Monday, January 4, 2010

You Can Feel It...She's Electric!

When Blueberry first came to live with us, she had a rather sparse coat.  That's not unusual for greyhounds.  Sometimes changing their diet helps and sometimes they're just going to have a really thin coat no matter what you do.  Lilac, her mother, has a really nice, thick coat, so I was always hoping Blueberry's might grow in some. 

A year and a half ago, when Bunny came to join us, we soon suspected that she might have food allergies.  She began to itch so badly that she scratched her neck raw one night.  So, we decided to try a food made for dogs with allergies and see what would happen. 

The results weren't what we expected, although it did help Bunny some with her allergies.  The thing Mr. Taleteller liked the most about it, though, was that Blueberry's coat grew so soft and thick that we could hardly believe that it was her.  We've joked that when she passes away that we may have to have a rug made from her pelt.  Everybody who meets her comments on how soft she is.

Lately, we've noticed something else with Blueberry's coat.  Touching her is like sticking your wet finger in a light socket.  You can feel all the little crackles flickering through her coat when you pet her, take off her coat or she rubs herself against the furniture.

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch when Mr. Taleteller let the girls back in after their afternoon bathroom break.  After her coat was whipped off, Blueberry ran over and hopped up on the couch, gazing at me soulfully.  I smiled at her and sure enough, she started her bobble head routine and began sniffing at my lips like crazy.  I gave her a little kiss on the side of her head and then nearly fell off the couch as I was zapped with what felt like 50,000 volts of electricity.

Me:  Holy crap!  That hurt!

Mr. Taleteller:  (laughing uproariously)

Blueberry:  (looking confused)  But I love you!

Me:  It's okay, Blue!  But you shocked me!

Mr. Taleteller:  (still laughing)  Must be her shocking personality!

Blueberry:  Yeah, you can take that show on the road any day now!  Just don't quit your day job!

Me:  It's okay, I'm sure it's done now.  (At this point, I reach out to touch her again, and feel like I've been sent to the electric chair.)  Holy Mother of all that's holy!

Mr. Taleteller:  (rolling on the floor with laughter)  I think I'm gonna wet my pants!

Blueberry:  I'll start looking for a home for you...

Me:  Don't worry, Blue!  It won't last.

At this point, she turns to see what Mr. Taleteller is doing as his face turns red from laughing.  She reaches out and gently sniffs him with her wet nose.  That's when he lets out the scream of death, almost as good as the greyhounds can do.  Apparently, the only thing that shocks harder than electric greyhound fur is wet greyhound noses.

Blueberry:  And let that be a lesson to you!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. We get electrocuted all the time in the winter and let me tell you that I don't like it one bit. It is particularly annoying when momma is helping me get my bottom into the mastiff mobile and shocks my most private area. Ouch!

    She is threatening to rub us down with fabric sheets. As if! Not on my watch.


  2. Bwa-ha! Oh the commentary between you and Mr. Taleteller was priceless! *Wipes tears from eyes*

    Well done gal!

  3. If you turn off all the lights and take her coat off, you get a low voltage fireworks show. It's great!

  4. My monitor says 30% humidity in the house. Definitely time to plug in the humidifier.

  5. Whoa, what a shock!

    Just an idea, I wonder if some omega-3 oil would help with the dry fur?

    We have two labs, and their fur is so different. One has what we call "bunny" fur, so soft and silky (so her nickname is "Bunny"). The other has a classic lab coat, almost rough on the outside. When he goes in the water, his inner fur doesn't even get wet.

  6. I think those automobile "static strips" might be in order. Although, the laugh factor would be reduced proportionally. Seriously... My mom does spray the inside of my bomber jacket with Fabreez and that helps. She has also put a fabric softener sheet inside my jacket or sweaters and we don't get shocked then either. Worth a try. .... It won't be as funny though. I'm just sayin'.

  7. Hey Blue - it is such a great way to remind the humans that you are nearby. We can turn the lights off and rub Qannik's coat and watch the sparks. Your humans should try it.

  8. Hey may be the answer to getting us off that evil "foreign oil"!!

    It could be the newest thing..."how do you heat your house?"

    "I use blueberry."


  9. This is easy to relate to - when this time of year comes around you could light our entire house with blue sparks!

  10. hello blueberry its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is sum sooperpower yoo hav got their!!! i wunder if yoo cud yooze it to defeet eevildooers and obtayn valyooabul endorsment deels!!! ok bye

  11. That's pretty funny. You think Mr. Taleteller would have learned. Maybe you will need a ground before you touch Blue.


    PS Thanks for visiting. :)

  12. What a SHOCKING story! Man, WATT will you come up with next? I can't tell you how much all your CURRENT stuff keeps me entertained and others as well! My sister would enjoy these. I'll CONTACT her and RELAY them.

    Any more of these jokes and they'll have to charge me with assault and
    battery... darn it.

    Lovely blog entry, gave me a good chuckle and brought a smile to my face!


  13. Hahaha! That's funny! It's OH who has the electric personality here, though I have had shocks off the dogs.

    Poor Blueberry. 'But I love you!' I can just imagine that look! LOL!

  14. We have one of those electric girls too - makes me feel guilty every time we touch and sparks fly!

  15. Whew! And I thought we were the only ones with sparks-a-flyin'.

    Emma Rose

  16. LOL! I bet blueberry got a bigger kick out of it than your husband! She probably was dragging her feet on the carpet before she came to see you on the couch!!

  17. OMD....Thank you so much for the morning laugh!!!

  18. I'm curious. What do you feed the hounds?

  19. They eat Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed dry dog food. It comes in a blue bag and has a picture of a German Shepard on it.


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