Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bottled Up

After sharing our lives with Greyhounds for the last ten years, we've gotten used to having a variety of dog toys around.  However, a few of those toys have proven to be...not quite hardy enough for the type of workout Morgan likes to give them.  Fortunately, our new girl is easily amused.  Her favorite toy in the whole world is an empty water bottle.  No, we're not foolish enough to give her one that's full.

For those of you out there with dogs who share a similar prediliction for plastic bottles, you may know that this can be hazardous to your feet, not to mention your dog.  I can tell you with assurance that I will not be signing up to walk barefoot across a bed of glass in a circus anytime soon.  It's funny where little pieces of plastic and bottle caps can end up.

When Morgan first came here, we had a fleece bottle cover that looked like a pig.  We'd slide the bottle inside and she'd attack it with gusto.  Sadly, the pig bit the dust a week after Morgan arrived here.  A couple of weeks later, Mr. Taleteller found her an orange cat cover for the same purpose.  He lasted the first night, but before we went to bed the next night, he was also in stuffie heaven trading horror stories with the pig.

Around that time, we found this company called Olive.  They make "green" pet toys and other products.  We found a more durable bottle sleeve that's made out of bamboo.  Of course, we had to try it.  So far, it's holding up pretty well, and the most important part is that Morgan seems to like it.

I guess it's a good thing that she has simple tastes!

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  1. Oh yes, cheap and cheerful, the good old plastic bottle ... but noisy, lol! I've never put a cover on mine, we don't have anything we can buy. I could try an old sock:-) Morgan looks seriously happy with her bamboo bottle cover!

  2. She's not the furst we've read about that find that toy to be one of the furry bestest ones!

    PeeEssWoo: PAWESOME toofers!

  3. Woof! Woof!What a sample taste test. Happy BLOG HOP Weekend.

  4. Amazing how strong their teeth are isn't it?

  5. Wilf would like to know if you can play rugby with it?

  6. Bender used to have a thing for plastic bottles but he's grown out of it now.

  7. Our labs have that plastic bottle fixation as well!

  8. So when Morgan has a bad day, she hits the bottle?

  9. Good find!
    Have fun, Morgan. It looks like it could keep you entertained for hours :)

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  10. My Morgan what big teeth you have! mean you're not suppose to give them the bottle with water in it? (Just jokin)

    That is a great idea with the cover, I never knew about that!

  11. Those are some very capable looking chompers! Is the toy still alive? :)

  12. Email me offline if you want.i have TONS of toy ideas for Morgan. they really are "different" than most dogs and really do need a variety of textures in their bite toys. (Loki is a huge biter). I have leather, french linen, jute, and a woven plastic material and more. he has his fav's but rotating around the texture is really best thing for him. he loved jute for so long (it's really tough) but then one day his tooth sunk low into the toy and when i tugged it actually hurt his canine. so he doesn't like jute anymore. which is sad because jute is an excellent choice. you just have to choose a good quality and watch to see if it's breaking down to the point that teeth can go through. If you have any "chewers" in the house, then you'll want to make sure all the leather toys get put away after play... (juno loves to find th leather ones and destroy them. they're too expensive for that!) but for a dog who loves to tug and bite, using a variety is really a great tool to have. it's good for their mouth too (teaches them grip strength). and keeps it interesting for them.

  13. Holy COW !! Morgan you have some fangtastic Teefs!!
    Have you seen anything of your Missing Sister and her FAN???
    Nothing from Cussin Francine!! Do you suppose they are TOGETHER???

  14. This looks interesting. The only toy so far we had luck with is the Kong, but Erin gets bored with that fast. I went on the site & the Double Tug Toy looks interesting too. Thanks for the feedback on the product and sharing the link. First time I've heard of this site.
    Erin & Mom

  15. Look at those teethies! Get that bottle, Morgan!!!


  16. Whoa, those are some big scary teeth!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Ahhh, you've discovered the life of shepherds and labs! We have given up on soft toys except Tuffys Pet Toys... Other soft toys go to heaven within 24 hours!

    Thanks for the muzzle advice. I tried to fix K's muzzle last night late. I thought that it would be a really fast job until I poured super glue all over my fingers in my fatigued brain fog. I gave up until I was less sleepy. I think I might risk having K go sans muzzle this morning. She doesn't eat poisonous mushrooms, just ones that give her low level GI irritation (that's why I'll risk it).

    In any case, Thanks!!!!

  18. Bogart loves to chew on plastic bottles too! Well, actually he loves to play tug with them. Most toys don't last long with him, even the ones that claim to be indestructible. The only soft toys that last are ones made from fleece because he likes to suck on them. Silly boy. I'll have to check out that Olive company. Thanks!

  19. I can destroy just about anything (except a Kong) in very little time, so Mom may have to check these out!
    Happy Blog Hop, Sage

  20. Wowser, Morgan! Look at those teefies!! Do you use da Crest White Strips to keeps them so shiny clean??? Heehee

    My mom bought da bottle toy for brudder Dude, thinking it would last longer than a stuffie with a squeek. Butt her was going CRAZY-er listening to da plastic crunch-crunch. He loved em though.


  21. I has never played wif a water bottle won't let me. I will shows her this neat cover, she might change her mind. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  22. chewies are very necessary for doggies gums...I chew an orange ball which I puncture every now again and the guys have to get me a new one!

  23. Ciara is our chewer here and we have a couple of those bottle covers too. So far she hasn't managed to get through them, but it is good to know about this jute one. Happy chewing, Morgan.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Agh! What big toofers you have Miss Morgan! You could portray The Big Bad Wolf of the Little Red Riding Hood story.

    Good thing you're not a panda, otherwise that bamboo bottle carrier wouldn't stand a chance.

  25. Ummmmm...those teefies be scaring me!

    I has NEVERS had a water bottle...other than da ones I steal...we sees them at da pet store though. I thinks brudder Albert might likes one.


  26. oh, that is so cool! thanks for sharing about the bottle cover! my aunt sweetie totally loves chewin' on empty water bottles like miss morgan does. now me and asa know what to get aunt sweetie for christmas!! :)
    the booker man

  27. Wow! Thanks for sharing that info about the bamboo bottle cover! I never knew anything like that even existed! You'd think I deprive my coonhound by the way I don't know what toys are best for her, ha!ha! She destroys every stuffed toy so I will look into the one you suggested!

  28. Sure Morgan loves the bottles!
    Glad you found something to keep them in one piece... or at least... to contain the pieces!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Oh's we's no stranges to 'dem tings!! hee hees..

    We's got a sock man 'dat Mommy puts ours in!! Me likes 'da crunckle and crackle lackle noisy noises its makes..

    So yous be's our neighbors.. Mommy and Daddy use to live in Kirkland.. do yous know where 'dat be's??

    Anakin Man

  30. Cute toy post. Mine love the bottle toys too.
    Not sure how to contact you either but I would be honored to have my blog included. Best way to reach me is I am Helen, my blog is stories from my puppy owners(obviously) as well as myself.

  31. We may have to look into that. My mutant puppy sister had that pig bottle thingy, too, and she killed it pretty quickly. Happy Blog Hop weekend!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Alien Pod Puppy

  32. I luv to chew on plastic bottle too... but not for too long as I lose interest quite quickly. Boy! Morgan sure has big teeth.... jaws of death, hehe.

    Licks, hero

  33. Nice bitey face, Morgan! I nefur nommed on plastic bottles but then we duss not has much plastic around as mom tries to eliminate it completely - it do be so bad fur the environment. Anyway, I is completely responsibull for hasing disekted a dozen televishun remote controls when I woz Morgan's age, BOL. I think that be bad for the environment, too. Oops.

  34. Hi! You've comment on our blog several times and I just now found your blog on the hop! Ya, we're all a little slow around here, well at least mom is. HEHE Plastic is a favorite around here, remotes, pop bottles, tubberware, peanut butters, frisbees, plastic lids, plastic chip see where we're going here...great to finally find you.

  35. Looks like that bottle is holding up well! That last photo is brillant!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  36. My greyhounds are definitely not interested, but I have lots of agility friends who have dogs that love plastic bottles! :-)

  37. Okay, we need to know more about this bamboo bottle thingy. BabyRocketDog loves to chew bottles and the canvas ones we use from FatCat wear out very quickly. Love the pics!!
    BabyRD and Hootie

  38. Great way to sharpen the toofers too! Looks like you've been sharpening yours morgan.


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