Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shopping -- The Perfect Cure to Cabin Fever

Bunny here, writing about my lastest adventure.  We've been cooped up here way too long with all this cold and snow.  To make matters worse, Mom went back to work last week and that left me with even less to do.  Fortunately, since we needed supplies for Blueberry's birthday party, we took a trip to My Dog's Bakery and got a little cure for our cabin fever. 

Hmmm... I think I need to taste these!  Quality control, you know!

Blueberry thinks we need some of these, and since she's the almost birthday girl, you'd better get some.

I really need some new toys!  You know, most of mine are getting worn out.

Oh, and my bed is really getting worn out! 

Surprisingly, there was only the girl working in the store to pet me!  That was a bit disappointing.  Of course, when we got back to the van, we were supposed to smile for the camera.  I will let the next few pictures speak for themselves about what happened.

Honestly, you just can't take some dogs anywhere!  Lilac waits in the van and makes Blueberry and me do all the shopping, then she eats the treats!  What's up with that?  Mom says that she gets away with it because she's an old lady.  It sounds suspicious to me.  Still, it was nice to get out of the house and the treats we got smell delicious!  They say we can't have them until the birthday party, though.  I can hardly wait!

Oh, I hear somebody coming!  I have to go!
Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. come come, we have an award for you

  2. Don't bite the hand that feeds you!! -- or is it okay since the hand is actually a cookie?

    Looks like a fun time - Marge has trouble with small pet shops, I wish she would grow to like them.

  3. Bunny-

    It looks like you had fun in that store! Did they have any cat treats? What? It`s a store for dogs only? Well fiddlesticks! Oh and by the way, I bite hands all the time...they`re quite tasty!


  4. Ohhhh Bunny I am all greeen with Jellyness. You got to go to a dawgie bakery. The treats look sooooo yummo.
    Hey, I know why Lilac got all the treats and stayed in the car. Someone had to be on guard duty... and of course be PAID for a job well done.
    Thanks for taking me on your shopping trip. Sorry no one else got to enjoy petting you in the store. Their Loss.

  5. Hope the birthday party goes well for Blueberry's birthday! Looks like a fun trip. Happy Birthday, Blueberry!

  6. An Adventure!! And Lilac gets to enjoy it in comfort - the best way for the old ladies!

    Those hand cookies look fun! Sid wants one!

  7. If only Wilf knew that dog bakeries existed. He'd dream about them every night.

  8. Oh Bunny - that looked like an amazing trip - and how well you behaved!!!

  9. Can't wait for Blueberry's party! This was like a pre-party, a warm up session. Yum, cool, nice. I think I love shopping therapy, I just didn't know it yet.

  10. I'm with your mom - our 'senior' dogs are always allowed to get away with all sorts of mischief that the youngsters wouldn't dare try. So, just smile and let Lilac do what she wants!

    I'm glad to hear that you all got out of the house to someplace as awesome as a great pet store. You're lucky dogs!

  11. Happy Early Birthday, Blueberry! And be nice to the 'old lady', because you will be one someday.

  12. What a fun girly shopping trip!

    It looks like Blueberry is going to have a YUMMY birthday!!! We can't wait to see pawty pics!


  13. Nothing better than a shopping trip!
    I am sure you chose pawesome things for the party!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Shopping is always a good pick-me-up! Or so I'm told. Ummm, by girls.

  15. Bunny, it looks like you had a great time shopping! It sure is a cure for cabin fever!! Thanks for visiting my blog... I'm not sure if you're the "wilds" of Illinois, but anything outside the city area are the "wilds" to me since I'm a city girl! My little puggie is being fostered in Sycamore, which is quite a bit west of the city.

  16. All of you ladies looked so lovely in your pretty collars! That was a tasty outing for sure. Are we invited to the Birthday Party? If so, I had better find something to wear!

    Emma Rose

  17. when is blueberry's bday?
    those tweats sure looked yummy
    hope you enjoyed them
    the houston pittie pack
    could you peemail us your MAILING address
    we are going to be sending valentine kissy cards to our bloggy furryends
    ok bye

  18. The perfect and dangerous cure. Love those funny treats!


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