your pink schmata is VERRRRY fetching and looks very warm!

    I am fascinated with your LOOOOONG nose, I was comparing our face profiles and we are SO different (I look like I smushed into a doorwall!)

    Stay warm girl!


  7. Oh, Bunny, my little Emmy says to thank your lucky stars that you have long legs! She got stuck in the snow this morning and couldn't hop out. A rescue took place!

  8. Wow, 7 inches more? We didn't get that much total yet and what's there now doesn't look anywhere near as pretty as your snow (then again city snow never stays pretty very long!). But it is sure cold here, too. I'm hoping for the promised warm up later this week -- above freezing, they said. Stay warm Bunny! I sure hope you get to go out -- cabin fever can be tough!

  9. Goodness! That is definitely a lot of snow! But so sorry it's been so frigidly cccccold. Hope Punxatawny Phil doesn't see his shadow hehehee! (Did I get it right???)
    Hugs xo

  10. Miss Kiska gripes at the belly level snow because it clings to her wooly fur.

  11. Cabin fever, huh? See, I understand you. I get you. I can totally relate. It's the Sibes that confuse me. I'm going to send you some sunny thoughts, see if they do anything to speed up the snow melting.

  12. If the snow there is up to your belly... I'd be buried under it!
    Never seen snow... but it looks soooo cold!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. We're happy to put it in boxes and mail it to anyone who wants some!

  14. are a brave puppy to go out in that snow and cold Bunny!!!


  15. We got just enough that if I tried to get pics of the dogs in the snow you'd just see the tips of their ears.
    I think Bunny would like a Jeep! :)

  16. I can tell you that Mr. TaleTail would like a jeep! :-)

  17. Hang in there Bunny, I think spring is right around the corner!!

  18. I just love your coat Bunny!!! We have had a lot of the white stuff too - Hippie looks like Bambi on ice when she's out - so its inside 'Teddy Tossing' for exercise!
    Ever seen a greyhound chase a stuffed toy through a very small bungalow at 45 miles per hour? its amazing!!!!


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