Thursday, July 29, 2010

Space Age Dogs

Bunny here writing about the experience Morgan and I had at the vet's office Tuesday afternoon.

I know, you're all thinking a trip to the vet never leads to anything good.  At first, we didn't know what was going on.  We'd gone from being all excited that Dad came home early to get us to feeling like we'd been a little mislead.  Then we saw Mom there, too!  She came over to the van to get me.  It turns out she came to meet us there at the vet's office. 

We went in and had to wait for a few minutes.  Looking down that hallway was a little nerve-wracking.  I know that the elevator table of death is back there. 

Sure enough, soon they called us back there and we both had to get up on the elevator table of death.  Dad told them not to make it go up in the air with me and it would be fine, so they didn't.  Morgan rode up higher than I did. 

It seemed like we both barely had to stand on that table and they were taking us off there.  I felt a tiny touch on my neck and it was over.  Morgan and I both got microchipped, so now we always have our licenses with us if we'd get separated from our pack and need to get back.  So, now I'm a Greyhound with a Facebook account, a blog and a microchip.  I'm one high tech puppy!

Afterwards, Mom and Dad took us to My Dog's Bakery.  One of the German Shepherds named Mirage was in there.  She's only a month older than Morgan.  I think Morgan would really have liked to have been able to play with her.  They even took our pictures to put up on their Facebook wall.  I guess we're local celebrities or something!

It gets even better!  After we picked out our treats at the dog bakery and Mom found me a very snazzy
leather collar with a rhinestone buckle at their sidewalk sale, we went to Culver's and got to share Mom's fried cheese curds.  It was really a very nice day!

I highly endorse getting microchipped.  It's was great fun for me, and it could lead you back home if you should ever lose track of your people.  Not that I ever let them out of my sight, but just in case!  We hope we'll never need to use it, but we'd rather have them and not need them than need them and not have them.  If anybody is worried about it hurting, neither Morgan or I ever even flinched.  It was a teeny, tiny little thing and they put it right in my back.  I guess this means Mom and Dad are keeping us and can't get rid of us now!

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  1. Good thing they took you to the store to make up for the vet visit!

    I see Morgan was checking out those EVO Wild Cravings treats! Rugby looooves those.

    Who would have thought dogs could be so high tech?!

  2. Yaayy... being micro-chipped is very important & I'm so glad that you & Morgan had fun getting it done!! Your new collar sounds beautiful... a very well deserved treat for being so good at the ucky vets :) M xx

  3. We all have chips in us - well, all except the humans.

  4. PeeWee and I are both chipped for sure. But no elevator of death required.


  5. Yes, microchips are very important - I have one! That store looks pretty nice and I am glad Morgan made a new friend.

    Bunny - stay tuned for my new "running" video. Since you posted the video of you running (flying), thought I would show off my speed and skill. Don't worry I think there is room for both of us at the top! Mama is just learning to use a video camera so it may take her a few days to post.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Microchipping is very important - we highly recommend it!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. Bunny,

    Now you and Morgan has a chip just like I do! Good thing for you mom and dad to do, yay for thems!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. We are both chipped too! No getting rid of us either :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. What a fun and adventurous day you had with Morgan! Yesh, the table of death is furry scarry. Neither of us gets on that thing unless momma and the nurse help (lift and shove) us onto it☺

  10. Woof! Woof! Great idea to be chipped ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Welcome to the microchip club! Yes, it do be a furry, furry good thing. But one werd of cawshun - it be furry impawtant that peeples keeps they registrashuns updated. If'n you move or change you fone nummer and not update the registrashun, the microchip be no good. Unless my mom hunts you down - she has finded a few of those wayward escape artist hoomans and gotted they dogs back to them BOL

  12. Always a good idea to have a chip in you...both our cats are chipped. Although, it's been quite awhile since we've checked to see if their chips are still working, should do that at the next very trip....on one cat, you can't feel the chip at all but on our other cat she has a little rice-size bump on her shoulder blade. She's a bit of a cranky cat sometimes so we joke that she has a 'chip on her shoulder'. :)

  13. We have our microchips, Ciara got hers last week. Always a good thing to do for us even IF it means a trip to the vet. How nice that you got to make a trip to that special store after your visit. And did you say fried cheese curds? Those sure sound like something we would LOVE to taste.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Excellent!!

    Mom agrees...both me & Fergie are microchipped. Phoebe will be one when she gets fixed too.

    But, just as important as the microchip is making sure your human keeps the information up to date! So many doggies and kitties who get lost have microchips with old information, and then they do no good!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  15. The momma is stuck with me too!! She got me chipped not long after I came to live with her!! Not only did the vet give me treats, but there was this wonderful little girl in line that shared her potato chips with me!!! =)



  16. That bakery looks like it had some yummy treats!

  17. Khongrats on making the khut and being kept!

    I'm chipped

    Of khourse, woo need to khatch me furst to read it!

    Thanks fur sharing your unexpekhted trip to the v-e-t and beyond!


  18. I'd say those microchips mean your mom and dad love you girls very, very much! I'm glad it didn't hurt. I've always wondered about it. Looks like the store was fun and had lots of great sniffs.

  19. Great PSA for microchips! I didn't realize it was so easy; both of our pooches came microchipped before we adopted them. Hopefully none of us will ever need to use our microchips, but it's good piece of mind to know there is always a way to identify them.

  20. Our Greyhound was micro chipped at the adoption program, its apart of the process. Great store!

  21. Whew! That's a relief abouts your pawrents never being able to gets rid of you now. I'm sure you were Most Worried about that!

    And we all have one of those chippie things, too. But, well, I was kinda dramatic when they put mine in. I didn't like that feeling at ALL! But now it's no big deal and I like that I don't have to carry a wallet with me all the time.

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  22. That is wonderful that you got the chip, and so special that your people took you out for treats after :)

  23. Bunny, Lilac, Blueberry and Morgan,
    Wow, Morgan is gorgeous! Mr. Blues says Woof! Missed all of you and reading up on your adventures. Glad all went well with your Micro chipping. Love the Lilac Mug Shot and story about the garbage bag. Sorry about the clean up. So far, we've been lucky with Blues. Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me back. I'm looking forward to blogging again. Much love, Woof! MB, Josie and Blues

  24. I love all the photos of you guys and your fun day! I'll have to share the microchip info with my humans. Thanks Bunny!

  25. I am chipped and so is Mister Higgins. Bear never got one, but he will never get lost because he never hardly moves!

    Emma Rose

  26. That was pawesome, Bunny!
    No microchips here. Nobody has the technology for that!
    I love your happy face in that last picture!
    Kisses and hugs


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