Saturday, August 7, 2010

A New Routine

There's no denying that adding a new dog to the mix shakes things up.  Adding Morgan in with the girls has been an entertaining and uplifitng experience for us.  I sometimes wonder if she feels like she landed on another planet.

One of the routines that I've always loved is when Mr. Taleteller leaves the baby gate down on Saturday mornings and Bunny comes back to bed with me.   She comes in and curls up and will sleep until she senses that I'm waking up.  Then somehow her little body winds up much closer to mine.  She'll lay there and watch me until I make the mistake of starting to pet her.  After that, there's no going back to sleep.  You do not stop petting Bunny on the bed once you've started.  If you do stop, you are sternly reminded with The Paw.  She also ends up with her head beside me on the pillow, and honestly, in my completely biased opinion, she's just too adorable to stop petting.

However, now there's a new element to the Saturday morning routine.  After Bunny has decided that she's had enough or she needs a drink or something attracts her attention in the living room and she's gone, Morgan decides that she needs to come in for some quality time.  Morgan time is nothing like Bunny time!  I hear one thundering step on the bedroom floor before the bed shakes from the earthquake of her landing.  Then it's a pounce and two giant paws hold my shoulders down while Morgan expresses all of her feelings with her tongue.  Honestly, by the time she's done I don't feel like I even need to start my day with a shower or brushing my teeth.  She rolls over for a belly rub, which is a full body experience as she wriggles around in ecstacy. 

It's definitely two different styles of wake up call, but honestly, I've found that I enjoy both of them!  It's nice to have a little time with the big fuzzy girl before she heads off with my husband to obedience class.  While they're gone, I get to spend some quiet quality time with the girls in the living room and think about what adventures we can get into during the rest of the day.  I just find it so endearing that they all have their own little routines that they have to share with you. 

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  1. Aww! What wonderful ways to wake up with!! Bunny and Morgan are just too cute! What about Blueberry?

  2. What wonderful ways to be woken up! All your dogs are so sweet!

    I'm new to this blog, and am now following. I was wondering if it was OK to add it to my TOP BLOG LIST at ?

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  3. Gorgeous photo of you and Morgan. She is a beautiful GSD. Neither of my guys are morning people. I often get up before they do, especially on cold mornings:-)

  4. Isn`t it funny how they all have thier own routines? Our dogs do as well! Poe gets up with hubby but Trinity and Tinker stay in bed with me. As soon as I stir though Trinity begins this happy 'Mom`s up' song and dance routine!

  5. What a cute photo of you two cuddling in bed!
    I go into my sister's bed and Ollie goes into my parents' bed sometimes.
    Beds are so nice!

    Love, Bella and Ollie.

  6. What a sweet wake up call! Mine usually means "Hey Mom, I gotta pee!"


  7. See??? VARIETY (in wake up styles) is the SPICE of life. hehehe

  8. Every doggie does what works for them. We are not supposed to go into the sleepy room but peewee sometimes sneaks in, pokes his snooter in momma's face and runs away. Me? I just thump my tail on the floor and howl. That gets her up for sure.


  9. Love the morning wake up calls. It's a greyt way to start the day. I have 2 greys and a saluki mix. One of my greys, Google has his own bedroom and comes in at the crack of dawn to get the rest of us up. As soon as Sassy, my saluki mix hears the jingle of his collar she's bouding off the bed to go out. Hunter, my other grey slowly gets up to see what's going on. No other way to start the day!

    Have a greyt weekend,

  10. They're both so sweet. :) My new golden girl would just LOVE to give me the greeting Morgan gives you, but she's not allowed on the bed....

  11. So sweet! I love waking up my parents in the morning! Of course, I need a little help getting up on the bed.

    Your pal, Pip

  12. I love my morning snuggles with Mom, but I am jealous that the new dog gets to sleep all night in Mom's bed!

  13. There is no lovlier way to start the day. :)

  14. Cant think of a better wake up call....hop, hop, hop!

  15. Awww, what a beautiful face! Aspen and Gracie wish they were still young and agile enough to get up on the bed!

    The Road Dogs

  16. Stopping by on the Saturday Blog Hop.

    Just love our description of your dog sleeping next to you. My Sheltie is the same way. He watches me and as soon as I pet him, I better plan on being up. There is no going back!

    I also love to cuddle with my Lab Daisy, she's a former puppy mill breeding dog, so when she wants a cuddle and belly rub on the bed, she gets it! I won't deny her anything when it comes to attention! :)

  17. We LOVES to get in bed with Moms and wake her up!

    Happy Weekend!
    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  18. Came Across your blog on the Saturday Pet blogger Blog Hop. We are always happy to meet a fellow GSD and Morgan looks like a real Sweetheart. Great Blog and love all your photos. Have a Great Weekend.
    Erin & Mom

  19. Tucker's wake up call sounds like a yodel. Just what you want to hear at 3am. (Fortunately I sleep through it; unfortunately, my wife doesn't.)

  20. Yous routines are cutes!!! We's has our own little routines too.. We each tinks ours is betters..SNORTS!! Sometimes Mommy gets up before Daddy and bids our assistance to wakes hims ups!! I's jumps on hims full forces!! Right on his tummy.. like Dino jumps on Fred Flinstone... hu hu's!!!

    Izzy likes to lay her face on Mommys face, butt she SNORES 'da loudest of all 'da puggies and even 'da Daddy!! Mommy trys to roll her, butt she moves back.. SNORTS!!

    Enjoys yous day!!

    Anakin Man

  21. Sounds like Saturdays here - isn't it wonderful???


  22. Awwww...that's sweet! Brudder Ranger luvs to snuggles down under the covers and I like to gets between dad's legs, rest my head on one of his legs and look out the window. Sometimes I can get Brudder Ranger to come out from under the covers if I pretend to bark at something outside. Haha!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  23. Ahhhh, nothing beats waking up with puppies ;-) I have the same experience at my house and I wouldn't give it up for anything!
    God Bless~
    Kelly & Crew

  24. Each and every time I come to this blog and see that GSD in her new home with you I want to sob like a baby. People don't often take a grown dog into their homes and hearts and especially not a large dog or a GSD. You did it all and have made this dog-mom walk on cloud 9☺

  25. We sleep with our three dogs. I know, never should have started it, but after 10 years I can't change it! Oscar has to be close to me, usually my leg and Emmy likes my armpit, while Wall-E is just happy to be anywhere on the bed. My favorite time in the mornings is with Oscar. He is all soft and pliable and lets me hold him and kiss him to my heart's content. He is a one-owner dog and he is all mine. Emmy and Wall-E are happy to share their affections with others, as well as me. They have such different personalities and each one is amazing. My kids say I have turned into a crazy dog lady!

  26. We don't get to be anywhere near the beds here - we have our own in the kitchen. But we still manage to get plenty of cuddling and petting too. Mom says that the nicest thing about having a multiple dog house is enjoying all the different personalities of each.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  27. Great way to wake up on a Sunday morning to me!

  28. It sounds great to us. I wake up Alpha Mom and she's supposed to pet me more or less constantly on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Meanwhile, downstairs, Blog Mom and Daddy would be fine with Franklin joining them on the bed, but Simone isn't having it.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  29. Ahhhhhh!

    Mom is making THOSE faces and wishing she khould be there too!


  30. I am happy to know that Morgan is so well adjusted to you!
    I love weekends too because it is when my mom has time to rub my belly for almost an hour before we get up to start the day!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. No better way to start the day!!!! What a gorgeous picture of Morgan and you!!! Thanks for the smiles!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and the gang

  32. What a sweet way to wake up... :)

    Licks, hero

  33. She's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Ah, sorry, addicted to that phrase now. There's nothing like being loved by man's fuzziest friend.

  34. Isn't it the best way to wake up in the morning!
    We love big slobbery mornings!

  35. We love snuggle time in the morning- regardless which of The Herd is snuggling.

  36. One thing is for sure either way - the more you add, the less likely you are to sleep in! :)

  37. awwweee... i totally LOVE this post. i love that you are digging the GSD too, after having Greyhounds. don't they all have unique qualities?

    I know Juno and Loki both greet me differently. Juno slather's me with kisses and Loki digs his head into me and goes "aaarrrggghhh!" Juno will always come into my face to kiss me, but will never stay long, versus loki will never give me more than one small lick but he'll snuggle with me forever and ever. he loves to have his body next to me. Many GSD's are like that btw. they "lean" into you sometimes...sigh. love that photo of you guys!

  38. what beautiful dogs you have. They are majestic and magnificent- beautiful. Thank you for coming to our site and writing to Miss Maisy. Maisy has PLE and PLN - not a good thing- it is really taking it's toll on her intestines and kidneys- she is on alot of medicine daily but is still the sweetest five year old in the world. We simply adore her . We did a fund Raiser for Dr Meryl Littman at the University of PA who is trying to find ways to isolate this disease in Wheaten Terriers. If you go the old posts - you will see the fund raiser. Thank you so much for stopping and looking. WE think your family is beautiful.
    xox Miss Maisy and her person Maggie


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