Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We've Been Collared

Bunny here, writing a little about Greyhound and German Shepherd fashion today.

We Greyhounds are a bit infamous for our fashions.  We wear winter coats when it's cold because we don't have enough body fat or fur to stay warm.  It's also the reason most of us don't swim without a PFD, no fat means you sink like a stone.  We wear raincoats sometimes, too.  Heck, some hounds who live in really cold and snowy places even wear boots. 

The one thing we're really known for, however, is our fancy collars.  Greyhounds wear martingale collars because our necks are wider than our heads.  Regular collars would fall right off.  A lot of hounds wear harnesses when they walk, too.  Here at our house, we've amassed quite a collection of fancy collars.  We even have some that were featured in an art exhibit once.  That's not to say that we lay about the house or go out hiking every day in velvet and satin.  Our everyday collars are made of cotton and hemp.  We like to switch things around a lot.  On occasion, some Greyhounds wear special leather sighthound collars, too.  Those are more popular in Europe, but some hounds in the States have them, too.

When Morgan came to our house, that changed things a little.  She doesn't wear martingales.  They tried a few buckle collars on her, and Mom ordered her a fancy name collar that matches the ones the rest of us girls have, but Dad wasn't really satisfied with how things were fitting her.  He wanted the kind of collar for her that he's seen a lot of other German Shepherds wear.  So, finally last week, she got her black braided leather collar.  I have to say, it looks really good on her, and Dad found one that had a fancy double-braided design.  Morgan seems to really like it and never wants to take it off.  So, even though there's not a huge fashion market for German Shepherd princesses, Morgan is styling!   Mom even said she will splurge later and get her one of those fancy backpacks we've seen a few Shepherds wearing. 

So, anyway, that's what the best-dressed hounds around our house are wearing.  Do any of you have favorite collars or other stuff you like to wear?  Inquiring hounds want to know!

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  1. Barbie has a leather sighthound collar, it came with her when we adopted her. She can back out of it if she tries hard enough. She also has a wiggles, wags & whiskers harness for special occasions where she may try to escape. She also has a sleeping coat for winter's nights, but she doesn't have any outdoors coats, it doesn't get very cold here. I may buy her a 'swamp cooler' style coat for summer though - you wet it, and it cools the dog via evaporation. Kind of like the sweating process. :)

    Bender has a lupine 'paw and crossbones' collar which he wears everywhere and also a wiggles wags and whiskers harness for walking so he doesn't choke himself! He needs a new collar because the plastic buckle on his is wearing out. His collar just fell off at the dog park on the weekend. Good thing I saw it!

  2. Somehow, greyhounds can really show off a piece of clothing well... just like supermodels do.

    Licks, hero

  3. I do agree. Morgan's collar suits her real nicely!

  4. Oh Bunny, Frankie is in love! He loves your ensembles and says pink is SO your colour. Beryl is more of a black and red biker chick girl, lol. And Morgan's collar is just right for her, very stylin'. Beryl is assembling quite a wardrobe of martingale collars and I even bought Frankie one so he wouldn't feel left out ... and I had to get them from the USA cos nobody makes them here! And Beryl has quite a few coats which she hardly ever wears as she doesn't seem to feel the cold really badly. Of course .. yes, I had to buy Frankie one so he wouldn't feel left out, lol!

  5. So what you are telling me is that you have a little pin head? Where do you keep your brains?


  6. You look so stylish.
    You wear that coat so well!

    Have a great week :)

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  7. Everyone's looking good at your place. Of course, you Greyhounds have that model's bone structure so you tend to look really good in your couture creations. I know this is going to shock you, but I have only got three collars. I have more leashes and harnesses than that, but a measly 3 collars. We are going to be shopping for a new fall look for me (and for Franklin) soon, or so they say.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. Bunny, you are a supermodel! I love the pink jacket. Unfortunately, I don't think I could pull it off with my short legs and all.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. I have 3 whippets and at last count 9 martingales and 6 coats and 3 fleeces :) not nearly enough though, I love maringales safe (they cant back out of them) practical (you can bung them in the washing machine when you dogs have rolled in fox poo) and gorgeous (so many different designs) I seem to have transfered my shoe addiction to collar addiction, cant wear posh shoes when dog walking so its got to be collars LOL

  10. Hi Bunny!

    You hounds sure are fashionable! On our farm our collars are for function only for the dogs. Now we cats are a tad more trendy. My collar is yellow with small black paw prints. Lucius has a blue one but is too little to wear it yet, both have bells which we dislike greatly.


  11. Love the collars that you modeled. Morgan is stylin' in her new collar too!

    We don't have very many collars since when we go out we mainly wear our harnesses. We love our harnesses though and we have a few different designs. The puppia inspired harness is our favorite since it is nice and soft :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  12. I love the rose collar! You are so pretty!

    I love shopping for new collars. My current collar is a pink stripe called "City Stripe" from "Up Country Inc." They are a small company from Rhode Island that donates collars to animal shelters. I like their pretty designs!

  13. I've always noticed in your photos that your hounds sport beautiful collars! I'm afraid that our Labs just have simple collars, although they each have a second collar so that we can wash one without them being "naked" (and possibly slipping out the door that way).

    It's funny though. An old rancher woman used to stop by my house on her horse. She wasn't known for her tact. In fact, she was known for shooting dogs who came near her spread or ranch animals... but despite my decidedly cold shoulder, she was determined to stop by and chat me up sometimes. So, on one of her visits, I specifically introduced her to each of my dogs (I had 3 then), and requested that she call us if they EVER came near her spread (e.g., if they slipped out our door by accident). Her reply "no way, those are frou-frou dogs, not real dogs"! First of all, tell me where you'd get the idea that a Lab (without a fancy collar) is a frou-frou dog... Second, our relationship was completely over at that point because she'd basically just told me that she'd shoot my dogs if they came near her place. Unbelievable.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love a fancy collar on a greyhound... and I don't even think that it's frou-frou!

  14. My sisses and I all has matching collahs wot is washable coz, well, sometimes we (me in particular) feels the need to perfoom ourselves with odors unacceptable to the hoomans if'n you knows wot I mean. And tell Morgan that I duss not like wearing coats at all but put a backpack on me and I is hawt stuff! Can't wait to see Morgan with her backpack when she gets it.

  15. Oh, she DOES look good in that collar. It's kinda hard for me to imagines Morgan in a flower covered collar like that one you have on.

    I likes wearing my coat in the winter and mom got me a new sweater at the end of the winter last year that I can't wait to wear this year. I don't have much body fat either. But Brudder Ranger HATES to wear clothes. He'd rather shiver and shake than have to put on a coat (mom and dad put one on him anyway). A collar is about the extent of a fashion statement that he is willing to make.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. PeeS. Our word verify thingie was "undie." Heehee!

  17. Woof! Woof! Very Nice Thanks for sharing. I want to try to wear a martingale collar ... my mom is making me one. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  18. Bunny,
    I love your fashionable blog post today! My mom already commented on your pretty pink coat a long time ago and guess what? She found a pink greyhound coat for me at the Greyhound Placement Yard Sale a few weeks ago and guess what? It fit me perfectly although I wasn't too thrilled to model it for her on a hot day and to be photographed either but my mom is nuts sometimes!
    Well, you already know why I only wear fancy collars when I'm with my dad but I'm working on not pulling my mom all over the neighborhood and will be wearing pretty collars soon!
    Love, Daisy

  19. I have noticed that you greys get such fancy collars! I see them at dog shows and stuff and want to buy them, but as I have no use I never do.

    Morgan looks great in her new collar. I think that it would be hard for a German Shepherd to look bad in leather, it just seems to match.....

  20. You look beeyootiful in your pretty rose collar!!
    Morgan looks pawsome too!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  21. Hi Bunny,
    It was real fun catching up on all your earlier posts.we loved the pictures of your walks. please tell Morgan she did a pretty good job with her first post.
    Hey!you look so very super modelish in your high collar and all. Mummy loves your haute couture wardrobe.
    we wear a light coat and sometimes a sweater during winter. summers are too hot for anything except a collar and sometimes a bandana or a tie or just a little piece of jewellery.
    Mummy likes to dress us up and we don't mind that either. But we definitely don't own such a gorgeous wardrobe!
    isn't there some Paris Fashion week for Doggy couture?you could walk!
    bud n Gin

  22. Hi Houndstooth (and bunny)!
    That is the best lookin' coat we've ever seen! You're ready for the runway fur sure!

    Check out the handmade bejeweled collar I won from Maggie and Mitch-it was posted in June! That's my favorite!

    Your buddy,

  23. Love Love Love the pink jacket in the first pic!

  24. You all wear your fashion very well. We have some new leather collars with rhinestones that we found out about from Mitch and Maggie, but our collars really don't show very much with our thick ruffs. As for the winter, we would be happy to share some fur with you:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  25. Dachshounds do better with harnesses. Oscar does look pretty buff in a choke chain and would no doubt love a studded collar. Emmy is so delicate and tiny that I have put collars made for kittens on her. Wall-E outgrew the collar his boy bought for him and just uses one of Oscar's harnesses. All my dogs prefer to be naked unless we are leaving the campground.

  26. BOL, mom is laughing about the sinking like a stone part, because we wrote the same thing on my blog today wiff my life jacket pictures!

    In the winter, I wear my hoodie, because I have a nekkid belly and get cold easily. But other than that, I don't really like to wear clothes.


  27. Hahahaha...I just left from Cloud's blog.
    Okay anyways, They is lots off doggies dat be wearing stuffs but I likes da fact dat ya'll don't go overboards with it.
    And I have ALWAYS noticed your beautiful collars...however, I had no idea dat collars were made fur not backing out of them. I have learned very interesting stuffs here today.
    Now, we wears da breakaway collars cuz Mr. Vet said they was best fur safety reasons. BUT, we don't wars them in da house cuz we jingle too much...hehehe!


  28. Thanks to your family's fabulous sense of style, Morgan's new braided collar is styling indeed. :) What do we like? Nothing! I am part european and frankly, I don't even like wearing bathing suits.

  29. miss bunny,
    ya'll are just so stylish like! i totally dig miss morgan's new braided necklace and leash. it really suits her.
    now try not to be too shocked, but i only have one collar, and asa only has one necklace. we do have a few bandanas that we like to wear, but we keep it pretty simple. actually, after asa saw your post she kinda gave mama the hairy eyeball and wanted to know why she as the "queen of the house" didn't have more necklaces. heehee.
    the booker man

  30. Why Ms. Bunny, I do believe you could have your very own catalog, modeling all those wonderful coats, collars, and accessories you wear. You would definitely be Super Model status! =D Ms. Morgan looks very stylish with her new collar, too.

  31. You all are certaily fashionable!


  32. I love your coats and your collars too!
    they are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  33. You know we're hooked when our Labs are wearing martingales. :)

  34. What a stylin' post!

    I do think Morgan's khollar is a hit fur her!


  35. HI,

    I loved learning about your collars - both in the comments you left in my last blog post, and here. Mum thinks those little roses are so cute (but I know it wouldn't suit a boy like me - which I why I have a blue denim collar!). She also loved your pink denim coat and seeing the photo of Morgan with the braided collar which looks great against the fur.

  36. hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav kwite a kollekshun of coats and jakkits and wotnot but tucker and trixie yoozhually go aw natural!!! ha ha ok bye

  37. I'm so glad I found this post of yours! It is great to read everyone's comments about their collars. I have just started making and selling martingale collars in New Zealand, as you see 'Greyhounds CAN Sit' says that until now, they haven't been able to be bought anywhere in New Zealand! We had so much trouble trying to find one for Arrow, so I decided to give it a go myself. - what do you think? :)


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