Friday, July 2, 2010

Her Bark Is Worse Than Her Bite

Mr. Taleteller and I had a good giggle Wednesday night at Morgan's expense.  It might have been wrong of us to laugh at her.  Okay, it was wrong of us to laugh, but we still couldn't help it.

Any time you add a new dog to a currently existing pack, some sorting out of pecking order has to happen.  We're realistic about that.  As hard as it is to not interfere, we also know that it's better to let the girls sort things out on their own as long as things are not getting out of hand.  If somebody snarls or shows teeth, we let them know that's not acceptable and things usually are defused from that point.  There hasn't really been too much of that, anyway. 

Morgan has really not challenged Blueberry or Bunny for much of anything.  She seems to be pretty much still intimidated and in awe of them.  Lilac has been the one I've been worried about.  Despite the fact that she pretty much keeps us on our toes (most of the night) she is getting pretty fragile.  I worry a lot about her getting bumped and knocked down.  Morgan hasn't been mean with her by any means, but she doesn't treat her the way she treats the other two, either.

So, for that reason, we've kept a very close eye on the interactions between Morgan and Lilac.  Most of the time, Lilac sleeps and just ignores whatever Morgan is doing.  However, sometimes she gets restless and moves around, trying out different beds to see if they're more comfortable.  Usually after a twenty minute circuit of bed trials, she settles on the one that is in front of her fan.  Wednesday night, she'd made herself rather comfortable and was enjoying a nice evening nap.  Morgan went past her to go look out the door and window on one of her regular patrols.  She walked past Lilac and managed to step near one of her sensitive toes.

Lilac sat up and gave out a loud bark.  Morgan shot across the living room in a blur, then turned and went to stand behind the end table beside Mr. Taleteller, looking around for the source of the attack and trying to regain her cool.  Bunny and Blueberry both looked up from their respective resting spots in surprise.  They couldn't figure out what the fuss was about.  Mr. Taleteller calmly reassured her that things were alright and that her reputation was intact.

I guess little old lady dogs will get their way with everybody!

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  1. It is so khool to see Morgan find her way and place in 'The Pakhk'!

    We are still khwite taken by her beaWOOty!


  2. Musical beds!
    Sounds like our place:)

  3. So the hazing begins! It's funny how the pecking order works and what some dogs must get accustomed to. Mr. B has realized that because he's only 2nd dog he must be Miss M's personal body pillow whenever she desires.

  4. LOL! that must have been funny to see a "guard dog" look like a scaredy cat!

    it's funny to watch newbies walk on eggshells... Mr. Wild Dingo used to say that Juno walked like she was a snowflake ready to melt when she first got here!

    Morgan will settle in and figure it out though. she seems super smart!

  5. Yes, little old ladies wield a great deal of power........even though you never think that to look at them!

  6. I so knows all bouts dis topic. We went through all dis when Whitney came to lives with us. Her still be trying to figures out her place in da pecking order. Howevers, I will say, her is not da one to run from anything. Hers can be rather mean at times. Dat e another sory though.
    Morgan is so brand spanking new though...Whitney has been heres fur almost a year now...whew! It will just take Morgan some time to figures out all dis stuff and da girls personalities.

  7. Old doggies (like me) are excellent at keeping the peace!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Oh the old girls will keep everyone in line!! Our old girl (Glitter),passed away on Tuesday at almost 14 yrs old but she ruled the roost. I like to think that the old girls teach the youngins how to behave. I'm laughing at Morgan 'hiding' behind the end table :).
    We hope to add another grey soon so Gigi will have a friend and watching the pecking order will be interesting as Gigi is rather timid.

  9. It's so interesting to witness a growing pack settle into their roles, isn't it??


  10. I bet Morgan has tremendous respect for Lilac now.

    Love the top photo. It's beautiful!

  11. Yes, it does take some time for things to get all put in order.

  12. You show her who's top dog, Lilac!

  13. It sounds like things are going pretty well, actually and that Morgan is smart enough to fear the old ladies.

    wags, Lola

  14. Poor Morgan!! Lilac may be reserved, but she'll still let the little one know who's in charge!!!

  15. Such is the ways of the world in adding a new pack member. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. I know when the new guys came in we would always have to protect the elder hounds a little bit from the enthusiasm of the new youngster a bit. The elder hound would also see to that him/herself as well, just the way Lilac does. We had one very old lady here (over 15) who was all of about 45 pounds tops. Small even for a gh female. But let me tell you, she kept them all in line, her wishes were known and the others would respect them or she'd give them the 'what for' to be sure. :)

  16. That must have been very funny to see!

  17. That must have been very funny to see!

  18. Our Old Lady, Daisy is like that too!!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  19. Oh, this is going on at my house right now. The new pup can't do anything right according to my old pup Trixie. Trixie steals Minnie's stuff, growls at her, and generally makes the mean face. Poor Minnie. I hope it gets better soon. And Morgan, stay away from Lilac's toes!!

  20. That top photo is beautiful! Sometimes we old girls have to show the youngsters who`s in charge. =)

  21. miss lilac is still in charge! :)
    the booker man

    pee s -- i think it's funny that my verification word thingie was "chess". heehee.

  22. BOL, you tell her, Lilac!!! :-)


  23. Haha! Way to puts that young whippersnapper in her place, Lilac. (Have I ever told you how much I luvs you and I would NEVER step near one of your sensitive toes - promise!)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  24. We have been babysitting a Bassett Hound, Fred, since the beginning of June. Fortunately he goes home next Saturday. However, he is something of a "sherriff" when it comes to more rambunctious pups. My three greys are usually very easy going, but George, my red boy, is quite the court jester. Last weekend Fred's mom was over and as all four boys were coming inside, George snapped at Fred. It was weird, as George is usually VERY easy going and doesn't snap at anyone except me and that's only if I try to kiss his nose while he's eating dinner. Last night I figured out why... Fred has finally gotten "comfy" in the house and has been snapping at George regularly. Like I said, fortunately, Fred will be leaving us in a week. :D Lilac, honey, you just keep making sure everyone knows you're the queen bee.

  25. Oh, Bunny I am so excited for you! A new sister to teach! You are one lucky dog! My Gramma has been so busy that I have not been in her lap reading for the longest time! She showed me how to go backwards and read all about this new sister dog. I will admit that I am a bit puzzled, though. I think you need a brother dog!!!

  26. We could SO picture that scene. Mom says it is fun to watch Ciara find her spot with Thunder and Phantom. Dakota was the alpha here for her entire 12 years, and now this little one is doing a pretty good job with her two older brothers of positioning herself right at the top. The whole dynamics of pack work is fascinating to watch.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  27. Dear Morgan, you don't have to be afraid. Just remember that Lilac is in charge and deserves your respect.

    I see Ms. Blueberry's toes are being stepped on in that first photo, but she doesn't appear to mind. That is a darling photo of her with Morgan. =)

  28. Will you dance with me Bunny?

  29. I don't think I have officially congratulated you on the addition yet! Welcome, Morgan! I love the picture of Morgan and Blueberry - so cute!

  30. "And there's more where that came from!"


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