Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please Don't Go, We Love You So

Well, today I go back to work, rested after another break into the exciting world of PreKindergarten.  The morning is met by the usual look of dread from Bunny when she hears my alarm clock go off and sees me get out of bed and start getting ready to go out to work.  As I sit down to eat breakfast and catch up with a few things online, she sits beside me, curled up as tightly as she can make herself against my leg despite the fact that the couch is rather long. 

We usually have a lot more adventures than we did over this break, but the weather prevented us from going out much.  The truth is, she has a touch of cabin fever.  We all do.  I'm going to have to look pretty hard to find some things that we can get out and do in the next month or so, but it will be worth it.  The wonder that is Bunny shouldn't be kept pent up in the house when an adoring public awaits.  We had our little chat as I ate my yogurt that we usually have before I go back to work.

Bunny:  Are you sure you have to go?

Me:  Well, you like eating and toys and fancy collars, so I guess I do have to go.

Bunny:  I could go with you!

Me:  You have been to school with me before, that's true, but it would be all day.  I'm pretty sure it would cut into your nap schedule.

Bunny:   Not my nap schedule!  I need my beauty rest!

Me:  Trust me, you're not hurting in that department at all!  You'll be beautiful no matter what!

Bunny:  Still, it seems like a big risk!

Me:  Of course it is.  It's probably for the best if you stay home.  Perhaps you'd protect my pillow safe from Blueberry's butt today?

Bunny:  Of course I will!  As soon as you go, I'll get started.

Me:  That's what I thought!  I knew I could count on you!

Bunny:  But you're coming back, right?

Me:  As soon as I can get back home, puppy girl!

And so I'm off to start another session of school.  I am thankful to be going back to a job that I enjoy and that the teacher's strike didn't happen.  The best part of going back to school is still coming home to a warm greeting from some sweet hounds when I get back, though!

We'd also like to add a small note here, we wish KB and K the best of luck as they both recover from surgery together.  We hope you're back on the trails together soon!
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  1. Hi there
    What a sweet post! I am sure the children are going to be delighted to have you back as their teacher. Good luck for the new year. Your pups will be just fine...they will most certainly make up for your loss when you get home in the evening.
    Take care and lots of licks

  2. Adorable post gal! I bet you got twice the love and affection from both the pups and the kids!

  3. Lovely post
    wonderful written :-)
    hugs to all

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Bunny Hunny, I am sure that you ""kept Blueberry"" way far from your mom's pillow... RIGHT!!
    I know about that school thingy. My mom used to do that when I was furst adopted. Butt, I raised such a fuss that she just got busy and became a BE TIRED person. Now she is home all the time with me. Maybe your mom will BE TIRED soon too. I'm just sayin'.

  5. Yes, it is good to come home when such a fuss is being made over your arrival. So glad there are those who are happy to see me! :) Also glad to hear you didn't have to deal with a strike, less stress is a good thing.

  6. Oh, the guilt of leaving the doggies at home!

    She has certainly perfected the "are you SURE you want to go" face!

  7. Oh how sweet .... I still cannot leave Hippie without putting her in her cage ..... maybe one day!!!

  8. Bunny, after your beauty rest, go move the pillow somewhere safe. At our home we too try our hardest to get Linguini's butt off it, but unless we move it...we always lose this game.

  9. Poor baby looks sad! My dogs howl when I leave the house to show their displeasure!

  10. Bunny!
    I know how you feel! I had a talk with my mom about that "going to work" thing and she told me she needs to work. What about retiring, mom? She said it will be more than 20 years until she can do that! Hmmm...
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Hard to keep up in made a good choice. I would choose napping any day! :p

  12. I can't believe that face didn't work ...

  13. Don't worry Bunny...I am sure she was home before you woke up from your afternoon nap!!



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