Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

You might remember a while ago, we learned that Bunny's sister had been to an adoption group.  When we checked their website recently, we were happy and not surprised to see that she'd been adopted.  My understanding is that she's a lot like Bunny, so we are sure that she's making someone an awesome pet.  We know that a lot of Bunny's littermates were adopted through Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption and are now thriving in their new homes.  There are a couple we don't know about, too, and that's alright.

However, there's one of her littermates named Andy who has been waiting at the kennel for a long time now.  With the closing of Dairyland racetrack, lots of adoption groups in our area are struggling to find homes for the influx of dogs and we know that it will be tough.  It makes it even tougher, though, thinking about the dogs who have been waiting a long time and keep getting passed up. 

We met Andy at the group's reunion picnic.  I was completely charmed by him, but our home was full.  He's a wild man when he comes out of his crate, but I think that it's the type of enthusiasm that wouldn't last after he was out for a while.  We just learned this week that Andy is finally being adopted!  We are thrilled for him and wish him the very best in his new life as a pet.  We hear updates occasionally about their brother Buddha and their mom, so hopefully we'll hear more about Andy as he settles in.  Every time I look at his ears, it makes me smile.  I'm betting he will make someone else smile every day, too!

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  1. Hey Bunny! There should be a little votey thing right under the Mango Minster sign in the side bar. Hope you find it.


  2. Oh, my goodness! Andy is GORGEOUS!! Look at that physique! And those ears! He is beeuooootiful!

    Good to hear he's been adopted. I hope they love him as he deserves!

  3. Andy is beautiful. Grrreat story there. Gives me a mentals boost on a dreary day. Thanks.

  4. Awesome news. I absolutely hate when I know that a dog needs a home but that I can't provide it. I watch and worry. In this case, things turned out great!

  5. What a handsome dog. Great news that he is finally going to have a real home and family.

  6. best news i've heard today!

  7. We`re glad to hear her sister was adopted, and our continued good thoughts go to Andy. Hope he finds a home soon!

  8. TWO more adoptions, two! Yay and double yay! Congrats to our fellow furiends and their wonderful and lucky new families. Two barks of joy (cover your ears mommy, I'm going to get loud)

  9. So woderful to read he has a new home
    he deserved the best :-)
    Cute dog !!

    kareltje =^.^=

  10. Yay for Andy! After seeing so many pictures of your greyhounds, Nigel Buggers, and Debbie, my wife has started to talk about adopting one when we have another opening here. Vizslas and greyhounds -- that would be quite a mix I think!

  11. Hi, Bunny!
    Sure is pawesome to know that Andy has now a forever and lovely home!
    Yes, his ears made us smile!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Awesome news - I love happy endings.

    They are such great dogs and many retired racers would be ideal for a lot of people - it's a shame that people think of them as high-strung and long-distance-runners when they're really couch potatoes!

  13. What a lovely boy! I'm afraid our girl's enthusiasm has never changed ... she is as crazy now as when we first adopted her!!!!


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