Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Hot

Bunny here, typing at the keyboard with a poem I wrote in honor of this weekend's weather.

It's too darned hot to go outside
The shadows want to go and hide

My paws get blisters at the thought
Of going out, it's that darned hot

I wish this heat would go away
So I could go outside and play

I do not like it one darned bit
I can't even go outside to sit

There's only one thing about this heat
I get to eat a frozen treat

Frosty Paws have saved the day
So inside we'll have to stay

How have you guys been beating the weather lately?  I need some ideas!

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  1. Very well written poem Bunny. :)
    I hope it cools down soon. At least you get frozen treats and a little splash-pool. That seems like fun. :)

  2. It is supposed to warm up here in N.Idaho this week. We mostly stay indoors and eat special ice-pops mommy makes for us. Life is good.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  3. That poem sums it all up. Don't despair. Just as we'd given up all hope of the heat ever going , lo and behold , yesterday a huge storm swept through. We're wearing jumpers this morning.

  4. Well, on the other side of the world, Barbie is still sleeping with her PJs on..... but you can get 'swamp cooler' coats which you drench with water, and as the water evaporates it cools the dog. It's kind of like the sweating process. I'm planning on buying one for Barbie, since she has the curse of being black as well as not coping with the heat very well. Not sure where to get them from but the ones I've seen on Dogkingdom were probably imported from the USA anyway!

  5. Hey, that's an awesome poem!!!
    Hope the weather turns out better for you soon!
    You greyhounds have such short coats, it shouldn't be too hot right?

  6. You could move to New Zealand, Bunny? Beryl doesn't wear pj's. She almost seems to glow with warmth. When I uncover her crate in the morning warm air flows out:-) I'm thinking she's going to want to move to Alaska in our summer! Great poem too:-)

  7. Great poem Bunny - your truly are a most talented hound.
    Loved all the pics but especially liked Morgan looking out the window!
    We don't have heat to worry about but lots of rain - usually we pass the time by sleeping....!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  8. Well it be's blazing HOT heres too. I just stay inside to tells you da truth.
    However, I really liked your poem. I didn't know you was such a poet. I must let Alein know dis.


  9. That excellent poem says it for so many of us. No great ideas from here, though. We stay inside, destroying the environment with our AC as much as possible and dream about crisp, cool, fall days. That's about it.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. We know how you feel - we only get to go outside in the early morning or late evening.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  11. Wonderful poem Bunny! You are SO talented!

    Lucius and I sleep during the day under the goatherders bed, then we come out at night. Perhaps you could try night prowling??


  12. What a great poem!! It has just been to darned hot out to do anything!!

    Keep Cool :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  13. Actually, Puddles, I heard some of Bunny's poetry the other night. When someone locked me to Lilac's fan!

    Ah, well. There are worse things in life than being locked up in a house with you girls. *Wink*

  14. Renner:
    Air conditioned campers are hard to beat
    When we go camping it's my retreat! :)

  15. Love the poem, Bunny! It is actually cooler up here today! My trick for staying cool is to stretch out on the bathroom tile and stay perfectly still.

    Also, we are headed up to northern WI on Thursday - we hear it was in the 60's up there yesterday. I may even need a jacket!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  16. I has that EGGSAKT same pool! Pawsome! I don't use it any mores but it woz my fave when I woz a yungun. We keep it in the garage just in case I change my mind. Luckily it kewled off here over the weekend. Hope it be heading your way.

  17. You are SO poetic, Bunny! I bets there's lots of doggies that can relate to your rhymes. As for me, I ordered up some 70 degree weather yesterday and it was just Most Wonderful! You should puts in your order, too. (Or move to Collie-rado.)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. Love your poem bunny!
    The newfs have been driving me crazy! They want to go out and play, but then they feel the heat and run back inside! Then they just sit there and stare at me! So we have been trying to play hide and seek, but Leroy cheats and Sherman gets mad at him:)

  19. BUNNY Hunny... you wrote a super COOL poem!! You should get it published!!!
    It is cooler here today. AC got turned off and WINDOWS OPEN!!! I'm gonna do 87 zoomies today!! Just to make up for the ones I couldn't do when I stayed in the cool house.
    Super Poem.... encore more we adore
    more I emplore. hehehe

  20. WOW! Such literary talent!!

    The weather people are teasing us... high tomorrow in the 70's. Sounds great, but it also includes rain. I'll still take it!

  21. Lovely poem Bunny :) We have the warms weather whole year round here.. and the best way i know to overcome it is to join it.

    What i usually do is run to the garden when its real warm and have a good tumble and rumble and roll about till i get grass all over my curly wurly furs. that always makes my day.

    woofs & licks,

  22. What a great poem, Bunny! It indeed has been warm, but yesterday the humidity broke and there was a breeze (it was because of the breeze that the Blue Angels couldn't perform their high performances for the air show). Today it is downright lovely here in the city! Hope it gets better by you real soon so you can go out and enjoy the great outdoors and play!

  23. I love the swimming pool! I wish we could have one, but I doubt it would be good on our deck. The pooches have been moping around for the past week, but this morning we had temps in the low 70's. All of a sudden Mr B was like a jack-rabbit on our morning walk, all lively and bouncing off curbs. He's kind of strong and hard to control when he's excited...maybe the heat isn't so bad?

  24. We beat the weather by moving to the border of Canada. I know, not fair. ;)

  25. Hi Bunny, we have just seen your blog for the first time today since your comment on ours! We think you are a very beautiful hound, and it's great to 'meet' other hounds across the world!

  26. What a wonderful poet you are! Today we got FROZEN kongs! A little peanut butter into the kong and after frozen a delightful nom!

    Keep cool!


  27. Simple - We're dreaming of a White Christmas (and November, and December, and January, and . . .)

  28. A very nice poem about a most unpleasant topic. It got cooler here for a couple of days but now it is jungle hot again. Oh save me!


  29. Hi Bunny,
    Boy you can write poems!! So talented!! So beautiful!!! Honey you got it all!!!
    Thanks for your visit today!!!!! Joker was very much like you, a little bigger and his ears stood right up most of the time. People would pill up to us at red lights and went to see him up close. Joker and I walked 5 miles a day and he would have loved to walk more!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  30. Your poem is pawesome!
    I am a girl who does not like a lot the cold weather but this summer has been too much!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Oh my goodnessessessessess's!!!! hee hees!!
    'dat a lots of essess's...butt WOW!!! PAWSOME POEM!!! We's LOVES it's!!!

    Okays so 'dis is funny.. cuz Anakins thought of a way to gets us cooled offs!! hee hees...

    we's wished we's checked in sooner... we's broughts yous too's..

    Josie.. it's me's :@)

  32. We had a three day break here but all the heat and humidity are coming back tomorrow. The only way we found to stay cool was to stay inside and find those cool vents.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  33. Hope it cools down for you soon, I don't really have any's cool here!


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