Saturday, July 3, 2010

Entertaining With Dogs

Today is the local Independence Day celebration here in our tiny village.  As long as we've lived here, it's always occurred on the day before the Fourth.  The general consensus seems to be that most people in our little village go to one of the big cities nearby to enjoy the big Sky Concerts that happen there.  It's quite alright with me, really.  It means that we get to enjoy fireworks twice. 

Our small town puts on a really impressive show for the number of people who live in the village.  Coming to see the fireworks here is like an old-fashioned experience.  There's a Cruise In, with antique cars and trucks lined up on the street in front of our house.  Last year it took up more of the street than they'd planned for.  If it gets any bigger, I'm not sure what they'll do.  After all the festivities that go along with that, after it gets dark the fireworks start and last for about thirty or forty minutes.  Old Jumbo, the local town "mountain" left over from long ago mining days, serves as the backdrop for the show.  Two blocks down the street is a small park where we go to sit and watch.

Since we have all this great entertainment, this usually means that we have a rather large cook out here that day.  Actually, it's gotten to the point where people are just inviting themselves over and we are entertaining them whether we like it or not.  Every year, we struggle about what to do with the dogs.  Mr. Taleteller has a rather large family.  He's the oldest of nine and his youngest sister is still in middle school.  We also have a younger neice and two nephews. That's a lot of kids in and out of the house.  The girls love company and always enjoy the attention, but I always worry about them leaving the door open. 

Sometimes, I just bring the girls out and keep them outside with us.  This works until they get tired, but when they do, it becomes less fun.  We're usually able to work out a happy medium, though.  Lilac doesn't want a part of being outside in the heat and she'll snooze away in the house.  Bunny wants to be out where the action is, as long as she doesn't have to just stand in one place for a while.  Blueberry usually enjoys seeing everyone, too.

This year, we've also added Morgan to the mix.  She's a good girl, but not completely comfortable with strangers.  I know that everyone wants to see her and meet her, and yet I also know that she's going to need some space from them, too.  I've considered putting her in the turn out pen for a while so she can observe the festivities without being mobbed.  I'd like to find a better solution for her, though. 

Then, there's the fact that I have to keep biting my tongue as person after person asks me which Greyhound is which.  They certainly don't look alike!  I don't have to keep asking them which kid is which.  I don't really think I'm expecting that much.  I also admit that the enthusiasm over my husband's new dog is something that hasn't quite been equalled for the girls.  Everyone adores them, fusses over them, and comments on how well-behaved they are, but they don't seem to be able to tell them apart.  I have promised myself that by the time we have the party next year, the girls will all have patriotic collars with their names on them, like the other name collars that they sport.  I know it's a small thing and for the most part, I ignore it. 

The girls generally love that we have company over and are thrilled to see them.  They are well-behaved and mind their manners.  As the party winds down, we plan to get them all settled into the basement.  The fireworks can still be heard down there, but it's not nearly as bad and it's very insulated.  Lilac always goes down there on her own if we haven't taken them down there in the beginning anyway.  We turn on the television for them and provide their creature comforts.  This year, we'll definitely be setting things up down there, since we don't know how Morgan will react to things.  It will make things easier for the herd of people coming in and out to use the bathroom when the fireworks are over, too.

What are some of your favorite tips for entertaining with pets in your house?  Do you let your dogs mingle with company?  Do they dress up if they do attend?

Speaking of parties, be sure to join the blog hop!  It's a great way to find some new blogs that are a lot of fun.  We're glad that it's hosted every weekend!

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  1. I am the OFFICIAL greeter of khourse!

    Good lukhk with evFURRYthing today!


  2. Happy Independence Day!!!(^^)

    We have one dog and four chickens and two cats at our hometown province.... and yes we do dressed them up whenever there is a special occassion happening in our town...!!!:)

    A wonderful weekend!!!:)

    Take care!!!:)


  3. We know how you feel about people not remembering the dog's names. We all look so distinctly different but even when we host the Scottish Terrier Club, some of the ladies can't remember our names - surely they can tell us apart!! We are never allowed to run in and out when there is a function at our house - we aer usually sequestered in the bedroom.

    Lovely pictures of Bunny today - they are just stunning.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  4. Happy 4th!

    Our dogs for the most part are kept inside when people arrive, then we let them out after the bruhaha settles down some.

  5. Happy 4th of July! Our dogs are allowed to mingle, but if it is to crazy, they get gated in the hallway, just because I fear that they will get out in no one is looking. I love my dogs to death, but I don't want one of them to end up lost!

  6. Well, I am not a fan of lots of house guests myself. I feel the need to stay in the middle of things and manage the situation which is very tiring and can make me grouchy. But if I get locked up I howl and moan quite loudly. Yuh, and some guests just won't ignore me which I hate when I am working. And then there are the humans who are not mindful of gates and doors and whatnot. So, yeah, we keep things smallish.


  7. We are howling with laughter. The Herd loose during a party? Are you kidding? There would be mayhem like you have never seen.

    We tend to have one or two of them wandering greeting guests, but they rotate those duties (Kiska has no interest, thank you, and it is not enjoyable for her). The rest remain in the dog yard and provide musical entertainment.

    For us, we go down to the valley for the fireworks show. The sounds of the fireworks do not reach the house, so all is good.

  8. Hello,
    I discovered the Pet Blogger Blog Hop actually by accident and through Twitter and *followed*.

    I currently have four canine babies (2 Miniature Pinchers & 2 Boxer Females). In fact Maggie, my second boxer came to me just two days prior.

    These beloved canines (Boo Boo, Ruby Doobie, Molly Moo Cow, and Maggie Waggie) are all puppy mill rescues; as I independently volunteer and "go under cover as an interested buyer". I have been active in this cause for 7 years. Ruby is blind, due to genetic problems resulting from inbreeding and Moo Moo I almost lost as a puppy (6 weeks) due to a infection within her blood.

    I commend you for all you are doing, greyhounds are wonderful beloved animals and together we can save them from the tragic death they far too often find as their fate. My father and I own stables for abandoned/neglected/unwanted/cannot care for due to job loss thoroughbred horses (in fact, all horses here in Kentucky.

    Amanda (Hollywood Chic)

    Hope to see you there.

  9. Sounds like a fun and festive day! We will be seeing the grandparents tomorrow and going to the park this morning. The rest of the family will probably go see fireworks tomorrow night, but I will stay home with the cats and make sure they don't start trouble.

    When we have guests over, my mom usually puts the cats in the bedrooms. They don't always like people in their space. I am usually out and about, but tend to stay close to my mom and little sister.

    Have a great weekend!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Sounds like you will have a very busy day and evening. I bet the girls will sleep good tonight.

    Our family has trouble telling ours apart, but they look very much alike until you really get to know them. Sometimes I still get confused myself. LOL My FIL and his wife just call them the dogs because they have no interest in them and have never taken the time to learn their names. :-O

    I hope Morgan does okay today. It may be a little overwhelming for her.

  11. Happy 4th! Sounds like you have a packed schedule - seems like Bunny will love the attention! The basement is an EXCELLENT idea for fireworks time. A nice, cozy, insulated place to rest after the busy day!


  12. I completely understand why you'd be miffed that the neighbors cannot tell which greyhound is which especially since the pups don't look alike! Maybe your dogs impress them so much that they just can't think straight at the very sight of them!
    Daisy loves company and she's very well socialized since she's been practicing her manners for over a year now and because she works with her pet sitter parents!
    Did you see that I wrote about Bunny and her interview skills on my blog today!?

  13. The name thing is funny - our Mom and Dad are better at remembering dogs' names than their parents names. They just call them "Daisy's" mom or "Bunny's" dad! And sometimes they don't recognized the parents if the dog(s) are not with them! It can be embarrassing sometimes. Hey, are you girls playing Frankie Furter's name game tomorrow. That could clear up any confusion.
    The Road Dogs

  14. Hop hop Greyhounds. Friends had 3 although 2 have passed on. They are most gentle and sweet. I live in a small town, Marblehead, Ma. Although it will be crowded today with all 4th activities. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday! Cheers!

  15. We let Argos mingle with guests (though he doesn't dress up because it irritates him) but I've noticed that he has a limit to how much visiting he can handle... he's never bitten or snarled at anyone, but he just looks so unhappy after too many people start milling around and making a fuss over him. Once he hits that point, I take him upstairs and let him hang out in our air-conditioned bedroom and nap on the bed.

  16. My Sheltie and I are going to enjoy following your blog. We found you on the Saturday Pet Bloggers Hop!

    Cat Chat Caren

  17. Spriet and Tibbie love it when we have guests. Mostly we just let them mingle with company.

    I hope Morgan does okay. Have a great weekend!


  18. Hi Bunny! Rider loves company - except he will goose anyone who happens to bend over! He did this to his human great aunt (in her 70's!) once at a family gathering! Lilly is scared of people, and hides on her bed in the bedroom when people come over. Rider is OK with that - he gets all the attention!

  19. I know what you mean about people always asking who is who. Really a black and white parti,a red and a brindle. How different can you get? Happens to me all the time though.
    I generally let the dogs intermingle with the guests but they can be food thieves especially to little kids(don't have many little kids over).

  20. What was your name again? Snort, snort!
    Don't feels bad, we gets it too. And we red, black ad black...course da other two are long hair. Oh and to make it worse, everbuddy calls me a HE. Then I says, hey you wanna see? Hehehe, nay,Ijust pul;ing your chain bout dat...I don't really say dat.
    We NEVERS have bunches of peopls overs cuz we being doxies are very cautious of strangers, And I pees too when I gets all excited...hehhee.

  21. I consider hostessing as one of my duties, whether it's a holiday gathering or a repairman trying to work. I mingle with everyone and I looove company. I greet everyone at the door. No barking, just hi, come in, glad to see you. Of course, there's only one of me. That makes it a lot easier for the humans. But that's not really the important thing. I do dress up for special occasions, but I keep it simple. Usually just an appropriate bandana or something like that.

    wags, Lola

  22. Hop you guys have fun at your celebration. Have a happee weekend and blog hop Saturday
    benny & Lily

  23. I KNEW my comment didn't go thru!!! Made one this am, then remembered that I wasn't asked to type the secret word, so came back! Just wanted to say Happy 4th and that Bunny looks just gorgeous! Basement placing is a super idea - sounds like you have a lovely basement! Our county fair is going on right now about a mile away, so we hear the boomers every night. Sammie just barked once last eve - amazing - and the pupper slept through it! Some years, Sammie's gotten really upset; then we usually climb in the car and leave for a bit. Again, Happy, happy 4th!
    Hugs xoxoxo

  24. What a fun and busy day!! We are lucky to be a part of a large group of friends where our children are a mix of the human AND canine variety. Usually we would leave Dory out to hostess and sequester Bilbo to the Master bedroom to sleep the party away. We will have to see how Jacob fares in a big group, he hasn't been through one of these get togethers yet.

    This year the rain down here is keeping all dogs in their own homes...VERY upset with the humans!

    Let us know how the day turned out!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  25. Yay! Party!

    I love having guests! (As long as they feed me lots of goodies.) :)

  26. Wow! That sure sounds like fun!!!

    I am not to be trusted as a host, on a counta my history as a bolter. I have not attempted a 'run for it' in almost 18 monfs... but my the Mom does not believe in temptin fate!

    That does not mean that I don't make a GREAT greeter on a string!

    wif love from the Luke

  27. Sounds like you had a pawesome celebration!
    I hope everything went well!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. I pretty much do what you do. I put my dogs away and take them out mid-way through the party ONLY if a few guests want to meet them. because the party is NOT about my dogs but about my guests. I espcially do this because Loki is naturally defensive so he's a barkfest when guests arrive -- though after meeting MOST people (that is people who like dogs), he's a lover. still, because he's a barknut, i don't allow my dogs to greet my guests at the door in that manner and therefore, i put him (and Juno)away. i have NOT been able to quiet him down quickly enough to allow him to greet people at the door. once he's quiet and once my guests are settled in, he (and Juno) are allowed to visit and i bring them in. if he barks, i make him down/stay until he stops as he's NEVER allowed to bark-greet a person (run up barking at them), even though his barks could be excitement and not aggressive. because it's rude, and most people don't know that it's not aggressive. so he has to shut his yapper before he gets to meet. but because he's already been confined while guest are here, he usually gets the picture that they've been approved by me and that he does NOT get to go greet until he shuts up. and it takes him about 30 seconds to a minute which isn't that bad. but that's how i handle entertaining at our house with a yapper/barker or any dog for that matter.


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