Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girls Will Be Girls

Sometimes, pack dynamics really surprise you.  When we brought Bunny home, she tried really hard to be buddies with Blueberry, and Blue really wasn't having any of it.  She was suddenly too grown up to play and no matter what Bunny did, she would not budge on the issue.

I thought when we brought Morgan home that Bunny would be really happy to have her here.  Morgan is closer to her in age and Bunny really does like to play.  After several years of being the only young dog, she was finally going to have some companionship.

I suppose some of you think you know where this is going.  Bunny really wants nothing to do with playing with Morgan.  This is certainly not for lack of trying on Morgan's part.  I think the point where Bunny's entire head was inside Morgan's mouth may have just been the dealbreaker for Bunny.  She just doesn't like the rough style of play that Morgan prefers.  When Morgan gets too much for the tiny princess, she tells her off with all the finesse of a junkyard dog.  Fortunately, these times are rare and it sounds worse than it actually is.  Bunny knows how to use her bark and she doesn't hesitate to do so, and it works for her.  Mr. Taleteller rushes in every time and tells Morgan to knock it off and behave, then Bunny prances to the couch and flounces down on it.  She couldn't be more pleased that her daddy put Morgan in her place.

Morgan isn't lacking for companionship here in the house, though.  She's found a wonderful barking companion in Lilac.  They run, well, Morgan runs and Lilac hobbles, to the front window to bark at intruders together when someone rings the doorbell on television and then head to the kitchen window to make sure all is quiet on the other front.  Lilac seems pleased as punch that another dog is finally joining in her quest to make sure that our eardrums develop holes. 

The real bond Morgan seems to be working on, however, is with Blueberry.  Her royal highness, who was too good to play with Bunny, seems determined to get Morgan cranked up every night.  It starts with a run into the bedroom, then a return to the living room, where Blueberry often taunts Morgan by running into the crate and somehow closing the door and then a return lap to the bedroom. 

I never thought I'd see Blueberry lowering herself to actual playing with other dogs.  She is remarkably tolerant of Morgan, but she still draws the line and Morgan seems to be willing to stay on her side of said line.  Now if only Bunny could figure out how to be included.  I think she wants to join in, she just gets overwhelmed.  I have a feeling that if she did decide to join in that neither Morgan or Blueberry would know what hit them!

Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. We love to keep humans guessing how we'll interakht with new members of our pakhk!

    Thoryan is surely proof of that! He lives to play with all of us - and sooooo wants Banshey (the eldest at 14) to akhcept him -

    He's slowly wearing her down too!


  2. Poor doggies! I do love that photo of Morgan though. She is so pretty. :)

    When I first came to my home, I was 8wks old. We have another Jack Russell, and at the time he was 4years old. He acts a lot older though. Anyway, I would always want to play (being a puppy I had LOTS of energy). Oscar will play a little bit, then he would want to sleep. If I played with his ball, he would growl, and just not be nice to me, then hide the ball and not even play with it!

    Anyway, I know how you all feel. It is all fine now. I'm now two, and even though there is an age difference, we play just the right amount, then he has his naps, and I'll find something else to do (such as sleep, play with my human, toys, etc.)

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  3. finding a playmate is harder than we think it is. i mean, we see how their playstyles are and think "ah ha! Fluffy will be PERFECT for Rover" but not necessarily. Loki was a Husky/Malamute nut case. he loved them. he also love a malinois. so i got him a husky. he and Juno play ok together, but honestly, nothing like the play he does with the dogs he chooses on his own. of course it doesn't help that Juno is a bit handicapped with her hips. she plays rough but only when she's up to it. she'll instigate with him too. but i can't help but sometimes feel, in my head, that they would choose a better dog to play with than we would. STILL... as the saying goes: we can choose our friends, but not our family, right? so no matter what, your 4 are family and they know it. and if they get a long (for 4 girls!) that's a HUGE benefit in itself. you're doing better than MOST, i'd say. sometimes, just being a sibling and offering companionship is enough for dogs. and how awesome that Blue is playing again. i almost saw the foreshadowing of it in the first few paragraphs. things could change for bunny, who knows. but if they don't, that's ok too. Morgan has you and the Mr. to play with too. and that's way more important (i think).

  4. Well, it seems that your girls have got their friends sorted out! They are all princesses in their own way :)

  5. They do sort it out! Bailey is very playful but at first Martha wouldn't play at all - now that she does ... Bailey decided when!!!!
    They all look lovely together and I love the way Bunny has Mr Taleteller under her clever little paw....!!!

  6. Never really thought of it, but Natasha and Nikita picked Rusty AND Natasha and Rusty picked Kiska (both cases, at a rescue with many dogs to chose from and I came home with the dog that my dogs liked the best). And, they are thick as thieves.

  7. Good to see this, you just never know how things will shake out when pack dynamics change. Best always to let them sort it out and then months down the road it begins to seem like it is as it always was. :)

    Scooter's loss has changed Renner, we can see that. After just a week and some days Renner is a little confused and a little more needy Adjustments are always tough but somehow it all normalizes if given time.

    I think it is lovely that Lilac and Morgan are friends, the young and the old.... nothing better than that.

  8. These are such great pictures!! Especially the one with Morgan "hugging" Blueberry.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. It's funny how things go isn't it. Love the pictures - it seems like Morgan knows how to pose for the camera :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  10. Love the picture of the choke hold!
    We have similar issues here with the boys, but it seems to be working itself out slowly:)

  11. Pac Dynamics can be difficult for two leggers to understand.
    Perhaps the green eyed Jellyness Monster is making himself a bit of a pain.

  12. That last picture is a classic!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  13. I think it works itself out. It was definitely easier for me with Franklin than it probably is for Bunny with Morgan because we're the same breed and play style is the same. Of course none of that explains Blueberry. It's nice that Blueberry decides she wanted to explore play. She can scratch that off her bucket list. And it's pawsome (but not for you, so much) that Lilac has a barking companion. I do hope Bunny fits herself in. She probably will, but if not I guess you'll have to get her a doggy of her own. And so on...

    lotsa licks, Lola

  14. Hi Bunny,
    I am so so very glad to find you at last!!! I saw you on Two Goldens and a want-a-be and then couldn't get to you!!! So happy to finally get here!! I put you on my favorite list!! I am going to look for your follow button so I am a follower. I will be back!! Do come to my blog and read some posts.
    I have lots of pictures of Joker my Ibsin Hound but those pictutes are way back. When I blog next time I'll put a picture of him on. I don't know if I will have time to blog today or not, maybe.
    I am so happy to have found you!!!!!!!!
    XXOO, Fern

  15. Your follow is not working right now will have do that next time. I will for sure.

  16. Those pictures are Beau-roooooo-tiful!

  17. I think I can totally understand Bunny's reluctance to play seeing as her head ended up in Morgan's mouth!! Yikes, that certainly would be a reason to stay clear! Nice that Morgan's found Blueberry to romp with, even if there's a line in the sand, so to speak.

  18. I am glad Morgan is starting to fit into the family! :)

  19. There's some interesting body language going on in the third and fifth photos...need a couple of cartoon balloons!

  20. Pack dynamics are always an interesting thing to watch! Photo #5 looks like Morgan has a head lock

  21. Hello! I am a furiend of Mileys! I thought I would come by and say hello to all of you. You are ALL beautiful doggies! Come on by and see me if you get a chance.

    woo woos, Tessa

  22. Ummmm...I furget what you were talking bout.
    Oh yes, dat pack stuff....nevers heard of it befores......OMG, I so haves to go to bed.
    Anyways, me and Brudder Albert dat way. I loves to play withs him but he hates to play withs me.
    Have you evers thought dat maybe Bunny just don't like Morgan? I'm kidding!!!!!
    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....I'm awake now.
    I'm kinda thinking I should prolly go now.
    See ya at da pawty tomorrow.



  23. hee hees... dem words over my head (uddles pa)

    My brother and sis Izzy are best buddies and 'da Josie feels left outs, butt 'dens sometimes Anakins will play wits me.. 'den Izzy and I will have slumber paw-Tys and she's be nices..

    I trys to keep dem in lines around heres!!!

    Josie.. (Izzy is Zzzzz and Anakin is still chomping.. oh and he love 'da frosty paws too)

  24. pee-s..

    forgots to mentions.. yous pho-toes are so adorables!!!!

    .k bye

  25. I know it is just a matter of time.
    Bunny will be having lots of fun around the house with them!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Things never work out the way we think they will. Ha!

  27. That is so sweet! My mom's done quite a bit of studying within the topic of pack mentality and canine body language and some of those pictures with Morgan seem to show that she understands that even though Blueberry will play with her, Blue is still top dog... does that seem to be the case in 3D, so to speak? Pack dynamics fascinate my mom. BOL!


  28. Awww. I love the picture of the two of them cuddling on the bed! Or does Morgan have Blueberry in a headlock? :)

  29. You just never know what these gals are thinking. I have no doubt that everybody is getting what they need and happy to be part of the pack.



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