Monday, January 18, 2010

A Girl's Got To Have Stylish Boots

The girls have some greyhound fans in Minnesota who have great sympathy for them with the cold weather.  They sent the girls each their own set of boots to wear when the weather is really cold on sensitive greyhound feet.  Of course, as soon as we got them, we had to open them up and have a look. 

We put them on Bunny, who walked around like she's worn them all her life.  She handled wearing them like a pro.

Lilac mostly laid down for her fitting, but she did manage to get around pretty well in hers.

Blueberry wasn't quite as graceful, but Bunny did try to give her some pointers.

I think that once they get the hang of them, they will keep their feet more comfortable for those bitter cold turn outs and probably for the walks Bunny and I plan to start taking.  The girls all send nose kisses to Max and DJ for their thoughtful gift!  They also requested pictures of the boys wearing their boots.  I can't imagine why they'd ask for such a thing!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. Great videos gal! Who knew pink boots made greyhounds go in reverse!?

  2. Aren't they wonderful? I have a lovely video of Hippie in her suede bootees but had no way of putting it on her blog site - although there is a photo here

    Shortly after this was taken - she ate them!!!!

  3. Those booties are soo cute! I bought a pair for my schnauzer when i went up north to Jersey but she wasn't so successful keeping them on. She kept kicking her legs until they came off!!

  4. Aw, I needed that smile. Thank you so much for sharing. Every time I see lovely Bunny, I think I don't have enough greyhounds around here. :)

  5. Admit it, these are for Lilac to clean the floor backing up. BOL I do love the color. It's so fitting.

  6. I think they might by Choo...;-)

    Too cute!!!

  7. Super stylin' - those pink boots were made fur walkin'! The vids are great - I do some high steppin' when I first put my snowboots on - but I never was able to master that backwards thang! You all look pawsome in your boots!
    Hugs xo

  8. Your crew is much more relaxed about those boots than my labs are. I loved the backward walking... Who'd have thought that boots would make a greyhound walk in reverse?

  9. I think walking backwards is a greyhound gift! Most of them can do it, although some can manage it better than others.

  10. they just must be christian louboutins are'nt they ,are'nt they?? they are too stylin
    the houston pittie pack

  11. Are those boots made to walk backwards??
    I am sure you will get used to them in no time and will enjoy nice walkies keeping your paws warm!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. pawsome, those boots are sure made for walking bol......


  13. ha ha ha! That's awesome - especially the "I'm gonna just back out of 'em" technique. So cute.


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