Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A One Track Mind

I have a feeling that there's one way that living with Greyhounds has affected Morgan.  It appears that she's caught a healthy dose of rabbit fever.  We believe that she caught it early on, after she took a dive into the neighbors shrubs after one of the little pests one night

We have on particularly stupid rabbit living in our yard this year.  When he's not sitting right outside the turn out pen, he's lurking under a certain bayberry bush near the house.  Morgan knows where this rabbit likes to hang out.  In fact, she's so keen to get a shot at this rabbit that she will pretend that she needs to go outside to go potty to get a shot at him.

Saturday afternoon, Morgan and Mr. Taleteller were outside practicing their obedience.  Why they were out in the heat practicing and why they were walking past that bayberry bush are facts that are beyond me, but I do not try to understand the complicated workings of the male mind.  I just accept it for what it is.  Anyhow, they were outside practicing and Morgan was working quite intently on her heeling. 

The exact details of what happened next are a bit blurry.  The next thing my husband knew, they were headed for the bayberry bush and his left arm was three inches longer than the right.  Morgan finally emerged from the bush with white cottontail fur in her teeth.  I strongly suspect that neither Mr. Taleteller nor the rabbit knew what had hit them.

The Greyhounds have a whole new respect for Morgan now.  Whether the rabbit returns remains to be seen.  I just know that if I take Morgan out, I am not walking her past the bayberry bush!

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  1. PAWESOME work Morgan!

    Merdie and I are akhtually not highly rabbi-vated - I guess khytties are MY Job 1!


  2. Clever clever Morgan!
    Now we know who's the rabbit catcher of the family!!!

  3. It's all about the hunt :) Or that moment --right before-- they get a treat....I can see that look on Morgan's eyes! Enjoyed the link back to your earlier post about herding rabbits - haha...

  4. No offense to Bunny but rabbits are DUMB!!! In my previous life living on 40 acres the place had so many rabbits as well as 2 JRT's that it was ridiculous. The JRT's lived on rabbits which they caught most of the year. Why didn't the rabbits move on to a farm with less accomplished hunters? I wonder if your rabbit will return?

  5. Oh Morgan!! hee hees... can I's dress Izzy ups as a bunny rabbits and ships her over deres and sticks hers in 'dat bush!! SNoRTS! Just kidding!! Izzy's been good to me's through me ordeal and so have yous alls too's!! Tanks for 'da good words and smiles!!

    'dat Bunny is silly and yous greyhounds betters respects yous nows!! Ordeal 'dems to bring yous tings!!
    I make Izzy and Anakin push me on my swing sometimes...hee hees!!

    Josie hugs!!
    Josie..who else..whatcha tinks

  6. Welcome to our world! Tell Mr Taleteller our humans' arms now almost reach their feet!
    Good work Morgan - you are looking just beautiful - just wait till you fill out a little - you are a beauty!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  7. Excellent work, Morgan. We are very impressed and work on the hu-dad's arm length all of the time.

  8. Our Grandpeeps had a GSD that was an expert hunter - she was always snatching up a ground hog and it never knew what hit it.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  9. Wow! Go Morgan! There's a rabbit that lives under a hedge next door, right in Sambuca's yard. I don't know how that works out for the rabbit, because Sambuca is a bit of a hunter, but she raises her family there every year. And I can't get to it because of the fence!!!! So sad...

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. Way to go Morgan!! We are sure that bunny didn't know what hit him and if he is smart he won't come back!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  11. Yes the workings of the male mind are a mystery. I`d stay away from the bayberry bush as well!

  12. What does go on in a man's mind sometimes? Hmmm..
    I don't want to know!
    I bet that silly rabbit comes back:)

  13. Hmmm, must be a shepherd thing that we dive into bushes after vermin. I did that once on leash without even making mom's arm longer, just dived into the bush and comed up with a chipmonkey in my mouf! But meanie mom tolded me to DROP IT and he runned off unharmed. I knows now I is not allowed to do that any mores coz mom seems to has a fondness for vermin.

  14. Hey Morgan... congratulations on gathering Rabbit Furs. I hope you got to keep it and put it in a safe place. Nice Trophy!!!
    Sarge will be very much proud of you.
    PeeS... I think he is going to save a Dance for you.

  15. Oh you go girl!!!! Imagine what Mr. TT would haves done if you had brought da whole rabbit out in your teefs...hehehehe!
    Shame he ain't super stretch.


  16. white cottontail fur in her teeth?? hehhehe.. but i bet the bunny.. ops!.. i mean the rabbit's gonna be back :D them rabbits never learn :)

    Morgan is beeyootiful!

  17. WOW! I am ever so very much impressed, Morgan! Brudder Ranger has caught two baby bunnies, much to my mom's complete and total horror. But I have never caught one, or even a little bit of its furs, no matter how much I have tried. Sorry Mr. Taleteller held you back like that, though.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. Morgan, we need to "borrow" you at our house...those wabbits keep eating our flowers and making a mess of the garden. I see a well-paying career in your future.

  19. Hey Bunny,
    You girls are so lucky to have found a rabbit to play with.That too in your own yard. Little wonder Morgan can't resist!
    Loved the pictures of you girls playing with Morgan in your earlier post.
    and yes, you are right. Mummy must get a book with grey hounds on the cover page. you are a well dressed model after all.
    Please do go take out that kite. and send us some pics. Maybe you can catch it in the air...
    gin n bud

  20. That rascally rabbit got away! Maybe next time....

  21. Way to sniff them bunnies out Morgan. We have one stupid rabbit that likes to have a stand off with us on our walkies. If you can imagine 3 bassets within inches of a rabbit and then the darn thing takes off, and you can only think of what happens to poor mom. Thanks for stopping by our blog by the way. The Hounddogs

  22. Thunder and Morgan would make a great team - TD is a pro at catching those little ones too.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the socks for Phantom, but that is just one more thing that would freak him out. He was hungry enough tonight and Mom got him to eat some chicken and rice and a little of his kibble. Just 6 more days.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. If I see a tail-less bunny, I'll know what happened! :)

  24. Yeah mine lose their mind when they see a rabbit or some small critter. I was practicing sit or down stays a few weeks ago. Down came a squirrel, I quietly got back just in time to prevent them from breaking and going after it. I was lucky I was in time.

  25. I still can't believe a rabbit would be stupid enough to make its home near all you guys.

  26. Hunter Morgan!
    Another episode that I'd love to see in video!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Something tells me the hounds regard her as a hero!

  28. Kelly is exactly the same way!!!

    Except.....she doesn't hunt rabbits, she hunts flies. :)


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