Saturday, July 10, 2010

And I Thought Greyhounds Were Prissy!

For years I've been listening to Mr. Taleteller sigh over the thought of having "a real dog" even though I know he's crazy about the Greyhounds.  I figured that entailed a dog who could go to obedience class with him, and possibly get down and dirty sometimes in outdoor activities.  In my mind, he was talking about a dog who could go out and do things without worrying so much about some of the quirks that come with sharing your life with Greyhounds.

I believe I've mentioned before that Greyhounds are made of spun sugar.  They will melt in the rain, hence the need for accessories like raincoats.  I was assured by Mr. Taleteller that Morgan, being a real dog, would have no need for such frippery and that was the reason I didn't find any websites that catered to such a need.  I shrugged my shoulders and accepted that as a fact of life.  She doesn't have the heaviest Shepherd coat that I've ever seen, but she is certainly covered a lot more than the girls are.

So, the other afternoon as turn out approached, I could see that rain was almost upon us.  I decided to try and hurry, taking Morgan, Bunny and Blueberry all out to the pen, noting as we went out that it was starting to sprinkle a few drops of rain.  I hurried back inside and got Lilac, taking her out under our big maple tree to do her business, since I didn't want to risk putting her in the pen with the three younger dogs.  It didn't take her long to decide to take care of business, but by the time she was done, it was pelting down rain.  I could see Bunny and Blueberry were already drenched.  Lilac was quickly escorted to the back door and let inside.  I propped the back door open and turned to go get the girls out of the pen. 

I knew that Blueberry was reliable, so I quickly snapped the leash on Morgan, grabbed Bunny's collar and let Blueberry make a run for the safety of the back door.  It's a short distance, across the front of our two car garage, and I know Blueberry well enough to know that she'd go right in, and she did.  It was at this point that I had a flashback to words my husband had spoken after giving the girls a bath the weekend before.  "Morgan really doesn't like getting wet" is an understatement of unparelleled proportions. 

As Blueberry shot into the back door, I found myself involved in my own German Shepherd-Greyhound rodeo.  I hope you understand, due to the rain and the spontenaeity of the event, there are no photographs or videos, nor do I care to reenact them, although I can look back and laugh about it.  Morgan went on full out rain avoidance mode, running a circle around Bunny and me as she tried to follow Blueberry into the safety of the back door.  The next thing I heard was the Greyhound scream of death as the leash went around behind Bunny and she was tied up.  I pulled on Morgan, fighting for leverage and space for Bunny to get untangled, about a half a car length from the door and realized I'd have to let her go.  She took off through the back door as Morgan bucked and twisted in her panic to get out of the rain.  I held her back at the foot of the stairs to let Bunny come inside before I unhooked her leash and let her run in the house.

I followed them in and grabbed an old dog towel.  I put it over Bunny and she curled up in it on the floor and let me dry her off, turning the doe eyes on me in appreciation for taking care of her.  I saw some small leash burns on the insides of her back legs and felt badly because I hadn't realized how hard Morgan had pulled on her, but they were minor and she was fine.  After a nice rubdown, she went to the couch and curled up in princess mode.  Blueberry was toweled off next.  Then I found Morgan in the kitchen and she was barely damp, but I dried her off anyway, and she gave me a look of the utmost appreciation and gratitude.

I guess Mr. Taleteller got a prissy dog after all!

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  1. Morgan seems very sensible and not prissy in the slightest. Clearly the old canine adage 'water is for fish' has been instilled early on.

  2. That certainly sounds like a wild "German Shepherd-Greyhound rodeo"! I guess its not just our Greyhounds that don't like the rain. :-)

  3. We want video! we want video! ROFL.
    Mr. Taleteller

  4. Our labs love the rain but our beagle has NO time for it!

  5. Oh a video would have been perfect for this story!! BOL! I'm fine with the rain but my Doxie/JRT sister has a raincoat like the girls though! Ginger was a Shar Pei and would avoid the rain as long as she physically could with or without a raincoat.


  6. Oh, Max is SO with you there Morgan! He can't understand why anyone would ever want to get wet!! If it's really, really hot (as it is now!) he'll ocassionally paddle in the sea, but otherwise he acts as if water will finish him off and he can't get out of the rain fast enough!

    Mind you - if we try and put a raincoat on him he also acts as if we're trying to murder him - he he he!

    By the way - Bunny has the most gorgeous eyes - a young schnauzer pup could get lost gazing into her beautiful eyes, sigh....!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  7. That is TOOOOOO funny. Hey Morgan Sarge says HI.

  8. Most of us don't mind the rain, especially if we're getting to play in the pond. Hey, we're gettin' wet anyway, right? But SOME of us have decided to be afraid of thunder all of a sudden - we're not naming names...
    Have a great weekend!
    The Road Dogs

  9. Just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover. Glad everyone is OK! Sounds like quite an adventure.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Well, the Greys have obviously told her all about the dangers of rain! Sounds like another raincoat might be a good investment.....

  11. Maybe she needs to khome to Khamp Khyra fur some Siberian and GSD Sponge lessons!

    We thank woo fur the written rekhreation of the scene!



  12. Do you think she sensed that the greys were not happy about the rain and it made her nervous?

    I'm glad everyone made it into the house safe and sound. It sounds like it was scary there for a few seconds.

  13. I'm just very much sure that it is never EVER boring at your house! And I'm Most Surprised that they didn't find greyhound in my dee-en-ay cuz I'm made of spun sugar TOO!

    Oh, and can you PUHLEEZE invite me to the next GSD-Greyhound rodeo? Yeehaw!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. I think your greyhounds have quickly made a huge effect on Morgan and I think you will eventually be buying a rain coat for her! I find that dogs "feed" off each other; when one dog is acting out, the other does as well, etc. So since your greyhounds are so prissy it won't be long until Morgan is even prissier! heehee!
    I just love those tall ears of Morgan's, but then again I am crazy about big-eared dogs anyway!
    THANK YOU for the heads up about the SLOWNESS of my computer! I wondered if the lack of speed was having an effect on my followers when trying to comment, etc, and now I know the sad truth. You would not believe how many "coffee breaks" I get in between loading pictures,etc.
    My computer and I are going to a doctors appointment on Sunday or Monday and he will be ready to speed up asap!

  15. Sounds like quite the adventure! Glad to hear noone was seriously hurt!
    I have to say I love all weather, rain, snow, sun. Can't say the same for mum, she likes to avoid the sun, something about being a ginger and melting! lol
    Kodi x

  16. Those raincoats are purrty cool on those horseys
    Benny & Lily

  17. OK everybuddys, I thought it was about time I gots over here to introduce myself to all of yous. I am Maggie Mae nice to meet you! I sure hopes that you will be my new fureinds. Come to my bloggie sometime and say hi! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae


  18. Awwwwwe, there bes Maggie Mae, hers a sweet girl.
    Well, I fur one don't think Morgan is prissy at aaaaaalls. What doggie wants to be in da rain? Dat just kinda be stoopid if you asks me...hehehehe! I am so NOT prissy and you ain't gonna catch me out theres getting wet.
    May I offers you a Puddles Pro 1000 by any chance...hehehehehehe!
    I feels betters, can you tell?

  19. I've only ever had Labs in my life so your story had me laughing and laughing. If I delay a walk due to rain, the Labs stare at me as if I'd lost my mind.

    Funny that Mr. Taleteller got water-phobic dog. Maybe Morgan needs a raincoat!

  20. I have a vivid image of the whole episode!
    Have you had time to look sites for a GS Raincoat??
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Oh brother! A rodeo in the rain! That sounds like great fun to me? But did you know if you stand in the rain you don't need a bath! Personally I think it's worth it! But you look fabby in your rain jackets.. Wi nkie wink

  22. GSD's are supposed to be furry smart dogs, so of course they'd know enough to come in out of the rain and get dry as soon as possible. Rain is horrible stuff for the most part.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  23. Oh no! So many princesses in the house!
    Well your still my #1 Bunny
    Love Majxx

  24. Chuckling. The one thing the hu-dad has figured out about rescue - you never get the dog you think you are getting, but you always get the one you need.

    P.S. - I was laughing hard at your story. A couple of my rough and tumble Siberians - who love sub-zero weather and snow and sleet - don't like to get their feety-feet wet. Go figure.

  25. That was too funny :) The raincoat picture is beautiful - like a couple of ladies who just got back from shopping at Tiffany's...

  26. whoa! that was a funny story, miss taleteller. :) i think miss morgan's trying to tell you that she really wants a raincoat after all.
    the booker man

    pee s -- i think miss maggie mae forgot what she was gonna woof. she's still a super cool friend, though! teehee.

  27. My little chi's don't like to get wet either, even for just a moment.

    I've noticed for awhile now that we seem to visit a lot of the same blogs so I thought I'd pop by and say hello!

  28. There is a heaping does of irony! Since when does a Grey get to out-tough anything? :)

  29. I've read this story twice! I love it. The rodeo! Precious family moments.


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