Monday, January 25, 2010

There's More Than One Model Around Here

Bunny here, just wanting to set the record straight on the model situation here.  Saturday, Mom posted about Blueberry and her new digital picture.  Plus, there's a big painting of her in the spare bedroom that was painted by an artist who thought she was gorgeous.  Of course she is!  However, I have recently been the model for some artwork myself and I thought that it was time I showed it off.

Alexandra Z. painted a couple of pictures of me lately, and even had a contest to come up with a good caption to go with one of them for some notecards.  We should be gettting some of the notecards soon.  She also sent a picture of something else she did for us.  I hope Mom and Dad have a good spot picked out to hang this from! 

Anyroo, she is supertalented and I think after looking at her blog that a greyhound is going to win the dogpile contest for Mango Minster!  I can't wait for there to be some pictures of me hanging up around here!  Now I need to go chew on my reindeer antler for a while.  A model has to have pearly white teeth, you know!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. Bunny, What a prettyl girl you are! That pink collar looks great on you.

  2. hey gorgeous, you're so good looking


  3. Wow Bunny you look fab. Note cards... that is grrrreat. You will get to travel all over with people like Patti the Letter Lady.
    YOU have deer antlers to chew on too? Aren't they just the bestest??? Did your dad get yours for you like my dad did for me???

  4. Bunny, when I first saw the title of this post, I said to myself "that just has to be Bunny, I know it!" And sure enough, it's you! You do indeed make a great model!

  5. Hiya Bunny! They should title that painting "Bunny as muse" look so languid and relaxed!

  6. Alex is very talented...of course it helps to have such a pretty model too!

  7. Dearest and beautifullest, Bunny. I agree. There are more than one models in your casa, but why, oh why did you have to make that comment about a Greyhound winning the Dog Pile contest? Are you trying to intimidate me? BOL Not gonna happen. You just raised the stakes a bit. So, what are you up to now? I hope you're practicing.

  8. Twink, I would never try to intimidate you! I just saw that picture on her site with her greyhound and all his things on him and thought he was going to be tough to beat! I wasn't plannining on entering, but I guess I could give it a try...

  9. Gorgeous!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Wow, you guys are going to be famous soon with all the artwork that's being done of you!

    Very cool stuff!

  11. thats it im totally getting my people to call your people
    we can be most famous
    i see true star potential you guys
    guero the model

  12. You are quickly nearing most drawn/painted/admired status. :)


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