Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Crazy Week

The first week back to school is usually a tiring one for me, but it generally goes by really quickly.  Not so, this week.  It seems to be the week that keeps on giving!

I'm actually really happy with our new class this year.  We have a few things we'll need to iron out, but I think it will go much better than the last two years.  I'm hopeful anyway.  There is an adjustment that you have to go through when you go back, though.  I am up every morning at 5:30 when I go to work, but on breaks, well, it's nice to curl up in bed with a certain blue fawn snuggle puppy until about 7:00.

On top of that, the 4H class that we volunteer to teach has their show this week.  Monday night was dress rehearsal at our last practice and Wednesday night was their big finale.  There weren't a lot of kids who actually showed at the fair this year, but we had a young group and they all made huge gains.  It's more important to us that the kids have fun, learn about their dogs, and help to make their dogs good canine citizens than it is if they actually show at the fair or not.  It's a lot of fun and is its own reward, but it did take up a lot of our time, especially this week.  Imagine the looks on four dogs' faces when we were gone all day and night and came home smelling of other dogs!  There were enough hairy eyeballs to go around on Wednesday evening.

Tuesday night Mr. Taleteller had a meeting in the evening that kept him away from home most of the night.  So, the girls and I enjoyed a little time together, but we didn't get to enjoy our evening walk together, and honestly, I was so tired that I nearly fell into a coma at the computer that night.

So, I was very much looking forward to Thursday night when we'd all finally be able to be home together and enjoy each other's company.  I know a few Greyhounds had plans to spend some quality snuggle time on the couch and I'm sure a certain Shepherd had ideas about a rousing game of kitchen surfing, too.  It was not to be.  We got a phone call Thursday morning that Mr. Taleteller's younger sister, who is seventeen, quit taking her medication and had stolen some money and her parents Suburban to go out running around with her friends.  My husband took the day off to go out and help look for her. 

When I got home, he heard that she might be out in a small town some distance from our house.  It's true, I could have just stayed home and spent time with the dogs.  Heaven knows it's what I wanted to do!   Since we'd been away from the girls so much, we decided to load them up and let them go on a drive through the country with us.  It wasn't the evening I planned, but at least we were all together.  Please know that if we haven't made it around to visit or been able to leave comments, it wasn't because we didn't want to.  Things are just a bit out of our control right now.  I will say that I have plans to barricade myself in the house with the Greyhounds on Saturday and there's not much that will lure me out. 

Before I close, I'd like to remind everyone to please check out the Carpe Canem auction for the Houston Greyhounds who are desperately in need of medical care after being discovered in horrible conditions.  They estimate the costs for taking care of these dogs will be hundreds to thousands of dollars for each dog, and there were sixteen Greyhounds seized.  When I read about what these dogs had been through, I actually felt sick.  Anything that we can do to pass on the word about how much they need help is worth the effort!

Martin is one of the Greyhounds rescued from this situation.  A little TLC has taken him a long way already!  We hope to see a story about him being adopted soon!   Things like this make me want to stay home with my own dogs even more. 

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  1. Sorry about your night not being khwite what you had anticipated -

    Hope the sibling situation khan get find some resolution -

    The aukhtion is going unbelievably well!

    That is furry khool!


  2. What a week. I'd just close the curtains, lock the door and snuggle up with the girls on Saturday.

  3. Martin is beautiful! look at that smiling face!

  4. WOW!! What a week!! When our Dad starts back to school, he almost makes it in the front door before he puts his PJ's on - it's an exhausting time.

    Hope Mr. Taleteller's sister is OK - teenagers don't realize how much they worry us.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  5. Oh, my goodness - those poor dogs! Why do we keep hearing about more and more starving, underweight greyhounds? What is WRONG with people?? Martin looks as if he's going to be stunningly beautiful when he's recovered!

    Sorry to hear about Mr T's younger sis. I hope they find her and she's OK!

  6. I think you are so sweet to have brought your dogs along with you on the drive. I think they will have forgive you already. Your week sounds crazy! But among all the good and bad things that have happened, you know that your dogs will always be there waiting for you at home!

  7. A crazy week for sure. Paws crossed that they finds Mr. Taleteller's younger sister. I hopes that this next one is better for you. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. What a week! You must be exhausted. I know I would be and so would my humans. I'm sorry the girls had to take a backseat - so to speak - but we all do sometimes. I sure hope next week is quiet and peaceful. You could deserve one of those fur sure.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  9. Oh gosh, sounds like a stressful week! I hope things calm down this weekend and that all works out with Mr. Taleteller's niece. I am planning on visiting the auction tonight!

    TGF!! Your pal, Pip

  10. Sounds like you were super busy! hope you get relaxing time soon!
    Kodi x

  11. We hope your Saturday will be everything you want and need - we have a greyhound playdate in the morning! Saturday will give you a chance to bid at the auction! We stole our mom's credit card and have been bidding on a bunch of items! Thanks for posting Martin's picture!

  12. Sorry about the crazy week, but that is the way it happens sometimes. Glad to know we are not the only crazy people to load the dogs into the car for non-dog trips.

  13. Well, I'm guessing at least Morgan was glad to get the excitment of a spontaneous drive :)

  14. Oh dears, haves they found Mr. T's sister? I sure hopes her is okay and quickly back on her meds. Meds are my mum's furiend.
    It breaks my hert thinking bout those Greyhounds and what they have just makes me kinda sick too.


  15. Oh boy, that is a lot of stuff to deal with. Anything family related can really ramp up the stress level. Just do be sure to find time to take care of yourselves! We all understand and will still thoroughly enjoy your posts as you're able to create them.:)

  16. Sounds like your Moms is REALLY busy. Make sure you make her rest!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  17. Nothing like a little family drama to skewer your plans. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope we all have a laid back Saturday. :)

  18. Did your husband find his sister? Sound like you have been very busy lately - can just feel the stress in your post. I hope you have a nice day of complete relaxation tomorrow.

  19. Hoping you have a peaceful Saturday at home and lots of snuggle time!

  20. Wow, that was quite the week. We are sorry to hear about the family issue, but we sure hope the sister is safe now. It is not an easy task raising a teenager these days.

    Martin is beautiful.

    Hope you have a calm and relaxing weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. Gosh, and we thought things were crazy around here! I hope you get to have a peaceful and restful weekend. I also hope for good news about the teenager. It's really hard to be a teenager :(

    Emma Rose

  22. Tough week. Thanks for the update about the Texas greyhounds. Will pass on.

  23. My goodness! It has been super duper crazy arounds your house. I hope Mr. Taleteller's sister got found. Maybe you should think about microchipping her.

    And that's very much sad abouts those greyhounds. I just luvs Martin cuz a) he's brindle like me; and b) he can still smile!

    Hope you have a Most Relaxing weekend!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  24. miss taleteller,
    good gravy! you sure have had a crazy ridiculous busy week. i sure hope that mr. taleteller's younger sister has been found and is okie dokie. i am hoping that you and the lady doggies have a relaxing 'n uninterrupted weekend!
    there is so much grrreat stuff to bid on at the carpe canem auction. the flat nigel proof is up to $350 so far! it looks like they are gonna raise gobs of green papers to help those poor greyhounds. :)
    the booker man

  25. I hope your human auntie comes home and takes her medicine. That is very troubling news. We are sending big vibes your way to help you through this difficult and stressful time.


  26. He looks much happier! I love transformations like that!


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