Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Can't Mess With The German Greyhound

Bunny here, finally getting a chance at the keyboard this week.

I can't lie, adjusting to life with a new sister is not the easiest thing to do.  Morgan is always licking my face, and sniffing me, and looking at my couch, and trying to steal Mom from me.  It's really frustrating, but I try to be patient.  Mom reminds me that I was her age when I came to live here and that certain hounds were patient with me when I was learning the ropes.  I have no idea what she's talking about or why Blueberry is making faces over there on her dog bed!

Still, Morgan's not all bad and I have to admit that she's growing on me.  Last weekend we went to our favorite dog park, and it was really busy.  Mom was a bit unsure about going in when we got there because she saw this large Rottweiler going in, but she figured Morgan really needed her exercise and Dad thought it would be okay.  Well, when we got in the gate, there was this little Pitbull mix who was playbowing at me and so at first I was distracted, because I really wanted to play with him.  The next thing I knew, this Rottweiler had jumped up sideways over Morgan's back and she backed up and got away from Dad.  After a few moments, they got things sorted out and that Rottweiler backed off. 

I thought she was pretty rude, but I'm not big enough to take on some Rottweiler, even if her name was Sugarbunch!   We girls walked around the dog park and did a poop patrol.  I looked at Blueberry and she didn't seem too concerned about anything besides finding some cool dirt to dig a hole in so she could lay down.  Morgan was walking around with me some, and then I had my idea. 

I gave Morgan "the look" and took off.  Of course Morgan followed along with me.  The little Pitbull mix tried to keep up with us but didn't have a chance.  That big Rottie tried to chase us, but she totally had to eat our dust!  The other dogs in the park all had a good laugh about it!

So, while Morgan might still bother me a little with the face licking, I'll just say that while it's okay for me to put Morgan in her place, other dogs better look out.  Morgan's place is right behind me, and nobody's messing with the hairy Greyhound on my watch!

Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. Hi Bunny - thanks for your good wishes for JD, he's not very happy at the moment as he hates the 'cone of shame' that he's having to wear, but hopefully he'll heal quickly.

    We think you are a very patient girl, but then Mogan is a sweetie! We love to see sisters becoming bff's - lovely! That little video was wonderful! A couple of our pals are greyhounds and they have a baby brother whippet - we TRY to keep up with them but - um - we have to eat their dust too!!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. Sugarbunch the Rottweiler ? Now I've heard it all.

  3. Maybe the Rottie is just acting out because of that name. But way to run with Morgan - looks like you will end up being pals yet.

  4. I luvs zoomies too Bunny. You and Morgan sure showed that Rottie a thing or two.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Sugarbunch?????

  5. Hi Bunny! You and Morgan sure are a couple of speedsters! Bet that rottie won`t want to race you two again.

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  6. Bunny, you were too fast for the videographer too! :-)

  7. Morgan is so lucky to have found you as her family. She is so beautiful! It sounds like you had such a fun day at the park!

  8. Way to show up any and all competition gang! That is how you run the dog park!

  9. Awwww. That was the cutest post ever! I'm so happy you are getting along with the hairy greyhound. :)

  10. Yeah, you tell 'em! It's a lot easier when you have a little protection with you, no? ;)

    You have to love the name Sugarbunches!

  11. I know it takes a while to adjust to a new sibling. It changes everything! And you have to deal with a whole different breed! I think you're doing a great job and a few months from now you'll have Morgan believing she IS a Greyhound and everything will have settled down by then. Of course your Dad will have a Greyhound who just happens to look like a GSD, but that will have to do.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  12. Woo show 'em furry one!


    Another furry one

  13. How sweet! Morgan is so lucky to have a great teacher like you so she can learn the ropes of her new home.

  14. "Hairy" G.hound. Bawwwwhhhh that is toooo FUNNY BUNNY. You two really did show them up!!! Way To GOOOOOOO girrrls.

  15. You are just the best sibling a doggy could ever wish for - all that kissing is a good thing, too, 'cause that means she is lovin' you so much! We have one of those hairy, German greyhounds at our house! Wowza, they must be all over the place! It was so cool to see the two of you running in the park. Our momma says that she wishes more folks would understand that adopting a dog that is not a puppy is a g♥♥d think to do☺

  16. I love how you have your own superpower: speed.

  17. Good for you, Bunny! Sisters (and brudders) have to take up for each other! I thinks it's nice that you've accepted that kinda weird-looking greyhound into your pack. I can tell that she totally looks up to you! And now you have somebuddy of your own to boss around! Way to show that rottweiler who really rules the dogpark!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. Baby brothers, gotta love 'em.

    Big sisters, gotta lick 'em. Ahahahaha!!

  19. Oh dat was a wonderfulvdeo....course, I had no clue what I was watching cuz ya'll to fast and video camera was trying to keeps up.
    Bunny, yoouu and Sugarbunches is gonaa be likes BFFs oneday, oyu just wait and see.


  20. So, Morgan knows "the look" already! She's a very fast learner. She's actually a speedy runner too! She wasn't too far behind at the end.

    I love you calling her the "hairy greyhound"!

    A rottweiller named Sugarbunch?????? Kinda ruins the image, don't you think?

  21. You two sure make a good duo - sounds like your little race against the Rottie was good for some sister-sister bonding!

  22. Wow, how we would love to run with you two - we could really have fun.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. you don't have to tell me about sisters.oye!
    Benny (& Lily)

  24. Good job, Bunny!
    You showed to Sugarbunch who was in charge!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Bunny - you run crazy fast! Too bad they don't allow dogs in the olympics because that gold medal would be yours!

    Your pal, Pip

  26. 'The hairy greyhound'! LOL! Morgan looks like a sweetheart! Shows how long it's been since I got caught up with my favourite blogs, doesn't it? I had no idea you'd adopted a GSD.

  27. heeheehee! miss bunny, you and miss morgan totally made that rottie girl eat dirt!! i wonder if i could kinda keep up with you ladies? i like to do zoomies a lot!
    the booker man

  28. Way to make that rottie eat your dust, Bunny!


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