Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, Excuse Me!

Lilac has this habit of standing over us when she wants attention or,well, anything else.  Lately, Mr. Taleteller and I have taken to attempting to guess what it is she wants.  It's not like we can get anything else done until we figure out what it is, anyway.  She can be rather persistant.

As we sat at home together on Sunday afternoon, she again started her routine of standing very close to us and pushing her head against us.  We talked about it and thought perhaps she'd like to be lifted onto the couch where she could snuggle with me, since her favorite dog bed was being occupied and Mr. Taleteller wasn't feeling in the mood to lay down on the floor with her under the quilt.  We also just wanted to see her lay down and rest a little bit, as we're starting to worry about her standing too long in her older age.

Lilac has never been much of a couch snuggler.  I've seen her laying on the couch on a few rare occasions when nobody has been sitting there, but for the most part she's always preferred sleeping on the dog bed.  Since some of her tastes seem to be changing, however, we thought possibly she'd like resting on the couch if we just gave her a little encouragement. 

Mr. Taleteller stood up and came over to sit on the far end of the couch.  He called Lilac over.  She came right over, thinking she'd hit the jackpot with two scratchers in one place.  When she came over, he stood  and gently scooped her up, setting her on the couch.  I thought we'd see a look of radiant joy over our consideration, however, I was, once again, mistaken.  The look of outrage she gave Mr. Taleteller rivaled what any little old lady has ever given before she struck some hapless fool with her purse. 

We laughed, of course, which only resulted in more dirty looks directed Mr. Taleteller's way.  Like any female, she feels that when something goes wrong, it must be a man's fault.  She came over and leaned against me, still standing, and continued to glare at him.  He finally took pity on her and lifted her down and she stalked off to a dog bed, muttering something under her breath, no doubt.  Sometimes the best of intentions just don't go as planned, but can be funny to watch.  You'd have thought we tried to give her a bath or something!  I guess we know how that will go in the spring.  She stayed curled up on her dog bed for the rest of the afternoon and night.  I guess we'll wait for her to bark at us next time.

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  1. Such a look! Perhaps you and the Mr. need to bone up on your telepathic skills, this way the grand dame could mentally project her wants to her people. Imagine how pleased she would be!

  2. We are sometimes more difficult to read than... Russian. I'm just sayin'.

  3. Oh aren't they funny! .... I've given up on mindreading but oh boy do I know that look!!!!! Bless her!

  4. I'm sure she was saying, "Stupid humans..." as she walked away!

  5. Clearly all your fault since you misinterpreted clear canine communication.

  6. Bilbo always seems to think we should be reading his mind and when we don't read it correctly...we also get "the look".

    Too cute!

  7. Her joints must be in good shape if she always feels like standing!

    That's too funny.

  8. LOL! How DARE you put her on the couch! Rugby has a similar habit when he wants something...except he stands ON us!

  9. Gadzooks! I don't want to think about her standing on us! She would not be gentle about it!

  10. Hey, girl! Lilac, I hate it when peoples laugh rudely at me and so does my sissy, Jet the cat.

  11. You need to get her one of those collars like from "Up"!


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